Sunday, 31 July 2011

Why White Nationalism should demand the reconsecration of the institutions of Marriage and Family

I live in the West amongst white people. I therefore feel that what is good for white people would be good for me, and that civic nationalism is enough to give white nationalists a foot in the door, who should use any means available wisely to have the kind of society that they want that would give them the liberty to influence whom their offspring mate with.

This would be done by reconsecrating the desecrated institutions of Family and Marriage.

Just ask for this and everything else will follow.

This means, I'm afraid, challenging feminism, which some of you may not be quite up to.

Feminism means easy divorce and divorce settlements that usually cripple men. This means men are afraid of women. When men are afraid of their women the moral and educational standards of that society suffer.

Challenging feminism means you have to give up the benefits of feminism ie cheap sex and easy women.

Brothels would be legal again, but prostitutes who are not a burden on the state will be officially declared a degree above never married single mothers who are.

There is no need to for further acts of violence by the likes of Anders Breivik or pray for a race war or widespread civil disorder or anything like that. Just ask for what I suggest above, in reasonable tones, and there will be a gender war of ideas of the patriarchy adn the matriarchy. It is not that hard for men to win the argument, if you make the arguments in your favour widely available.

What you offer women to give up feminism is a better quality of white man who will be a good husband and father instead of the losers and paedophiles created by feminism.

The losers created by feminism are the illegitimate, criminal, under-achieving and singly-parented.  In other words, men who are skint, scared and stupid, some of them even middle class and professional, who have had their homes confiscated by their wives after she has become bored and irritated by them when they have grown old and boring, when she has decided it would be quite nice to live in his house without having the annoyance of him in it.  

I see no harm in saying, in response to the acts and words of the Anders Breivik, things like: 

"We told you so, it was all your fault for suppressing debate on immigration for so long. Why don't we have a referendum on immigration then if you are all so bloody democratic? Then you will find out whether the voters want more immigration or not. Go on, we dare you."

"Fascism" and "Nazism" these days is often really only genuine Conservatism demonised by liberals and feminists.

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