Sunday, 31 July 2011

How the Conservatives have been part of the Liberal Feminist Conspiracy to turn us into Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland since 2002

A Conservative Facebook friend HaleBarns Conservatives described the post, which I found quite amusing on as

"Innaporopiate racist post... Spreading islomophobia & Muslim hatred."

This prompted a Russian Facebook friend - and Russians are the only white people these days with reasonably sensible views that approach traditional Conservatism - to ask:

"Is Hale Barnes joking? I was aware there had been a left-wing coup in the tory party but are things so far gone that a tory would make such a remark without irony?"

which prompted me to say:

"Cameron himself is a Commie Pinko. Did you know that Theresa fucking May, currently Home Secretary who praises the liberal legislation that created THOUGHTCRIME that is the Equality Act, made the Tories be nice to slut single mums as long ago as 2002? That's why we have now become Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland."

I then went on to say words to the effect that the average member of the Conservative Party wouldn't recognise Conservatism even if it came up to them, slapped them in the face, knocked them over and brutally sodomised them.

There will no doubt be many gay card-carrying Conservatives who would rather enjoy this sort of thing these days.    

Most Modern Conservatives wouldn't feel too out of place in New Labour and are in fact ideologically indistinguishable.

Do you notice any inclination in the liberal media to discuss immigration?  Of course not.  They are hoping that the embarrassed silence from the BNP after the Oslo atrocities to last for as long as possible.  No doubt they applaud the attempts of newspapers like The Sun to publish stories that suggest that BNP activists are as potentially murderous as  Breivik in order to silence and vilify them further.

I therefore rest my case that Compassionate Conservatism is Socialism, Big Society remains Big Government, and Cameron is a Commie Pinko Cunt of Convictionless Conservatism.

The Conservatives are part of the Liberal Oligarchy, who have conspired to homogenise their policies and to marginalise and vilify any other party that is not part of their political cartel as Fascist, Nazi, Racist, Extremist, Lunatic and Evil.

Get this, and you will understand how 'liberal' politics in the West works.  That was what drove Anders Breivik to do what he did, because he knew political activism was useless and that the white European peoples would only be presented with a fait accompli in a few decades hence.

Only fools and knaves believe and say otherwise.

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