Saturday, 18 June 2011

What the Japanese really think of other races and multiracial societies

page 215

The background to the text below was that the US government was complaining in the 1980s that the Japanese were not buying their exports.  (Same sort of thing with China now.)

"Outward-looking, internationalising, English-speaking [Prime Minister] Nakasone undid many of his own efforts [to mollify the Americans eg personally appearing on TV to present an 'action programme' to boost imports] with an outstanding gaffe when he suggested that, after all, Americans couldn't really be expected to compete effectively with the Japanese because the Japanese were so much better educated and more intelligent.  The insult was further compounded by his attempted 'explanation' that Americans as such weren't actually less intelligent but that, having so many blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minorities, the United States was intrinsically disadvantaged compared to homogeneous Japan."  

I am sorry, but I had really really good chuckle when I read that.  Am I racist though? I am not Japanese, but rather admire them.   


Anonymous said...

The PM's claim is "racist" but it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Top man that Nip.