Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Anders Behring Breivik walked the walk you only talk"

If only I had written this provocative piece.  Since someone else beat me to it, I can do no better than link it here.

Both the Left and the Right will be making political capital out of this. It will be a test of wits to see who does this better.

While only a fool or a terrorist would openly advocate violence, there is nothing to stop anyone from using this event to advance our respective causes. 

The Left will use it to say: 

"Breivic is a terrorist, a religious fanatic, an anti-feminist, and an Islamophobe, who was racist and evil, and therefore those who agree with any, some or all of his views are also religious fanatics, Islamophobes, racist, evil who should be monitored, suppressed and intimidated."

The Right will say: 

"This is what happens when you persecute, vilify and marginalise us so much that some of us will resort to terrorism because we know that the cards in our political system are stacked against us under the current system and we will never make our voice heard if we play by the rules of the Liberal Left."

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Adolfo said...

It looks like a false flag operation to me. It says Mossad all over.