Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A plea for female speakers on the subject of Happiness

Happines: does Feminism make us happy or would Fascism make us happier?

Does feminism make us unhappy?  Could Fascism make us happy?

Is not Fascism in the early 21st century merely genuine Conservatism demonised by the Liberal Left?  

Compassionate Camoronian Conservatism (who is part of the Liberal Left Oligarchy - the political cartel who control the market and conspire to reduce the competition Socialism, Big Society remains Big Government, and even the IMF are dropping heavy hints that we should be cutting taxes.

Public spending still over half of GDP.  Public spending is set to remain at 50.1% of GDP in 2011.

Are the Liberal Left making us unhappy?  They made Anders Breivik and the Muslims who blew themselves up on 7/7 very very unhappy indeed.  Is it time to show the Liberal Left how unhappy they have made us?  Communism was abandoned by the countries that took it up, so why is the West now embracing it?  Communism always follows a failure of government.  Has Western government failed?  If so, will its failure be followed by War and Revolution?  The West has started several wars abroad.  Will revolution now follow at home?

Should the female speaker be a member of the liberal political establishment when they are the ones who have made us so unhappy?

Would Claire Khaw, who is female, be an entertaining and enlightening speaker on this subject?

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