Thursday, 15 September 2011

London BNP Organisers not happy about Carlos Cortiglia being 2012 London Mayoral Candidate

One of the mayoral candidates - whose application was rejected - writes:

"I have just returned from a very pleasant social function in London. The function was attended by more than twenty British National Party activists. 
One of those present was a member of the panel selected to choose the Mayoral Candidate.
The panel member stated that from an original list of eleven applicants, a short list of five were chosen for interview. 
Before any interviews could be held however, Steve Squire, London Regional Organiser informed the panel that no interviews were necessary as Mr Griffin had decided that Carlos Cortiglia was to be the Mayoral Candidate.
There are many rumours circulating across the internet that Carlos had volunteered to fight against the British in the Falklands War in 1982. 
Next year, the year that the elections will take place, also happens to be the thirtieth anniversay of the Falklands War.
One member present made the comment that Mr Griffin knows that he is finished so he intends to finish off the British National Party as well. You will have to make up your own minds on that.  
One thing is for certain. 
Most people at the function stated it was a very bad decision and that Carlos would get no help from any of them.
They urge Carlos to stand down as the candidate, for fear of the further damage he will do to the British National Party when these facts are placed in the public domain in the run up to the election.
Michael Barnbrook"

It is very sad that the party does not appear to have followed its own rules or has everything pushed through from on high. It is bound to make people feel ill-used.

Procedural impropriety comes to mind since Carlos was originally on the selection panel for the London Mayoral Candidate.

Or perhaps there was no procedural propriety because there never was never any agreed procedure for selection, was there?  This is because everyone knew that whatever and whoever was decided, the Chairman has the power of veto.

On this occasion, it appeared that no attempt was made to select a candidate from the applicants.  There had been no formal interview of any of them.  

Whatever happened to playing by the rules and fair play that the English used to be famous for?

Were they all eaten up by Slut Single Mums and their bastards of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland?

The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men.

(Let it not be forgotten that I was expelled from the BNP, not for racial reasons, but at the behest of a BNP member who is a Slut Single Mum with disabled offspring who took offence at my views on Slut Single Mums, and who then bounced the Chairman into expelling me, thereby depriving the BNP of the best London Mayoral Candidate they could ever hope to have.  The candidate I would most enthusiastically support is their East End Organiser Jeffrey Marshall. )

How can the morals of the British nation be trusted when both the LibLabCon and its opposition are in thrall to the Slut Single Mum?

The Slut Single Mum AKA The Never Married Single Mum is a woman who 

  1. is so stupid that she imagines that a man not her husband she is having sex with really wants to pay for any illegitimate offspring she may produce as a result of a casual act of copulation
  2. is promiscuous
  3. is incompetent at contraception
  4. is negligent at contraception
  5. intentionally wishes to be impregnated by a man not her husband
  6. makes poor reproductive choices and expects to be pitied and paid for her stupidity
  7. cannot manage to have sex with a man who is either in a position to or wishes to marry her
  8. thinks it is OK to be impregnated by a man she does not wish to marry
  9. believes that she and her illegitimate offspring have a right to be supported by the British taxpayer
  10. is right in thinking that the liberal political establishment is too afraid to criticise her because so many Slut Single Mums like her now have the vote
  11. is responsible for the fact that more than half the babies born in Britain are now bastards
  12. is responsible for breeding the next generation of criminal bastards such as the feral variously-fathered bastards that rioted and looted in England this summer
  13. is responsible for the alarmingly low standards of morality and education that prevail in Britain now
  14. rules the Western world (for it is her hand that rocks the cradle)

    (It is therefore not at all surprising that the morals and educational standards of the British are now at an all-time low and will become even lower even more quickly, until British men and British women will start sniffing at each other's bottoms in public just as dogs might in the park, before copulating in public, in broad daylight.

    You have been warned.)

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