Friday, 16 September 2011

23 Ways the BNP can do better

  1. It needs an image makeover and show the world it is no longer racist.  This it can do by putting a non-white such as myself in a prominent position, eg Press Officer.
  2. Its members need to stop fighting each other.
  3. Its members fight each other because they have a tendency of behaving in a way that is frankly not comradely.  There should be a Code of Conduct for Members along the lines of
  4. The fact that its members are fighting each other is a problem of leadership.
  5. The fact that its members are fighting each other is a problem of administration.
  6. The other image problem is that it is a party of the white working classes.  I do not think I need elaborate further because I assume my readers are aware of the pernicious English class system and the fact that BNP supporters are perceived to be the lowest of the low - white men who cannot compete with foreigners, scorned even by the women of their own race, who wouldn't be seen dead at a BNP meeting.
  7. There are very few women in their meetings, and a sign of an improved status would be to be in a position to attract more women.  However, those who join political parties seek advancement, not pariah status, and pariah status is what you will get amongst your friends, family, colleagues and associates if any involvement in the party is discovered, and you will find yourself no longer invited to parties which you otherwise might have been invited to, if not for your new-found pariah status.  The advantage of this is that you find out who your friends are, and they tend not be your female friends, for it is middle class women in public sector jobs who react most badly to the news that you are involved with the BNP. Women who join political parties for social reasons join to seek male partners - in other words men with a higher status and income than they, and know they should not really expect to find these in the BNP.  That is why there are so few women in the BNP.
  8. The behaviour of women who do join could perhaps be regulated, for these women who do join have the pick of the men, but then that starts the men fighting each other and beating each other up over the women, which is divisive, to say the least.  
  9. Women who do join the BNP could be put on notice that their sexual morals would be under scrutiny, for for they actually have a disproportionate amount of power in terms of their numbers.    It was a female BNP member who got me expelled from the party because she found my views on Never Married Mothers offensive, though she used what I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show about not wishing to bring up a severely disabled baby as the ostensible reason.  Both are matters that arouse very strong feelings amongst women, and the men, out of natural chivalry, wish to please and protect these women, Never Married Mothers  though they are.  
  10. The BNP should use their unique pariah status to say the unsayable, but instead they prefer to pretend that they are fit for government by expelling me, as Ted Heath expelled Enoch Powell, who said what was offensive but true, as David Cameron expelled Nigel Hastilow for saying that many his prospective constituents had said to him that "Enoch was right", because that would be found offensive.  
  11. The BNP should be seen to defend its members when they speak what they believe to be the truth, but it does not, reacting in a knee-jerk fashion to whoever shouts at them loudest, just like the mainstream political parties, who expel the member concerned as soon as possible to kill the story.  
  12. The BNP should concentrate on treating its members better - which does not require  money, only the will - which would raise morale, but instead members are treated with contempt, embittering them and stopping people from working together as well as they could.
  13. The BNP should attempt to attract more educated and middle class members by treating members better, because educated people will not unquestioningly put up with being treated like disposable tissue.
  14. The BNP should attempt to nurture what talent it has.  It is perceived that the leadership does not wish to share the limelight with anyone who is capable of presenting himself as a credible leadership contender.   
  15. By renouncing ethno-nationalism once and for all it would be on its way to dealing with accusations of racism.
  16. By reassuring ethno-nationalists that civic nationalism is enough to get them what they want, they can retain more of their members.  
  17. The only way the BNP can convince voters that it knows what the solutions are is by pointing out the problems, and immigrants and Muslims are only the symptoms of a much deeper malaise, which is the problem of widespread illegitimacy which the party refuses to condemn, because the party's membership is the section of society most affected by illegitimacy - the cancer eating away at the heart of Western civilisation.
  18. The BNP should become a focus of a Men's Movement rather than waste time and money and compromise their right to free speech by chasing the female vote.  The LibLabCon have been doing this for decades and that is why we are now a totalitarian matriarchy about to be swept away by a tsunami of poo.   
  19. The BNP should promise direct democracy.
  20. The BNP should promise lower taxes.
  21. The BNP should promise fewer laws.
  22. The BNP should promise a smaller state.  
  23. The BNP should promise selective education for all who want it.  

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