Monday, 18 April 2011

Wouldn't it be SO NICE to have regime change in Britain?

"Defence expert Francis Tusa said yesterday Britain pays around £1.5million for a pair of air-launched Storm Shadow bombs.

Each sea-launched Tomahawk sets us back about £900,000 a throw. And Mr Tusa, editor of Defence Analysis, said Tornado jets cost £40,000 to be in the air for an hour.

The Royal Navy is also splashing out about £2million a week to station Britain’s warships and subs in the Mediterranean."

Even swear words cannot express how much I loathe Cunt Cameron.  I wonder at the quality of Eton these days that they should produce boy-men like Cameron.  It is probably safer not to send your son to Eton, I think, in case he becomes Prime Minister and messes with the country and the Conservative Party in the way Cunt Cameron has.   Once he loses power he will probably be torn from limb to limb, and be hanged drawn and quartered, if the British have their way in the ensuing chaos.  
There is at least that to look forward to.

We will have more bad government, more chaos, more rage, more immigration, more crime until the established liberal order is finally overthrown when the liberal establishment will have their noses in the poo that they have been rubbing ours into for so long.

How many pieces is it possible to tear one human being into, I wonder?  

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