Friday, 26 August 2011

If Britain had been an Islamic state operating a system of direct democracy before WW2 Britain would not have lost its empire

Direct democracy is the only form of democracy worth discussing. That was the purest form of democracy as practised by the Ancient Greeks, and it is this version that the Koran recommends.

The Ancient Greeks voted on what laws to pass and what laws to repeal and whether to go to war.

Governments who consult the governed fare better than the rest because they can at least have a proper debate, take responsibility for whatever was decided and move on, while we cannot, because we feel abused, marginalised, ignored and betrayed.

Imagine, if the British had been asked about WW2, would Britain have lost its empire that was acquired with so much blood, sweat and tears by their ancestors?

But Churchill threw it all away because he wanted to be a war leader.

It was he who frittered away the inheritance of the British people.

When people like John Tyndall (who founded the BNP) complained with words to the effect after the war that Britain lost her empire for ignoble reasons and only gained the ignoble rewards of liberal decadence ie feminism, sexual licence, the emasculation and the disgusting feminisation of the white man and the uncontrolled immigration that would change the character of this nation forever, he was branded a Nazi and discredited by the liberal media.

After WW2 and after the loss of its empire, Britain could only comfort itself with the welfare state and the soft sweet luxuries of sexual liberation and easy divorce. But what did the welfare state that supported feminism and sexual licence do to the British ultimately?

The welfare state led to family breakdown, single parenthood, widespread illegitimacy, fatherlessness, ever lowering standards of education and morality, the worship of Mammon in the form of our sex and shopping society.

In short, the welfare state fueled by rampant consumerism created a culture of irresponsible borrowing and lending by government and individuals, the boom-bust cycle, all of which eventually led to the credit crunch affecting the entire Western world, who are now economically, morally bankrupt and heartily despised.

Perhaps it was ordained for the British to suffer the presence of Muslims, and to watch the people they regarded as a brown inferior race with a primitive religion surpass them in numbers, wealth and achievement in such a short space of time.

In the recent riots of England, whites joined in with the blacks to loot the shops of the browns, who are mostly the people these days who do any real business and who have property to protect.

It just shows you the strength and superiority of those who practise family values supported by marriage, compared to those once racially superior white affluent liberal atheists who thought they were above that sort of thing, but who are now effeminate reptiles and dogs, without honour and without shame, degraded and utterly contemptible in their cowardice and hypocrisy both in their domestic and foreign policy.

Imagine the kind of people who think the rest of the world is stupid enough to believe that they are invading another country for the good that country!   Their own people may be stupid enough to believe that, but it is sheer ignorance and arrogance to think others not subject to the British education system would be quite so susceptible to this sort of liberal claptrap.

Staggering, they will soon fall down on the pavement dead drunk, but not after vomiting and involuntarily defecating in the manner of drunks who really have had too much to drink, after all the partying they have had.  The rest of the world waits patiently, ready to kick their head in when this happens.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men.  And the morals of white working class slut, slag and slapper is very low indeed as they necessarily must be to have so many variously-fathered illegitimate children at the expense of the taxpayer in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Around half the children born in Britain are now born out of wedlock.

Think of how low the morals of the male political establishment must be, if they are afraid to criticise these sluts, slags and slappers who have variously-fathered bastards at the expense of the taxpayer.  It is no surprise that they do the things they now do in the world.  One can only hope that China and Russia eventually work up the courage to stop these fools and knaves in their tracks, with one neatly planted sucker punch, for the sake of world peace and to put an end to the toxic ideology of liberalism, which has delighted us for quite long enough.

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