Friday, 9 September 2011

Claire Khaw's message to UKIP delegates at Eastbourne Conference 2011

Do please give your colleagues and friends my Eurosceptic greetings to the Conference in Eastbourne, and point out to them that the new prohibition against ex-BNP members joining UKIP is ULTRA VIRES ie beyond the powers of the constitution, and UNHELPFUL towards Eurosceptic unity.

If UKIP think they can withdraw from the EU alone, then they are very much deluded, and I have a plan about how to secure this without compromising any UKIP principles.

UKIP also need a new Press Officer and I believe I am the woman for the job.

HINT: Allowing me to join UKIP would assist in facilitating Eurosceptic unity. It would be one small step anyway. My being Press Officer or Director of Communications, if you prefer, would be a bigger step that would start the ball rolling, finally.

"No UK political party is a serious party until it has at least one MP. This means UKIP are just as much a joke as the BNP are, but the BNP are funnier."

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