Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cowardly Cameron and his "Calm down, dear" comment

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said:

‘Let’s not over-analyse something that was clearly a humorous remark. He was mimicking a popular TV advert. Clearly no offence was meant.’

If you make a joke the intention is to laugh at the subject of the joke.  To laugh at someone is to mock them. To mock them is to intentionally cause offence.
To say that you did not mean to intentionally cause offence is clearly a lie.

Cameron is not a gentleman, for a gentleman never unknowingly causes offence nor does he tell an obvious lie to get himself out of trouble, underestimating the stupidity of the even the incorrigibly stupid British public and the incorrigibly stupid MPs who cannot spot a lie even after it has boldly strode up to them and poked them in the eye.

Now, will Ed Miliband take him up and invite him to repeat again that he did not intend to offend Angela Eagle by that comment?

And if Cameron says that he in fact did not intend to offend Angela Eagle, is he not immediately guilty of misleading Parliament with a transparent lie?

Is Cameron the best Eton can produce?

Would your son not be better off being sent to the lower local sink school comp for a better standard of moral education and drug-dealing?

If Cameron is the best Eton (supposedly the best school money can buy) can manage to produce then you know this country is in trouble.  But hey, you already know that, didn't you?  

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