Sunday, 1 May 2011

Why I now want to believe in God

The bombing of Libya has made me want to believe in God,who is allegedly capable of dispensing of perfect justice in the hereafter.

I do not think the Germans in Nazi Germany who said nothing were necessarily evil people. Standing by and saying nothing because you are not affected is pretty much normal behaviour all over the world. Russia and China could have stopped it but chose not to. They know the West is weak and breaking its nose with a swift sudden punch for its policy of compulsive liberal interventionism would be easy and satisfying, and yet they seem rather nervous of making a point in such dramatic terms. If they won't do it, and it is clearly in their interests to do so to mark the end of Western hegemony, then I guess nobody will.

Everyone will just stand by watching the West go on an orgy of drunken violence and wanton damage until it falls to the ground dead drunk, and then come over and take turns kicking its fucking head in.

Since the villains of the piece are in fact the governments we live under, I do hope that those of us who spoke against the war will be spared the punishment for bombing another sovereign country then seeking to assassinate its leader for no good reason except for the fact that it thinks it can do this sort of thing and get away with it.

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