Friday, 29 July 2011

How the BNP should deal with Breivik-BNP stories by the media - Pt II

My BNP buddies are getting a little nervous about the media door-stepping them about being on the 1000+ circulation list of the mass-murdering Anders Brevik, believing that that unflattering comparisons are being made of them and his party to him.

It would actually be a bit weird if Breivik had not sent people any messages. Presumably one starts off as a cyber-activist and then decides to go on to bigger and better things, such as mass murdering youth members of pro-immigration parties.

It would be very suspicious if he just came out of nowhere and then started killing people.

Mind you, some people have been suggesting that Mossad put Breivik up to it.

It is really a non-story and could be good opportunity for activists to turn the spotlight on the liberal political establishment who have been suppressing debate and marginalising anti-immigration parties for decades.

It was they who drove Breivik to do what he felt he had to do.   

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