Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nationalism should promote Family Values supported by Marriage and challenge Feminism

How very odd that the white nationalists I have been in communication with do not even grasp the connection between race and nation and the desecration of the institutions of marriage and family by decades of feminism. 

It is perfectly obvious to me that widespread fatherlessness means more fatherlessness and more single motherhood, but not to them.  Without two parents, no culture worth speaking of will be passed on to the next generation, and  fatherlessness and single motherhood will continue to spread like a cancer.

You will find that if you search "family" at you will find no reference to family values at all. 

Asians, with their abhorrent practice of honour killing at least see to it that the children they have brought up do not take up with members of the opposite sex that they disapprove of lightly and wantonly. 

They, with their family networks, thrive and easily overtake the indigenous in wealth, education and status while the indigenous fuck themselves silly, drink themselves silly and drug themselves silly and produce the next generation who will do more of the same. 

In a more rational age, white parents would disown and disinherit children of theirs who do things they feel have betrayed their values or disgraced the family, but no longer.

To make the heretical suggestion that white parents take responsibility for the quality of their offspring will make them quail and quake and shudder and shake. 

Instead they compete with each other to be more pathetic, disabled, illegitimate, illiterate, innumerate and helpless to gain the most state benefits, and this with the connivance of the BNP, who are supposed to represent the interests of the white race. 

If the BNP did not prevent me from being their 2012 London mayoral candidate for reasons of race then they prevented me from doing so because they were frightened of alienating the female vote, just like the LibLabCon, because what I said about what I would do with my severely disabled baby offended a BNP mother who is an unwed single mother with disabled offspring herself.

The reason why the white man is in his current degraded state is because of decades of chasing the female vote.  That is why Britain is now so irrational, hysterical, promiscuous, vindictive, hypocritical and cowardly.  But the BNP want more of the same in their great nation, apparently, just without non-white people in it. 

Let us see how far they will get as they will the end but not the means, a female vice.

Wishing to wound but being afraid to strike is yet another. 

Burying one's head in the sand is a dangerous thing though.  When one thinks of someone with their head in the ground and his bottom in the air, certain undignified images and possibilities come to mind. 

But who am I to even attempt to overturn such a long and ignoble British tradition of hypocrisy and cowardice - I , a mere female and a foreigner?

I am no one at all.

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