Thursday, 16 June 2011

Questions for Andrew Sparrow for David Davis

Former Tory leadership contender David Davis. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian

Questions tweeted to @AndrewSparrow by @1party4all

  1. "Does David Davis have any views on the dysfunctional and female-dominated educational system that is #notfitforpurpose?"  14 Jun
  2. "Is David Davis thinking of taking #elocution  lessons?"  14 Jun
  3. "Does David #Cameron make David Davis sick?"  14 Jun
  4. "Does David Davis think #Cameron is a Conservative or just a convictioneless cunt of #liberalism?"  14 Jun
  5. "How would David Davis like #Cameron to die?"  14 Jun 
  6. "Would David Davis disestablish the #ChurchofEngland if he were dictator?"  #notfitforpurpose 14 Jun 
  7. "What does David Davis think of the egregious quality of Etonians that #Eton now excretes?" 14 Jun
  8. "Does David Davis think #Cameron has lost his #moralcompass or does he think he never possessed it?"  14 Jun
  9. "Does David Davis think Cameron's idea of Conservatism is to support the status quo, whatever it is?" 14 Jun
  10. "Does David Davis think it disgusting how the LibLabCon have conspired to make wanting grammar schools appear Far Right?"  14 Jun
  11. "If David Davis were dictator, would he support grammar schools?"  14 Jun
  12. "What would David Davis do if he were dictator?"  14 Jun
  13. "What does David Davis think of David Cameron's Muscular #Liberalism?"  14 Jun
  14. "Is David Davis planning to support Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill? If not, why not?"  14 Jun
  15. "Has David Davis read the Tory Party constitution? Is there anything he would like to change in it?"  14 Jun
  16. "Is David Davis proud to be a #Conservative?"  14 Jun
  17. "Is David Davis proud to be British?"  14 Jun
  18. "Does David Davis feel that Britain is riding for a fall after decades of #liberal and #feminist #dementia?"  14 Jun
  19. "What does David Davis most despise about David #Cameron?"  14 Jun
  20. "Does David Davis feel he can speak out against #singlemums even though his own mother was herself a single mum?"  14 Jun
  21. "Does David Davis agree that single parenthood and family breakdown are spreading like a cancer in Britain?"  14 Jun
  22. "Does David Davis think that #feminism has gone too far?"  14 Jun
  23. "How did David Davis feel when asked by @Marthakearney the kind of underwear he wears?"  14 Jun
  24. "How much does David Davis hate David Cameron?"  14 Jun
  25. "Was there anything David Davis felt he could have done differently 2 win the Tory leadership, apart from being an Etonian?"  14 Jun
  26. "What does David Davis feel about Overseas Aid?"  14 Jun
  27. "If there were a leadership election now, would David Davis throw his hat in the ring again?"  14 Jun
  28. "What does David Davis have to say to those who elected David #Cameron instead of him as  #leader of the #Tory  Party?"  14 Jun
  29. "How would David Davis do things differently to David Cameron?"  14 Jun
  30. "What does David Davis think of the #BigSociety?"  14 Jun
  31. "Does David Davis regret supporting the wars in Afraqbya?"  Jun 14 

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