Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why UK fucked up: cos Martin Amis actually expected Queen to listen to him with respect and had tantrum when she did not

I think I will just cut and paste my tweets on the subject of Martin Amis and the Queen.  There is no need to rearrange my thoughts and sentences and pad them out, I don't think.

Martin Amis throws a tantrum because the Queen didn't listen to him. Whodafuck does he think he is?

Martin Amis is a nihilist who propagated the idea that it was cool to be nasty and fuck around. Old fucker should shut the fuck up.

Amis's PREGNANT WIDOW has hints of realisation that the women who fucked around are fucked in the head and should be avoided like STDs.

I pity the wife of #MartinAmis married to that screwed up nihilsitic old turd who writes shit about shit with his "superego".

Judging by what happened to the sister of #MartinAmis I would say that there is bad blood in that family.

Why would someone as fucked up as #MartinAmis think the Queen should listen to him with more respect? PREGNANT WIDOW analogous to the UK tho

#MartinAmis should write a sequel to PREGNANT WIDOW entitled perhaps SINGLE MOTHER AND BASTARD and tell us how it all went wrong for the UK.

What went wrong for the UK was that #MartinAmis values were glorified and imposed on the rest of us. That's why we are all so fucked up.

#KingsleyAmis was a screwed up old fucker too. So no surprises about #MartinAmis and #SallyAmis. Bad blood and bad parenting romanticised.

When shitty old has beens like #MartinAmis are discredited will the British have the revolution they need to shake off the stench of failure

What's so cool about being #MartinAmis and #KingsleyAmis? Is it cool to be a shit? The British literati seem to think it is. Shit family upbringing #MartinAmis and his ilk glamorise. Stinking SHIT morality of UK literati.

No wonder the UK is now a stinking shithole with the kind of "moral" "guidance" from the "Great" and the "Good" - excrement for morals.

Time to kick the old liberal fuckers like #MartinAmis out of sight and mind or our daughters will end up like his sister #SallyAmis.

A curse on #MartinAmis and his leftwing free-fucking family and friends. The poisoned dwarf is not more popular than @BritishMonarchy

It is time #MartinAmis and his free-fucking friends and family start getting it that they have delighted us for quite long enough. 

#MartinAmis is still not getting it that people like him and his father are turning UK women into his late fucked-up sad little sister.

I think #MartinAmis voodoo dwarf dolls would sell very well. Rip off dwarf doll's balls first would be in the instructions.

#MartinAmis tries hard to be profound but he can't do it cos he doesn't get it that shits like him and his dad are mad/sad/bad OLD fuckers.

#MartinAmis doesn't know that mad sad bad old stupid fuckers like him and his dad have no wisdom to offer the Broken Britain they created.

In short, #MartinAmis is all style and no content, all noise but no substance. All shit and no beef, just like the Left who lionised him.

#MartinAmis is in fact spiritually, morally and intellectually empty. He now fears death and his wife's infidelity. He may take to drink.

#IsabelFonseca may even divorce #MartinAmis. He must be feeling so old and tired and boring and pass it to have his ridiculous tantrums.

Is it time for #MartinAmis to have another nervous breakdown? Perhaps the old dying fucker is even now in the throes of having one.

I think it would be morally quite satisfying for something horrible to happen to #MartinAmis between now and the Royal Wedding.

Are you reading this, Martin, you sad poisonous little old dying fucker?  This is what would activate The Curse, which can only be lifted when you write a Letter of Apology to The Queen and all the members of her family you so arrogantly insulted.

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