Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Why I claim to speak for British Nationalists better than the indigenous white male

A number of nationalists keep asking me - in tones of surprise and some suspicion - why I have nailed my colours to the BNP mast.   One of them even asked if my anti-feminist stance is part of my job as an agent provocateur, designed to get them into trouble with the Feminazis, rather like in the Mao's Hundred Flowers Campaign which invited criticism and then cut down the Hundred Flowers when they criticised ...

So I will say this to you:

1. I do this because I am a CIVIC nationalist. I live here and care enough about this country to want to fix it, instead of just fucking off home like so many people keep telling me to.

2. I believe Civic Nationalism is enough to give Ethno Nationalists the most of what they want, ie withdrawal from the EU, the repeal all anti-discrimination legislation, family values supported by marriage, respect for family tradition that prevents your children taking up with wasters and losers of their own race or wasters and losers of another and who then give you illegitimate grandchildren whose behaviour will bring shame, disgrace and humiliation on your family, your nation and your race.

3. I acknowledge that most of the wealth created in the world was created by the labour, inventiveness and enterprise of MEN and therefore all the wealth I have been able to enjoy in my lifetime came as a result of men, living and dead, who are dear to me.  I do this for them.

4. Women have the tendency of being generous with other people's money, and that is why Marx encouraged feminism. Feminism is the thin end of the wedge to full-blown Communism, as we shall see.  (Basically, they mess things up and destabilise their own society  by their sex and shopping (ie rampant consumerism and promiscuity) as well as their criminal looting rioting variously-fathered feral bastards so much that it will be vulnerable to any kind of pernicious ideology when order completely breaks down, as we shall soon see.)

5. Women have a tendency to deny the truth as well as being mostly conformist and mediocre, and wish to impose this on everyone else to the detriment of everyone else, for no particular reason that they can explain properly, and they are much less tolerant of difference and far more totalitarian than men.

6. An elderly white working class English widow once remarked to me that "One man is much the same as another." This is precisely why the lionesses in a harem don't run away when they see the father of their cubs usurped by another lion, whom they know will kill their cubs. If they ran away they would be without offspring. If they stayed, suffered their cubs to be killed and to be impregnated by the usurper, who is clearly stronger than the lion he usurped, they at least would have stronger offspring and the status of being in a pride of lions. That is why these lionesses do not help the father of their cubs see off the attempted usurper when he is fighting another lion.  (The moral of this story is that nationalist men should not compromise their principles because they want the approval of their women, who are mostly made up of slut single mums, who are in any case mostly irrational, hypocritical and cowardly.)

7. Not being of the white race, one group of white men and women are as much "my people" as another group. I would however prefer to identify myself with white people who share my political views than white people who do not.

8. The pernicious effects of feminism and liberalism have already spread to the country of my birth and there is now greater tolerance of divorce and single motherhood, which is bad for all races and all nations. If I want to make a stand against it, it is better that I do it in the nation and for the races most and worst affected by it, ie whites in the Liberal West in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

9. I do this because there appears to be no one else prepared to do it or capable of doing it.

10. UKIP will not have me.

My unique position and qualities will help the nationalist white male, and they know it. The fact that I am foreign-born and female confuses the enemy, but I talk their talk and walk their walk, run faster and seek out the enemy more relentlessly than any of them.

As Confucius said:

"The average man is superior to the average woman, but the superior woman is superior to the superior man."   

(I believe this is because the superior woman is not as susceptible to the carnal enticements of sirens and sluts as men are.  I shall be able to resist men throwing themselves at me, and possibly women too.)

It is my hope to establish the most radical, libertarian, liberty-loving, low-taxing, red-tape cutting,  rational, anti-feminist and therefore family values promoting, but non-racist civic nationalist party in the UK that will give Ethno Nationalists most of the important things they want.

I believe I can achieve my Grand Ambition in the following  possible scenarios:

1.  Eddy Butler starting a party with me called the British National Independence Party which will be created for the express purpose of  working towards a merger of the 4th and 5th parties in order to more effectively challenge the LibLabCon.  This can be easily done by giving members and activists better working conditions and an incentive scheme.  (To be honest, I cannot decide between BNIP and SNMSSMP ("Sin No More Slut  Single Mum Party", but I will let Eddy suggest a suitable name if he wants.)

2.  If Eddy Butler joins the English Democrats then I too could join the English Democrats, but only if they agree in writing to (i)  put me in  prominent position. (I have in mind the position of Press Officer AKA Directrix of Communications.) and (ii) radicalise their sleep- and despair-inducing manifesto of contemptible and deliberate blandness.  (I actually hope the weak and stupid English Democrats will reject him as being more trouble than he is worth, so I can have him all to myself.)

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