Friday, 29 July 2011

The liberal conspiracy to delay Anders Breivik's trial in the hope of suppressing debate

Breivik's indictment "will not be ready before the end of the year" - despite the fact that he has confessed to both the bombing and the shooting.

They are trying to sweep Breivik under the carpet so they don't have to discuss immigration, the hypocritical, truth-denying hypocritical liberal cunts.

They are going to prevent a frank and full discussion of immigration for as long as they bloody well can. 

Breivik did it, he admitted it, but they have to faff around, probably until next year so everyone has to walk on eggshells, not daring to discuss immigration. Their plan is as clear as day.

Lots of people are secretly pleased it happened, ESPECIALLY THE MEDIA. They are having multiple orgasms even as we speak and ejaculating into their trousers at the thought of being able to demonise as mass murderers anyone who dares to complain about immigration after the Oslo atrocity.

The liberal governments of Europe wants to delay FOREVER a full and frank discussion about immigration, for to have a debate will put them in the awkward position of acknowledging that most voters don't like it. If they can postpone his trial for 10, or even 100 years they would do it. That is what dishonest SHITS the Liberal Left are.

And then it would be heard in camera, if they can swing it.

Even now, those who are anti-immigration are being forced to condemn the atrocity against innocent children, as if they were themselves responsible for inciting it by their intransigence.  

Frankly, I see no difference between an innocent adult being killed and an innocent child being killed. 

Innocent children often grow into guilty adults, after all.  

The youth who attended the Liberal Left version of Hitler Youth are very likely to grow up into the Liberal Left politicians of the future, with all the force of cowardice and hypocrisy their parents now have if not more.  If Breivik were to do the equivalent of what he did in Norway he would be 'taking out' members of  Labour Party at conference in a seaside town, probably.  

The truth is that both the Left and Right intend to make political capital out of it and we are all, without exception, secretly pleased that Breivik did what he did, even those who say how horrible and disgusting and barbaric and insane and evil it was, for even they are secretly and not so secretly pleased that Breivik did what he did, so we can talk and write about it endlessly to each other.  

The Liberal Left intend to make political capital out of it by pretending that anyone who now dares to complain about immigration is the like the mass murdering Anders Breivik, in the hope of silencing debate.  

The only people who are not happy would be those who knew any of the victims or their loved ones, and there aren't that many of them, and they are all in Norway in any case.  

The Right, if they are clever, will make the point, again and again, that it was the Liberal Left's intransigent attitude (who have for decades now conspired to stifle debate while gerrymandering their vote by giving new immigrants citizenship and voting rights) wot made Breivik do it.  


Anonymous said...

It is clear from the content of the post that Claire Khaw is the cunt here. If the majority of voters have Nazi tendencies, then the majority of voters are cunts.

Claire Khaw said...

The majority of voters are afraid of being called cunts by other cunts.

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine you have a fairly thick skin by now. You might make a few beans as a contraversialist, but it is irresponsible to the rest of world, in the unlikely event that someone is impressioned by you. You are basically a nobody without any values at the moment. Consider comedy.

Claire Khaw said...

I have done a bit of stand-up as it happens.