Sunday, 26 June 2011

Two questions for historians specialising in the Third Reich

  1. Was the Madgascar Plan evidence that the Nazis intended to expel rather than exterminate German Jews?
  2. But for the war, German Jews would have been dumped in Madagascar minus their property, for it was the plan of the Nazis to expel Jews from Germany. Discuss the view that Jews ended up suffering more and dying in greater numbers as a result of Britain declaring war on Germany than they would have done if the Nazis had been allowed to get on with deporting Jews to Madgascar as per the Madgascar Plan, conceived in 1938. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Twelve questions for British historians

  1. Was it wise for Britain to enter the WW1 just to guarantee Belgian neutrality?
  2. If Germany had been allowed to keep Poland in 1939 would there have been a Second World War?
  3. Did you know that Poland had a Saxon (ie a German) king as recently as the 1700s?
  4. Britain's empire spanned the world.  French had a smaller empire than the British.  Germany had no empire to speak of.  What would have been the problem with allowing Germany to keep Poland, especially as it had already had a Saxon king as recently as 1763?
  5. Was Churchill a warmonger?
  6. Compare and contrast the characters and personalities of Hitler and Churchill and how they were said to have treated their friends, servants, their relative sobriety and psychological health.  Whom would you regard as being more consistent, likable and trustworthy, as a friend and as an employer?
  7. Did Britain's declaration of war against Germany result in the loss of its empire? 
  8. If so, whom in the British government of the time would you regard as being most responsible for this loss?  (Although it was Chamberlain who declared war, it is certainly arguable that it was Churchill who bounced him into it.  The divisive party system made the swift and comradely resolution of differences impossible in their eagerness to score points over each other.  Churchill wanted war, Chamberlain didn't.  Chamberlain thought getting a piece of paper with Hitler's signature promising he would not invade Poland would allow him to claim "peace in our time".  When Hitler invaded Poland, Churchill crowed so insufferably that Chamberlain felt he had to declare war on Germany.) 
  9. Is it time for the British to stop hero-worshiping a man who could be said to have gambled Britain's colonies away in a throw of a dice, and lost?
  10. Can it ever be regarded as anything other than a sign of failure for an empire to lose its colonies?
  11. Does Britain have a history of participating in ruinous wars?
  12. Is Britain continuing to participate in ruinous wars?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

EU con trick of making its members give up what it would only have given up after being defeated in war (in a former age)

Clearly, the wily white European nations, who were formerly masters of the universe, abandoned much of their cunning and their realpolitik ruthlessness when they embraced liberalism.  That is what led to feminism, welfarism, emasculation, immigration and the giving up of national sovereignty with only a few squeaks of protest.

"You cannot have economic union without political union." 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Prudence and Virtue

Seneca, the Roman Stoic, said that perfect prudence is indistinguishable from perfect virtue. Thus, in considering all consequences, a prudent person would act in the same way as a virtuous person.

The wise person would act as if he were virtuous.  

Roman virtues

Auctoritas — "Spiritual Authority" — The sense of one's social standing, built up through experience, Pietas, and Industria.
Comitas — "Humour" — Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.
Constantia — "Perseverance" — Military stamina, mental and physical endurance.
Clementia — "Mercy" — Mildness and gentleness.
Dignitas — "Dignity" — A sense of self-worth, personal pride.
Disciplina — "Discipline" — Military oath under Roman protective law & citizenship.
Firmitas — "Tenacity" — Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one's purpose.
Frugalitas — "Frugality" — Economy and simplicity of style, without being miserly.
Gravitas — "Gravity" — A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.
Honestas — "Respectability" — The image that one presents as a respectable member of society.
Humanitas — "Humanity" — Refinement, civilization, learning, and being cultured.
Industria — "Industriousness" — Hard work.
Iustitia — "Justice" — Sense of moral worth to an action.
Pietas — "Dutifulness" — More than religious piety; a respect for the natural order socially, politically, and religiously. Includes the ideas of patriotism and devotion to others.
Prudentia — "Prudence" — Foresight, wisdom, and personal discretion.
Salubritas — "Wholesomeness" — Health and cleanliness.
Severitas — "Sternness" — Gravity, self-control.
Veritas — "Truthfulness" — Honesty in dealing with others.
Virtus - "Manliness" - Valor, excellence, courage, character, and worth. Vir meaning "man".

NATO now growing for broke and don't care how many civilians die as long as they are seen to win

God, if He exists, would preserve Colonel Gaddafi and destroy the NATO members, especially David Cameron, sooner rather than later.

For me, this would take the form of David Cameron's head exploding for no apparent reason in the manner shown on

In return, I will even clean up the mess.  

I am sorry, but I do not know how else to express my extreme objection to what is being done in my name by my government in the country I live in.  

Saturday, 18 June 2011

What the Japanese really think of other races and multiracial societies

page 215

The background to the text below was that the US government was complaining in the 1980s that the Japanese were not buying their exports.  (Same sort of thing with China now.)

"Outward-looking, internationalising, English-speaking [Prime Minister] Nakasone undid many of his own efforts [to mollify the Americans eg personally appearing on TV to present an 'action programme' to boost imports] with an outstanding gaffe when he suggested that, after all, Americans couldn't really be expected to compete effectively with the Japanese because the Japanese were so much better educated and more intelligent.  The insult was further compounded by his attempted 'explanation' that Americans as such weren't actually less intelligent but that, having so many blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minorities, the United States was intrinsically disadvantaged compared to homogeneous Japan."  

I am sorry, but I had really really good chuckle when I read that.  Am I racist though? I am not Japanese, but rather admire them.   

Friday, 17 June 2011

Claire Khaw's Desert Island Discs

  1. Respect by Aretha Franklin
  2. A Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin
  3. Break on through to the other side by The Doors
  4. The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield
  5. Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey
  6. Supersonic by Oasis
  7. Ain't No Mountain
  8. California Dreaming by The Mamas and Papas 

My computer so I can access Facebook and Twitter keep in touch with my many many many friends as well as annoy my detractors so they do not forget all about me, and keep abreast of political developments in the world.   I trust this is allowed.

If not, it's got to be a sofa-bed.

All the Just William books by Richmal Crompton.   If I had to choose only one it would be William The Detective.  My detractors would doubtless ask why I have not chosen Mein Kampf ...

I think Desert Island Discs should have a book that one has read and a book that one has not read but keep meaning to.  In that case I would choose Darwin's Origin of Species.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Questions for Andrew Sparrow for David Davis

Former Tory leadership contender David Davis. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian

Questions tweeted to @AndrewSparrow by @1party4all

  1. "Does David Davis have any views on the dysfunctional and female-dominated educational system that is #notfitforpurpose?"  14 Jun
  2. "Is David Davis thinking of taking #elocution  lessons?"  14 Jun
  3. "Does David #Cameron make David Davis sick?"  14 Jun
  4. "Does David Davis think #Cameron is a Conservative or just a convictioneless cunt of #liberalism?"  14 Jun
  5. "How would David Davis like #Cameron to die?"  14 Jun 
  6. "Would David Davis disestablish the #ChurchofEngland if he were dictator?"  #notfitforpurpose 14 Jun 
  7. "What does David Davis think of the egregious quality of Etonians that #Eton now excretes?" 14 Jun
  8. "Does David Davis think #Cameron has lost his #moralcompass or does he think he never possessed it?"  14 Jun
  9. "Does David Davis think Cameron's idea of Conservatism is to support the status quo, whatever it is?" 14 Jun
  10. "Does David Davis think it disgusting how the LibLabCon have conspired to make wanting grammar schools appear Far Right?"  14 Jun
  11. "If David Davis were dictator, would he support grammar schools?"  14 Jun
  12. "What would David Davis do if he were dictator?"  14 Jun
  13. "What does David Davis think of David Cameron's Muscular #Liberalism?"  14 Jun
  14. "Is David Davis planning to support Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill? If not, why not?"  14 Jun
  15. "Has David Davis read the Tory Party constitution? Is there anything he would like to change in it?"  14 Jun
  16. "Is David Davis proud to be a #Conservative?"  14 Jun
  17. "Is David Davis proud to be British?"  14 Jun
  18. "Does David Davis feel that Britain is riding for a fall after decades of #liberal and #feminist #dementia?"  14 Jun
  19. "What does David Davis most despise about David #Cameron?"  14 Jun
  20. "Does David Davis feel he can speak out against #singlemums even though his own mother was herself a single mum?"  14 Jun
  21. "Does David Davis agree that single parenthood and family breakdown are spreading like a cancer in Britain?"  14 Jun
  22. "Does David Davis think that #feminism has gone too far?"  14 Jun
  23. "How did David Davis feel when asked by @Marthakearney the kind of underwear he wears?"  14 Jun
  24. "How much does David Davis hate David Cameron?"  14 Jun
  25. "Was there anything David Davis felt he could have done differently 2 win the Tory leadership, apart from being an Etonian?"  14 Jun
  26. "What does David Davis feel about Overseas Aid?"  14 Jun
  27. "If there were a leadership election now, would David Davis throw his hat in the ring again?"  14 Jun
  28. "What does David Davis have to say to those who elected David #Cameron instead of him as  #leader of the #Tory  Party?"  14 Jun
  29. "How would David Davis do things differently to David Cameron?"  14 Jun
  30. "What does David Davis think of the #BigSociety?"  14 Jun
  31. "Does David Davis regret supporting the wars in Afraqbya?"  Jun 14 

Secular Koranism is the Secret of Yin and Yang  

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another BNP policy stolen by the government: about time too!
page 12

The BNP will pass legislation to separate utility (high street) banks from the investment banking sector to prevent a repeat of the credit crisis.
Chancellor to call for retail banks to be ring-fenced

We have all sorts of other sensible policies for the government and its opposition to steal from, and they are very welcome indeed.

The BNP are after all the despised, unpaid, unacknowledged and unofficial think tank of this nation anyway.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OFFICIAL: Britain now an inferior nation; British now an inferior race

"It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but excepting in the case of man himself, hardly any one is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.

 The aid which we feel impelled to give to the helpless is mainly an incidental result of the instinct of sympathy, which was originally acquired as part of the social instincts, but subsequently rendered, in the manner previously indicated, more tender and more widely diffused. Nor could we check our sympathy, even at the urging of hard reason, without deterioration in the noblest part of our nature. The surgeon may harden himself whilst performing an operation, for he knows that he is acting for the good of his patient; but if we were intentionally to neglect the weak and helpless, it could only be for a contingent benefit, with an overwhelming present evil. ... We must therefore bear the undoubtedly bad effects of the weak surviving and propagating their kind; but there appears to be at least one check in steady action, namely that the weaker and inferior members of society do not marry so freely as the sound; and this check might be indefinitely increased by the weak in body or mind refraining from marriage, though this is more to be hoped for than expected."
The weak in body or mind refrain from marriage - probably because they are not perceived to be worth marrying, or do not have the will to get married or the skill to stay married, nor do they have a government prepared to promote family values supported by marriage.   

Saturday, 11 June 2011

BNP policies - a question of presentation

Liberals are doing two things that are wrong: (1) encouraging unmarried women to have children at the expense of the taxpayer and (2) giving priority for housing to non-taxpayers from other countries.

If the BNP called themselves something like the Taxpayers' Defence League or the Taxpayers' Alliance they would instantly get a lot more supporters.

Friday, 10 June 2011

More ostentatious displays of victimhood and disability to squeeze more money from taxpayers and bully PM

"That night on the news, the prime minister was forced to break off from talking about the Nordic Baltic summit he was hosting in London to answer questions about Riven."

Really?  Was the Riven Vincent story really such a fucking national emergency?  Is David Cameron our Prime Minister quite getting his priorities right, when he so obsequiously bows and scrapes for the female vote in such nauseating gestures of self-abnegation?

"Celyn's father, Mark Williams, makes sure he is home from work every day at the same time she returns from school. Riven has had multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and three years ago began using a wheelchair outside the house, and a stick to get around inside, making her doubly sensitive to changes in government policy that affect disabled people. As a result her husband does more than 50% of the caring for Celyn. A research scientist, he works part-time, fitting his hours around Celyn's school timetable."

Riven has had MS for 13 years.  Celyn is now 7.  I wouldn't be having more children if I knew I had MS.  Is Riven some sort of attention-seeker who likes to put the icing of disability on to her cake of illness for MAXIMUM VICTIMHOOD?

Does she not have friends and family who are prepared to give her sound advice that she might wish to heed?

"Look, Riven, why would you be having another baby when you already know you have MS?  Are you sure it is such a good idea?  Isn't this a bit unfair on your husband?  What are his views on this?" 

Perhaps they did, but Riven wasn't listening, because to both suffer from MS and have a severely disabled child would just send her straight to the top of the Victimhood All-Time Top 100 and that was always her dream.

I am just astonished that any self-respecting man would put up with the kind of life that Riven seems to have marked out for her husband without any consideration for his feelings or his wishes or any apparent consultation.

She, too, is now in a wheelchair!

If I were him I would be wondering how my life would be if both wife and severely disabled child were no longer around make my life a misery of nursing the physical disability of two members of my own family, and how nice it would be to get my life back, to have sex in my home that is not stuffed with medical equipment and to just go to the pub.

Does this man even have any male friends left?

The fact that he puts up with everything so enthusiastically and uncomplainingly makes me suspect his motives, his character and his masculinity.

"A lot of children with cerebral palsy are found dead in the morning,"

said Riven, in a bid, perhaps, to milk more reluctant and exhausted sympathy out of us.

OK, Riven, I shall pray for you. I don't want anyone thinking I have no compassion after all.

Her appetite for campaigning is waning. "I don't like publicity. I would rather not have to go to the media to fight for them, and make people aware of the problems. I'd rather the awareness was there. I don't have the time for all this stuff. I just want to get on with living life with Celyn while she is still here." 
First sensible thing I have heard from her since we crossed swords.   Riven Vincent gives people with disabilities a bad name.  In fact, it could be argued that she by her actions incites hatred against the disabled.

I have nothing against the disabled provided they do not wish to take away my right to free speech and don't get above themselves and think they have a right not to be offended.

Is it not time that mothers married to the fathers of their well-behaved children who are a credit to their parents be praised?  Yet instead the whole nation, including our politicians, kowtows to the likes of Riven Vincent in our Culture of Entitlement and the Ostentation of Victimhood.  In my opinion, Riven Vincent represents the rapacity and voracity for welfare of the female voter who has messed up her life and wants the taxpayer to bail her out.   

If we care for the future of this country, we should be prepared to speak out against people like her.

If we cannot get it together to fix this problem, then we should at least know what Western civilisation is dying of: the irresponsible and irrational reproductive choices of the female voter - voracious and welfare-dependent - who cannot be criticised.

We know who wields the power by the ones we cannot criticise.   

UKIP's mental block about my BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto idea may be unblocked by sex with Nigel Farage

How can I unblock this collective mental block caused by cowardice and hypocrisy induced by UKIP activists' fear of being called racist?

Would offering to have sex with Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP work?

Many men think I am very dangerous indeed, with mating habits similar to the Black Widow spider, who immediately starts chewing on the head of the male after he has had his orgasm.  It would literally be an experience to die for.  

In the case of Nigel, I will let him survive, for I wish him to explain my very simple idea to his membership and commend it to them before the next General Election.

Here it is again:

"The BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto would promise to have a referendum on

1. whether to withdraw from the EU; and

2. whether to adopt BNP or UKIP policies where they differ"

This means that neither BNP nor UKIP have to compromise on policies.

This means the Eurosceptic movement will finally gain momentum at last.

It is the only way out of the EU, and UKIP have no better ideas anyway.  

I cannot decide whether UKIP members are pretending to understand my idea when they have not, or are pretending not to understand it when they do. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

EUKIP's fault that Eurosceptic movement has not taken off
UKIP rejects BNP electoral offer

564,331 (BNP) + 64,826 (English Democrats) + 919,546 (EUKIP) =

TOTAL 1,548, 703

LibDems 6,836,824

Do you get it yet, UKIP? It is all YOUR fault that the Eurosceptic movement is not doing better.

I have proposed a way forward where neither party has to change its policies, but it still ain't good enough for UKIP who are STILL SCARED of being called racist.

"The BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto would promise to have a referendum on

1. whether to withdraw from the EU; and

 2. whether to adopt BNP or UKIP policies where they differ"

BNP and UKIP do not differ on grammar schools AKA selective education AKA traditional education.

BNP and UKIP are, let's face it, anti-immigration political parties.

The problem is clear:

EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.
EUKIP are so afraid of being called racist that they would rather stay in the EU as long as they are not called racist.

Pathetic and contemptible, is it not?  

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nick Griffin confronts meeting being chaired by Andrew Brons consisting mostly of Reform Group members. Griffin and Butler square up to each other at the end. Very dramatic!

The interesting bit starts around 5:56. NG accuses AB of repeating lies. AB just changes the subject. [I believe this concerns an error in the reporting of the loss of membership just after the EHRC legal action when the party was legally obliged not to take on new members until it had changed its constitution to allow non-white members.  It was in fact 23% and not an alarming 80% as was mistakenly stated.]

7:33 has another barbed reference by NG that AB should check his facts next time he is at head office.

You can see it was a difficult meeting for NG whose entrance was a bit of a surprise to the room who were mostly or even all in the Reform Group.

I thought AB recovered quite well. "Ah, here is our colleague," said AB when NG entered unexpectedly. "I was not told about this meeting, I only heard about it," NG said.

Michael Barnbrook told he is not suitable candidate for the 2012 London mayoral elections.

Richard Edmonds at 3:40 saying he was refused admission at a Barking meeting.

"oceans of factional meetings ... " said NG, "same old ground, same old lies ... " uproar then applause.

"You are part of the party," says NG to angry woman, after she insists "We are the party."

"You lied," she said. "The bouncers kicked me out."

‎"If you had done X and Y then party would have been in much better state" said one complaining member. "Let WHO run the party?" asked NG. "We could have found someone ... " [Not likely IMHO.] Chris Roberts thought by NG not to be doing a good job. NG admits that he was doing too much. "You are going to see a lot more of me. Until the members vote for someone else, I will lead it and I will lead it as a leader. A part of it means making difficult decisions and a part of it is dealing with members who are telling deliberate lies to destabilise things and that is what Eddy Butler and his people have been doing since well before the last General Election. It is my unfortunate responsibility to deal with what Searchlight and various fools, knaves, cranks and thieves who try and break this party up."

Andrew Brons accused by NG of "funding" Eddy Butler.

There was then a confrontation between NG and EB when EB walks up to NG, demanding to know what lies he has told about NG in his blog. I am reminded of a quarrelling couple, a lovers' tiff ... Kiss and make up, boys!

I love being in the BNP! It is like being in East Enders.

I thought NG did quite well in his own way. He was quite right when he said in a subsequent meeting in Barking that no one in their right mind would want his job. No one can do that job and indeed, even the ones who want the job cannot do the job ....

Come on, folks, stop fighting each other and fight the LibLabCon and use my cunning plans to capture the imagination of the British public.  

What the Eurosceptic parties need to do: START A NATIONAL DEBATE

My strategy for the General Election: BNP and UKIP to campaign under a JOINT manifesto

What the Eurosceptic parties need to do: START A NATIONAL DEBATE

The Eurosceptic parties should be talking about things like
  1. fewer laws
  2. lower taxes
  3. grammar schools AKA selective/traditional education
  4. single sex secondary state schools
  5. reintroducing fault into divorce
  6. family values supported by marriage
  7. stigmatising never married single mothers 
  8. the condign punishment of criminals (corporal and capital punishment)
  9. repealing totalitarian liberal anti-discrimination THOUGHTCRIME legislation
  10. withdrawing from the European Convention of Human Rights (an extremist liberal cabal)
  11. repealing the Human Rights Act
  12. distancing itself from Israel and America and moving closer to China and Russia
  13. ending all liberal interventionism and aggression in Afraqbya
  14. questioning the reasons why the LibLabCon are so obsessed by Overseas Aid when they know it cannot possibly win them any votes
  15. responsible borrowing and lending by the individual and the government and examining the reasons for the Koranic prohibition against usury whose purpose is to prevent the boom-bust cycle 
  16. a stable currency and the pound that keeps its value in your pocket (connected to an honest and responsible fiscal policy) so you don't have to gamble with your savings
  17. a return to Pounds Shillings and Pence so that British children will at least learn their times tables again
  18. disestablishing the Church of England because they are no longer fit for purpose and are infested by feminists, extremist liberals, socialists and Communists 
  19. questioning and challenging the pernicious effects of feminism
  20. legalising prostitution so that single mothers can support themselves without looking to the overburdened taxpayer
  21. abolishing the BBC licence fee so non-liberals no longer have to pay for liberal propaganda
  22. saving the the public house from closure and preventing the liberal establishment from completely abolishing free speech 

Monday, 6 June 2011

Authenticity (in the Philosophical Sense) just means Ambition and having Life Goals

  1. We all want to be happy.
  2. We are happy when we do what we want.
  3. We should know what we want.
  4. We should know whether we are allowed and capable of doing what we want to do.
  5. We have authenticity when we can do what we want. 
  6. Authenticity is just another word for Personal Success.
  7. Authenticity is measurable by our lack of regrets using points out of 10.  (The fewer the regrets the higher our Authenticity Score, averaged out over a lifetime.)  Feminism may prevent a woman from having Authenticity if it makes her afraid to say that all she wants to do is marry, have children and look after her family.

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder:

" ... our freedom obliges us to make something of ourselves, to live 'authentically' or 'truly' ". 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Being libertarian enough to tolerate people expressing racist views

I see myself as a figure that racists and libertarians could unite under since I am such a libertarian that I would tolerate the expression of racist opinions. It is no different from tolerating opinions not about race that one finds offensive.

Friday, 3 June 2011

There may be a plot by the disabled to assassinate me

In discussions in the Disabled People Against Claire Khaw Facebook group, the word "assassination" was used by a certain John Savage.

I fear that there is a plan being hatched by the #disabled for my #assassination. @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy

There are drive-by shootings and cycle-by shootings. Perhaps a wheelchair shooting for me? @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy
Facebook friend:

"I doubt it somehow. Mind you a wheelchair does make a raltively stable firing platform :)" 

There are drive-by and cycle-by shootings. Perhaps a #wheelchair shooting for me? #assassination @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy

Facebook friend 1:

"Watch out for those mutiles de guerre!"


"Yet more threats on my life. This is all rather worrying. But if anything happens to me, and you hear of a spectacular assassination by wheelchair in the news, please care enough to mention this to the police so that the ringleaders are rounded up and questioned. 

The disabled should not be above the law, although they seem to think they have the right not to be offended.

In order that they are not offended, I must be forced to bring up any severely disabled baby I have, ruin my marriage and suffer a lonely old age with no normal child to at least make arrangements to send me into a home, just to please them.  It is quite clear that they do not think I should be allowed to say I do not wish to bring up a severely disabled child because they find this to be offensive.    

Surely this is not quite right?
Free speech is worth dying for. I think so anyway."

Facebook friend 2:

"how embarrasing....on your over by a wheel chair!!....." 

Facebook friend 1:

"I wonder if the police would dare to do more than issue a caution these days. Prosecuting a mob of militant cripples would be such bad PR and bring down the censure of the liberal establishment... 
...even if they didn't have a leg to stand on."

Should I die in suspicious circumstances, the following may be able to help the police with their enquiries:!/riveninside!/jwscullis11985!/Bocciasmithy!/Phillip_Blond

Yes, Philip Blond, think tanker and theologian, is privy to these discussions as he remains a member of the Disabled People Against Claire Khaw Facebook group.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

My strategy for the General Election: BNP and UKIP to campaign under a JOINT manifesto

UKIP manifesto

BNP manifesto
1. The responsible voter should vote for the party with the most policies they agree with. If they don't know what party has the policies they most agree with and cannot be bothered to find out, they should just stay out of politics because they are too stupid to vote.

2. Those who intend to vote BNP or UKIP as a protest vote against the LibLabCon should vote for the BNP or UKIP candidate most likely to get the most votes.

There. Not too complicated, is it?

Those who agree with my strategy should start discussing it with as many people as possible.

Those who want to take this further, and want BNP-UKIP to merge should discuss it amongst themselves as much as possible.

Believe me, it is the only way forward and  CAN BE DONE.

All BNP and UKIP have to do for the next General Election is to come to an arrangement to campaign under a JOINT manifesto.


The BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto would promise to have a referendum on

1. whether to withdraw from the EU; and

2. whether to adopt BNP or UKIP policies where they differ

Beautifully simple, is it not?

Further arguments for BNP-UKIP merger (sent to me by SMS):

  1. UKIP did very poorly in recent council elections and gained only FOUR seats though they fielded 1217 candidates.  Despite being BNP in Oldham/Barnsley by elections this year, UKIP seem to have returned to pattern of being irrelevant in local elections in between  Euro elections.
  2. Economic differences between BNP and UKIP may have been exaggerated.  Both would want to put Britain first and a discussion about policies could take place inside the same party.  Both have similar views on the EU, immigration and foreign aid.
  3. Both parties badly need to refresh their public image.  Neither are really doing well. 

This is not exactly a new idea either and has been doing the rounds for years.

If you really really want to leave the EU as soon as possible you should discuss this with as many people as possible.

If you are not tired of wasting your time, energy and money getting people to vote for a party that you know will be useless about leaving the EU, then you must carry on as before, of course.

If you are afraid of being called racist and think you will die the moment you are accused, then of course you must steer well clear of this frightening proposal.

If you are a party leader and doing OK and earning a nice income out of being leader of your own party and don't wish to share your toys and your soldiers, then of course you will HATE this idea.

People who are not doing this for fun and want to get somewhere before the EU implodes will love the strength and simplicity of this idea.

Stupid scared people will not, of course, and there are sadly too many people like that in and out of politics.

    Wednesday, 1 June 2011

    British so stupid they want to breed more prisoners in the name of human rights

    Convicted murderer to have baby with released prisoner

    What the fuck is the matter with them?

    I think they like being stupid.  (The stupider you are the more benefits you get, you see.)

    For the stupid British, being stupid is part of the British identity, and you know what?  They are proud of being stupid.

    They don't mind, or they don't care, or they just don't know what to do about it.  

    Look, it is really really easy: withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights.

    Oh, but the liberals won't have that because Britain is governed by a Moronocracy.

    It may be time to sort the liberals out good and proper, very very soon.    

    Abuse of the retarded in care homes

    Secret filming caught patients being dragged and slapped by support workers

    Simon, one of the adult inmates with the age of a 4 year old, was returned home to his family after footage of his ill-treatment was shown to his parents.  I wonder if they ever threaten to send him back to Winterbourne View whenever he misbehaves.  Indeed, I wonder if his family now secretly curse the Panorama reporter for bringing his abuse to their attention, and making them feel obliged to take him back to live with them.  I know I would be. I know how ashamed and disgusted with myself I would be that anything that came out of me would be such a trouble to those around him that filicide would be the only honorable option.    

    I know this is not how the British think, but this is how I think.

    It costs the taxpayer £3,500 per week to keep these inmates in these homes. In March I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show  that if I had a severely disabled baby I would smother it if the midwife would not do so for me.

    I stand by that statement.

    It seems that while the government wrings its hands about how it can no longer afford to to pay for these people to be kept in these uncaring homes, and the uncaring homes cannot find good caring staff to run these homes, I am still condemned for saying what I did.

    Such is the contemptible hypocrisy and cowardice of the British and their government.