Wednesday, 17 August 2011

An Atheist Argument for a Theocracy

"The Little People need to believe in their Santa of Little People for not everyone can be Nietzscheans. The little and the lame need their crutches and therefore the strong and the swift must give it to them, as parents pander to the sensibilities and susceptibilities of children. It would be callous not to allow the Little People their certainties and their comforts. Indeed, even the swift and strong sometimes feel small and become lame, and God is indeed greater than His Creator, who is Man. Therein lies the secret of the literal translation of 'Allahu akbar' -  'God is greater than His Creation [and His Creator (who is Man)].'  "

This is probably the most profound thing I will ever say in my entire life.   Deconstructing and reconstructing God in one paragraph is not something for the faint-hearted and the diffident, certainly.  I wonder, though, how many who read these words are capable of grasping its implications. 

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