Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nick Griffin confronts meeting being chaired by Andrew Brons consisting mostly of Reform Group members. Griffin and Butler square up to each other at the end. Very dramatic!

The interesting bit starts around 5:56. NG accuses AB of repeating lies. AB just changes the subject. [I believe this concerns an error in the reporting of the loss of membership just after the EHRC legal action when the party was legally obliged not to take on new members until it had changed its constitution to allow non-white members.  It was in fact 23% and not an alarming 80% as was mistakenly stated.]

7:33 has another barbed reference by NG that AB should check his facts next time he is at head office.

You can see it was a difficult meeting for NG whose entrance was a bit of a surprise to the room who were mostly or even all in the Reform Group.

I thought AB recovered quite well. "Ah, here is our colleague," said AB when NG entered unexpectedly. "I was not told about this meeting, I only heard about it," NG said.

Michael Barnbrook told he is not suitable candidate for the 2012 London mayoral elections.

Richard Edmonds at 3:40 saying he was refused admission at a Barking meeting.

"oceans of factional meetings ... " said NG, "same old ground, same old lies ... " uproar then applause.

"You are part of the party," says NG to angry woman, after she insists "We are the party."

"You lied," she said. "The bouncers kicked me out."

‎"If you had done X and Y then party would have been in much better state" said one complaining member. "Let WHO run the party?" asked NG. "We could have found someone ... " [Not likely IMHO.] Chris Roberts thought by NG not to be doing a good job. NG admits that he was doing too much. "You are going to see a lot more of me. Until the members vote for someone else, I will lead it and I will lead it as a leader. A part of it means making difficult decisions and a part of it is dealing with members who are telling deliberate lies to destabilise things and that is what Eddy Butler and his people have been doing since well before the last General Election. It is my unfortunate responsibility to deal with what Searchlight and various fools, knaves, cranks and thieves who try and break this party up."

Andrew Brons accused by NG of "funding" Eddy Butler.

There was then a confrontation between NG and EB when EB walks up to NG, demanding to know what lies he has told about NG in his blog. I am reminded of a quarrelling couple, a lovers' tiff ... Kiss and make up, boys!

I love being in the BNP! It is like being in East Enders.

I thought NG did quite well in his own way. He was quite right when he said in a subsequent meeting in Barking that no one in their right mind would want his job. No one can do that job and indeed, even the ones who want the job cannot do the job ....

Come on, folks, stop fighting each other and fight the LibLabCon and use my cunning plans to capture the imagination of the British public.  

What the Eurosceptic parties need to do: START A NATIONAL DEBATE

My strategy for the General Election: BNP and UKIP to campaign under a JOINT manifesto

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