Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Liberalisation and Feminisation of the BNP and the Girlification of British Nationalism

The BNP courts the Female Vote with its girly logo

Nick Griffin tweeted on 27 July 2011:

"What defence v coming wave of anti-nationalist, pro-Islam hate & repression? High profile demos on popular issues, positive community action, improved electionering techniques. And rejection of negativity inherent in neo-con created, anti-ethnic, internationalist civic 'nationalism'."

What are we to make of this?  I think this means he is retreating further from discussing ideology because he fears schism and criticism.

This means he is not giving up ethno-nationalism (when civic nationalism is enough to do the job).  It is necessary for the BNP to cleanse itself of racism in order to be treated as a serious political force.  A non-racist nationalist party will also have the freedom to say more 'rightwing' things too, but Nick Griffin is not one to take too many chances.  Even Eddy Butler, now his arch enemy, has also gone native ie liberal.  He even told me that he would have suspended (though not expelled) me for saying what I had said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show.

Anyone who says anything controversial will be expelled, as I was, when all I did was point out that eugenics has always been discreetly practised before the welfare state.

This was because I had offended the female vote, which the BNP has apparently now set its heart on.  The BNP are now chasing the female vote as the liberal oligarchy have done for so many decades.  Chasing the female vote was what has brought Western civilisation to its knees, in case you didn't know.

The BNP member who got me expelled was herself a single mother with disabled offspring, who was so offended by what I have been saying about the disabled and the single mother that she campaigned to have me expelled.  It was only during my suspension that I discovered how many single mothers there were in the BNP with disabled offspring.

We have had the girilfication of science and now we have the girlification of the BNP.  No good will come out of it, when you think of how our education system has fared under its female-dominated teaching profession, who are responsible for the degraded state of the white race, who are getting progressively (pun intended) more degraded with each successive generation of slut and bastard parentage.  It is no surprise that they cannot get their little feminised bastard heads round the principle of Free Speech.

Women don't get Free Speech and don't see the point of it because it upsets them.  Men, you would have thought, ought to be robust enough to withstand being told a few home truths, but apparently not, not these days anyway.

Those who say they do say words to the effect of  "No, but yeah, but no ... " in their Vicky Pollard way.

Those support Free Speech, but not my right to exercise it without being punished for it, apparently.  These are the people who complain about the lack of Free Speech.  (Do they even know what a principle is?  They probably think it is something that gets you into trouble and to be abandoned at the first sign of trouble, like a hot brick or a hot potato.)

Since 2002 the Conservative Party has not dared to criticise single mothers after Theresa May The Chief Matriarch of the Conservative Party decreed that this was no longer to be done.  This would explain why nearly half the babies born in Britain these days are born out of wedlock these days and why over 50% of UK GDP still consists of public spending despite the cuts in public spending, because there are so many single mums who are a burden on the state with a vote.

Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland is now more bastard than legitimate and more Communist than Capitalist.

Why is Britain embracing the failed ideology of Communism when the formerly Communist countries are doing so well under Capitalism?  I blame matriarchal dementia.

It is matriarchal dementia that does the equivalent of cultivating cancer cells and paying them to multiply at taxpayers' expense.  It is matriarchal dementia that makes all the political parties afraid to criticise cancer cells for multiplying at taxpayers' expense, because most voters these days are single mothers and/or were singly parented.

It is matriarchal dementia that is turning the entire white race into White Trash, worldwide.

The liberal oligarchy are now firmly in charge and what's left of Conservatism is skulking about in UKIP and the BNP, but even they no longer dare promote family values supported by marriage.

Without the institutions of Marriage and Family, no culture can be transmitted or a sense of national idenitity fostered.  This means the Muslims will refuse to integrate into the culture of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland and do their own thing while quietly taking over while the White Trash drink, drug and fuck themselves silly till they become the new niggers of the world.  

But some black people such as my Facebook friend Lex Dras understands what single motherhood is doing to the Black American and is trying to do something about it, and I wish him well.

In the meantime the BNP will keep shtumm about the depredations of feminism for the white man and expel anyone who offends the female vote.  With such a strategy how can it fail to fail?  

Things are now so bad that even the Left want the BNP to do better as can be heard at

Imagine, the Liberal Left worrying about the state of the BNP and wanting it to do better!  Things must be really really really bad.  

They actually want the BNP to do better so that Britain does not get its own Breivik thinking that only direct action such as mass murdering members of the Labour Party is the only way to make a point about immigration.

If only the BNP could be made to understand its role in society, but the cancer has already spread to the balls and brain of the BNP, and they in their dementia now think they are a member of the pussywhipped liberal establishment and take on the same airs and graces of not discussing ideology and not saying anything controversial.

The role of the BNP is to oppose the Liberal Oligarchy and say what people really think but are afraid to say.  Instead, they are showing every signs of merging their ideology into the homogenised filth that is what passes for liberalism now.  


Anonymous said...

I could easily agree with your view but as the BNP is imploding down to
nothing it is almost irrelevant.
Gri££in out of pure sick greed has
singlehandedly brought the party to this position. At its height in 2009
there might have been 13,000 members
but now that figure stands at less than 3,000.Ex-BNPers are joining any
of the many nationalist parties or protest groups in high numbers.

Claire Khaw said...

Perhaps there should be a TV game show called WHO WANTS TO BE LEADER OF THE BNP?

throw the membership open to anyone,

and let all the contestants be leader for a week to a month?

Then you would get all the membership subscriptions *and* the publicity!