Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nation of Disabled Sluts and Bastards Cursed by God

"43 The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. 44 They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail."       Deuteronomy 28

The above is a state of affairs that the BNP have been complaining about since they began their existence.  

But why is it that they themselves are so despised and shunned?  The reasons are as follows.  

1. Everyone hates sluts and bastards, and even sluts and bastards who have a glimmer of self knowledge and detached self-analysis hate themselves too. 

2. We all know the BNP are full of sluts and bastards.

3. The fact that I got expelled from the BNP because I offended a slut with disabled offspring shows that sluts with bastards cannot be criticised. This does not apply only within the BNP but in wider society in Britain as well.

4. The fact that I was only saying something plainly true, which got me expelled, and which I had a right to say in a country that pretends it believes in free speech, is testament to the level of morality now to be expected from the white man.  "The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men."

5. The fact that Eddy Butler - the BNP's former National Organiser but now proscribed and the sworn enemy of the current BNP leader - said he thought I should have been suspended for telling the offensive truth shows that he no longer believes in free speech but in cowardly, hypocritical, mendacious prevarication which is of course the trait of women, and excusable only in women. 

6. The fact that Eddy Butler wants to join the English Democrats shows that he is happy to be associated with a party known for its mediocrity of talent. 

7. The English Democrats will never amount to anything because:

(a) Its very existence is an admission of the defeat of British nationalism.

(b) Its ideology of accepting and accelerating the breakup of the UK is actually harmful to English interests.

(c) Its policy of attracting bums on seats without any regard for quality shows its narrow aims, which is to take anyone Eurosceptic as well as the rejects of the 4th and 5th parties. 

(d)  The presentation of their policies of motherhood and apple pie, couched in the terms devoid of detail, is intentional, for they do not want to offend anyone and will take anyone, like an ugly ageing whore who will have to take any business going.  

Eddy Butler, to my horror, has expressed himself happy with this and says he sees no need for change.  Such an organisation will certainly survive because the supply of fools in this world is unlimited and there is one born every minute.  However, any self-respecting man with genuine ambitions to change things should scorn such an unworthy compromise. 

Eddy Butler has given up. If he had any fight left in him he would start a radical but non-racist civic nationalist party with me, but he refuses to either contemplate or discuss it, because he cannot afford to be seen to be associating with the likes of me, because of the things I say about Feminists, Sluts and Bastards, because he wants to be SAFE.

In summary, the following conditions prevail:

1.  The LibLabCon are afraid of Slut Single Mums because too many of them now have the vote.  (Over half the babies born in Britain now are bastards).

2.  The parties who oppose the LibLabCon, ie UKIP and BNP, are afraid of Slut Single Mums.  (It was a Slut Single Mum in the BNP who got me expelled for saying things offensive to the Disabled and their Slut Single Mum ie herself.)

3.  Those who dissent from the leadership of UKIP and BNP (such as Eddy Butler and the Englsih Democrats), are also afraid of Slut Single Mums.  


Slut Single Mums are women who make bad reproductive choices, who choose violent criminals as sex partners, have illegitimate children by them and then complain when their badly chosen male partners misbehave, who expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab for their ruined lives, who do not take kindly to criticism of their lifestyle choice and may threaten violence and death upon those who do challenge their behaviour.  

Another example is Riven Vincent who knew she had MS as long ago as 13 years ago.  Another example of a woman who has made a bad reproductive choice is Riven Vincent who knew she had MS as long ago as 13 years ago (but, because she is married, does not come under the category of an SSM (Slut Single Mum) though her reproductive choice was undeniably questionable).  She then went on to have a severely disabled daughter who is now 7, who cannot lift her head, move any of her limbs and is blind.  Riven Vincent's MS has now kicked in and she too is now disabled and therefore is the unofficial holder of the most martyred woman in the Britain.  You could not hope to make a worse reproductive choice even if you tried.   Indeed, she is Queen of the Disabled and Mumsnet and the PM himself admits that he is afraid of Mumsnet.  Riven Vincent is therefore above criticism.  Indeed, she is treated as if she were above the Queen, who is often the victim of tasteless jokes by Republicans.

But it gets worse, for I have discovered that nationalist men are actually not afraid of admitting that they are afraid of women like these, and these women are the worst of people, whose reproductive choices bring shame to this nation (because their offspring are illegitimate and grow up criminal) or, if they are not, they bring disability (both learning and physical) to the next generation in increasing numbers.

But these men shrug their shoulders and refuse to defend my freedom to say what is in fact true, however offensive it is.   "What do you expect?  You were offensive and we don't want to offend anyone by having you as a member."  This, from members of a party whose very existence is found offensive by the political establishment!  

How can men who are afraid of the worst of people, Slut Single Mums who cannot even choose a decent partner to have a child with, ever ever succeed?

These are men who are afraid to criticise women whose reproductive choices, if left unchecked, would lead to Britain consisting mostly of Disabled Sluts and Disabled Bastards?

Deuteronomy 28 finishes with the curse:

68 The LORD will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

Who would want to buy a Disabled Slut or a Disabled Bastard as a slave?   

There was a time when the children taken from Britain as slaves to be sold in Rome were praised for their angelic appearance.,_sed_Angeli#Famous_quotes_and_anecdotes

"Non Angli, sed angeli" – "They are not Angles, but angels". Aphorism, summarizing words reported to have been spoken by Gregory when he first encountered pale-skinned English boys at a slave market, sparking his dispatch of St. Augustine of Canterbury to England to convert the English, according to Bede. He said: "Well named, for they have angelic faces and ought to be co-heirs with the angels in heaven." Discovering that their province was Deira, he went on to add that they would be rescued de ira, "from the wrath", and that their king was named Aella, Alleluia, he said.

Perhaps now - should such a terrible thing happen - they would only be sold as meat not fit for human consumption.   

Who are the accursed then?

"Cursed are the unmerciful, fornicators [Who are Fornicators but Slut Single Mums breeding criminal and variously-fathered feral bastards whose numbers now exceed that of wives of husbands who have babies born in wedlock?], and adulterers, covetous persons, idolaters, slanderers, drunkards, and extortioners."

It does sound like they mean us, does it not?  (Implicitly included are those who refuse to condemn them, and this is just about everyone in the land.)  

A nation whose men are afraid of Sluts and Bastards turn the other way and pretend not to hear, or even understand what I am saying, because to even show an inkling of understanding of what I am saying would mean they would have to agree with me.  

If they agreed with me they would feel a moral imperative to join me in being abused and vilified by the feminazis, which, being the women they have now become, they are not prepared to do.    

As men they would then feel uncomfortable about their role in life, and so men like Eddy Butler will pretend that I am an extremist or a crank while he is the one being pragmatic and moderate.  

I have this to tell Eddy Butler:

The truth just is, whatever we think is reasonable, moderate or moral, and it is we must accommodate ourselves to the truth, rather than accommodate the truth to our preferences, ideology and perceptions.  

Those who prefer safety to liberty deserve NEITHER.

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