Thursday, 27 October 2011

The death of Gaddafi

Perhaps Cameron will one day die just as Gaddafi did. Unlike Gaddafi however, no one will mourn for that piece of Etonian shit.

Perhaps one day the Green Book will prevail in the UK. That would be a sweet irony.

If I had my way I would erect a statue of Gaddafi Triumphant holding in his palm the bloodied head of a dead Cameron ...

It is the only way to purge the wrong done in our name. What happened to Gaddafi - the brutality of how he died is shocking and disgusting, but I know the British will turn the page with shrug their shoulders and an apathetic droop.  After all, what can they do?  It is all out of their understanding and out of their power.   They will vote Conservative again, unless the parties that oppose them pull up their socks and clean up their acts.

Doubtless UKIP will think me too controversial.

Doubtless UKIP will want to continue plodding along in the wrong direction and whinge weakly from time to time about the EU when the entire nation is so degraded in its morals that it does not mind sitting in its own filth, gorging themselves on it until they too eventually merge into shit.

How interesting that both UKIP and BNP say precisely nothing about Gaddafi's death.  I wonder what it is that inhibits them.  Perhaps it is their very understandable fear of saying anything controversial that might appear to suggest it is moral guidance to the benighted buffoons currently in charge, or their benighted voters who are too busy gorging themselves with the filth of their moral degradation, to care about what is being done in their name.

Britain is no longer great, let us not forget, and it is no longer great because it is no longer good, for it is now peopled mostly by sluts, bastards, paedos and effeminate men with the morals and understanding of a bitch on heat.  We have no right to expect anything noble, honourable or principled from ignorant welfare scum only fit for the Jeremy Kyle Show, or the people who presume to come down to their level in the hoping of getting enough of their votes to govern yet another five destructive years.
Robert Mugabe, Hated by Europeans and Americans, Speaks at UN for Libyan People, 2 of 2 

What to do if you want Claire Khaw to be in UKIP

All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris



The Old Grain Store

Church Lane


West Sussex

BN17 7 QJ

and say why, before the end of the year.

My "prospectus" would be that I would bring the party publicity through promoting

1. free speech

2. constitutional reform (along the lines of Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill

3. family values uncompromisingly supported by marriage (Please note this means CHALLENGING FEMINISM.  There Is No Alternative.  Fortunately, there are more men than women in UKIP and in the NEC.  It remains to be seen how much they fear alienating the female vote.  It is of course fear of alienating the female vote that has turned Western civilisation into the basket case that it now is.  Feminism is of course responsible for the Culture of Entitlement, the Culture of Excuses and conferring upon women the prerogative of the whore: power without responsibility and the Miscegenation of the Unmarried that comes with the promotion of Free Love, which has caused the precipitate lowering of educational, moral and intellectual standards in the West.)

4. lower taxes

5. fewer laws

6. selective education to raise educational standards to raise international competitiveness

7. a less ruinous and aggressive foreign policy

6. capital and corporal punishment

7. the repeal of all anti-discrimination legislation

8. more co-operation and cohesion amongst the Eurosceptic parties
UKIP are right to take so long to think about admitting me. It is well-known that the controversial things I say are nothing to do with hatred of other races or of Muslims.

Should they admit me, and perhaps Eddy Butler at the same time, the political landscape will indeed change.

Perhaps they will have the balls and brains to know which side their bread is buttered when they vote on whether to let me in or not, along with any other experienced officer of the BNP who wishes to join and also solemnly and sincerely promise to treat them well after they have solemnly and sincerely renounced any previous support for the following:

1. forcible repatriation of non-white British citizens

2. apartheid

3. any measures to make non-white citizens second class citizens

I have many ideas about party discipline and a code of conduct for members as well as for what a Civic Nationalist ideology ought to be.  Ethno-nationalists will be know that I have claimed that Civic Nationalism will get them most of what they want the most important of which is withdrawal from the EU and the ability to run this country as a sovereign state in which Parliament reigns again supreme, beyond the reach of EU directives and the cabal of demented liberalism that is  the European Convention of Human Rights.  
Let us all therefore pull together in order to storm the citadel of the rotten institution that is the EU, which is going to fall in any case, admidst rancour and recrimination after its hollowness is finally revealed, when the euro finally expires.  
Let us all push at an open door.  Surely we can at least get together to do that by the next general election?
Only when we leave the EU can we decide properly what kind of government we want.  It is analogous to leaving a party at which most of the guests have become tired and emotional - in which we have ourselves become tired and emotional, to go lie down in a dark room, to recover from an excess of liberalism, feminism, welfarism and our shameful orgy of irresponsible lending and borrowing both by individuals and by successive governments.  
This is just so we can avoid utterly disgracing ourselves, getting into a fight, or being sick on the carpet or having sex with someone who will give us the clap or knock us up.   
Britain needs to remove herself from the Euro party and rethink her priorities, alone and soberly.    

Saturday, 15 October 2011

UKIP to readmit Claire Khaw as member?

4.1 Membership is open to UK citizens and resident foreign nationals over the age of 16 years who share its aims and who are not members of any other political party or organisation membership of which the National Executive Committee ("NEC") has declared is incompatible with membership of the Party.   Associate membership may be made available if thought appropriate to persons not qualified under the preceding sentences.

Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party or the UK First party. Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded.
By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of either of these parties.

The legally trained such as Paul Oakley (now of UKIP though for years a Conservative) will be aware of the term ultra vires as well as retrospective.   

UKIP have no right to exclude me from joining at all, because the prohibition at exceeds the terms of the clause 4.1 of the UKIP constitution.

Ultra vires - exceeding the powers on which it relies

Retrospective - making something an offence when it was not previously, thus making something that was previously legal illegal and punishing an individual for doing something that was legal when he or she did it.   

I no longer expect the average Englishman of the 21st century to have any regard for playing by the rules or fair play, so corrupted are their morals and so extinct their sense of honour, but thought I would just point this out anyway.  

The BNP are associated with being proletarian. Perhaps it is this that puts so many of these exiled Tories in UKIP off accepting ex-BNP members. It may not even be about racism, but about CLASS.

Working class people have a tendency to call a spade a spade and middle class English people like calling a shovel a trowel. 

That's all it is really. 

Were UKIP actually intent on poaching the best BNP members it would benefit enormously too. 

But, perhaps, like the BNP, UKIP don't really want power and don't want to win, not really. 

Maybe they just want to remain the underdog and whinge about that, just like the BNP. 

No killer instinct, no drive, just plodding and lots of it, and plodding in the wrong direction too ....

I suspect the reason why people like Paul Oakley the Conservative, who stayed loyal to Crap Camoronian Cuntism and only fairly recently joined UKIP don't want me to join even though they know I am not racist, is because of the notoriety and attention I would get.

Of course people like him would not wish me to reap the advantages of my taking bold, public and decisive action, while he huddled for YEARS like an indecisive rodent wondering whether to come out of his mousehole.

I am resigned to whatever decision they make, but just wanted to offer my services to UKIP first, out of respect to them for being the most established Eurosceptic party commanding the most votes. You see, I am an honourable woman who knows my place.

If they do not want me, I shall take my business elsewhere or even set up one myself, perhaps on the lines described at rather than suffer myself to be treated with the hysterical suspicion that the cowards who are afraid of being accused of racist would mete out to me, because I was once a member of the BNP.

Wiser heads at UKIP will know that having me would make UKIP less dull, dreary and elderly, but there is no guarantee that they will prevail. I know I have offended a few people in UKIP with my grandstanding, but these easily-offended people should understand that to err is human, to forgive divine, even if they do not believe in God.

I am not a racist.  I am so not a racist that even if you conferred on me racial superiority I would not accept it.

So there.   

Friday, 14 October 2011

A Culture of Contempt for the Elderly created by Feminism

Following yesterday's coverage of the Care Quality Commission's report on NHS elderly care, a number of listeners contacted the programme to tell their own story. Adam Rodin, whose 93-year-old father died in hospital last week, describes the bad experience he had.

Following on from the Care Quality Commission's damning report on NHS elderly care, many listeners contacted the Today programme to share their own experiences. Dame Joan Bakewell, former government champion for the elderly, and Dr Raymond Tallis, philosopher and former professor of geriatric medicine, analyse the issues behind the story.

It is very interesting that Adam Rodin, who is himself a hospital consultant, refused to name the hospital that his father was so badly treated in.   He said, very disturbingly, that this could happen in any hospital.  It is the culture, he said.

A matriarchy: a society that condones and rewards female promiscuity, despises the elderly, is sentimental about children, obsessed by celebrity culture and the shallow values of youth and beauty.

A patriarchy: a society that condones male promiscuity, and looks after the old because it values wisdom.

Feminists: you too will be old and at the mercy of the uncaring carers you have trained under feminist ideology.

Men who try to discipline the bastard feral offspring of sluts are accused of being paedophiles, are they not?

Women who are not longer sexually attractive are useless ugly old hags, aren't they, in our Brave New World?

Joan Bakewell said  nurses should role play and put themselves in the role of the elderly! More demented matriarchal SHITE.

Nurses ignore the elderly and the incontinent because they are disgusting and remind them of despair, desperation and death.  Most would rather look after the young than the old because youth is full of hope, and the elderly only remind us we are all going to ail and die.

Remember that scene in THE BEACH when one of the beach community was bitten by a shark?  He kept moaning and groaning and wouldn't get better.  His presence was spoiling their fun and eventually he was moved out of sight and out of hearing to die, without disturbing the life of the community.  The leader of that community was female (Tilda Swinton) who blackmailed Leonardo de Caprio into having sex with her.

SOYLENT GREEN was rather kinder to the ailing and elderly, was it not?

Kindness and generosity in short supply said Joan Bakewell. We used to learn all those things in church, she said. Where do we learn these things from now, she asked. Certainly not in the home who are run by working mothers or parasitical sluts with no morals and no education. We no longer do kindness, generosity, respect for the elderly and consideration for others because decades of liberal feminist atheist SHITE has bred it out of us.

The feminists of today will be the elderly doubly incontinent bedblockers of tomorrow. Even having children won't help you now, because they will just send you to a hospital or to an uncaring care home. Your daughters will be too busy working till they are 67 to look after you. Your sons will be impoverished losers after their wives have divorced them and kicked them out of their matrimonial homes, if they get married at all. You will have grandchildren, some of them even legitimate, but if you have a son, you will not see any of your grandchildren by him because his spiteful ex-wife will see to it that you and your son don't.

And so Britain continues its descent into cultural and moral degradation stuffing its stupid fat disgusting face with foul liberal atheist feminist SHITE like there's no tomorrow, which there isn't, let's face it, you stupid liberal feminist LOSERS.

A society that does not value WISDOM because those who have it are no longer strong and attractive will revert to BARBARISM very very very soon indeed.

FEMINISM hurts everyone: the young, the male and the elderly and brings women into utter contempt because it encourages them to behave worse than a prostitute and a promiscuous homosexual.

At least prostitutes give you an up-front price for sex (so you are not chased by the CSA to maintain a child you never wanted to have by a cheap slut you would never dream of marrying) and at least promiscuous homosexuals don't have BASTARDS to spread crime and disorder and paedophilia in your society.

What is the BNP doing, that party who is supposed to care about such things like the moral and cultural degradation of the white race? SWEET. FUCK. ALL.

It too is queuing up to lick the stilettos of the feminists and slut single mums.

Question and challenge feminism? Why, that would be OFFENSIVE. Oo er!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

If this is what Ethno Nationalism means, wouldn't you be better off without it?

What do people mean when they say they are Ethno-Nationalists?
I believe it means these Ethno-Nationalists want to say the following in public and in their party manifesto:
1. We want to introduce apartheid.
2. We want to forcibly repatriate non-whites citizens to their ancestral homelands.
3. We want to make non-white citizens second class citizens.
If saying any or all of the above is all it means when people say they are Ethno-Nationalists, then may I just point out that saying these things is not going to help them get elected.

Advice for a Dictator And for Those Who Want to Become One by Joseph Goebbels

1. A dictatorship requires three things: a man, an idea, and a following ready to live for the man and the idea, and if necessary to die for them. If the man is lacking it is hopeless; if the idea is lacking, it is impossible; if the following is missing, the dictatorship is only a bad joke.

2. A dictatorship can rule against a parliament when necessary, but never against the people.

3. Sitting on bayonets is uncomfortable.

4. A dictator’s first task is to make what he wants popular, bringing the will of the nation in tune with his own will. Only then will the broad masses support him in the long run and join his ranks.

5. A dictator’s highest duty is social justice. If people sense that the dictator only represents a thin upper class that has nothing to do with them, they will see the dictator as a hateful enemy and quickly overthrown him.

6. Dictatorships will rescue a nation when they know better ways than the previous governmental forms that they are fighting, and when their power is so anchored in the people that they do not depend on weapons, but rather on their followers.

7. A dictator does not need to follow the will of the majority. He must however have the ability to use the will of the people.

8. Leading parties and masses is the same as governing a nation. He who ruins a party will lead a nation into the abyss. Political ability is not demonstrated by using treacherous methods to rise to a ministerial chair on the labor of others.

9. Dictatorships must be able to survive on their own spiritual reserves. It will not work if what is good in their ideas comes from their opponents, and what does not come from their opponents is bad.

10. The ability to speak is no shame. It is shameful only when actions do not follow words. To speak well is good. To act bravely is even better. The typical reactionary can neither speak nor act. He has somehow gained power, but has no idea what to do with it.

11. Nothing is more foreign to dictatorial thinking than the bourgeois concept of objectivity. A dictatorship is by its very nature subjective. It takes sides by its nature. Since it is for one thing, it must be against another. If it does not do the latter, it runs the risk of having people doubt its honesty about the first.

12. A dictatorship speaks openly about what it is and what it wants. Nothing is farther from it than to hide behind a facade. It has the courage to act, but also the courage to affirm.

13. Dictatorships that hide behind the law to give themselves an appearance of legality even if their actions disagree, are short-lived. They will collapse of their own incompetence, leaving behind chaos and confusion.

14. Only those who lack the courage to join a party value being above party. When worlds collapse, when foundations shake, when revolutionary fevers spread through peoples and nations, one must join a party, one must be for or against. He who stands between will be torn apart by the contradictions, a victim of his own indecisiveness.

15. It may sound grotesque, but it is true: The nature of a dictator must be clear from his name. One cannot rule with a name like Müller or Meier. And the claim to a title must be fought for. It can not be gained by swindle.

16. A true dictator depends on himself. His false counterpart hides behind the rules and depends on legal paragraphs to justify his actions.

17. Everything great is simple and everything simple is great. The little man likes to conceal his insignificance through complexity.

18. The army exists to defend the country against external threats, not to suppress the people in the interests of a thin layer of usurpers. A dictatorship that cannot defend itself with its own supporters deserves to be displaced.

19. Primo de Rivera [the Spanish dictator who lost power in 1930] fell because his power rested on guns, but he earned only hatred and scorn from the people.

20. Mussolini’s work is unshakable, for he is his people’s idol. He gave back to Italy what has always been the surest and best foundation of a state: confidence.

Clara Khavius would be the Latin version of my name.   

How English Conservatives can sort out the Welsh and Scottish Socialists

It is terribly sad that the Scots and Welsh are almost invariably socialist.

The last Labour government bought them off with devolution and this actually changed the whole political landscape.

Surely there must be a significant number of suppressed Conservatives amongst the Welsh and the Scots?

Surely they not all a bunch of vicious whingeing leftist pinko Europhiliac PC Commies?

It would be terribly sad if they were all like that.

If that is what they are then the English should invade them again to save them from themselves.

There must be a huge untapped market amongst the Welsh and the Scots for good old-fashioned Conservative family values supported by marriage, I like to think.

They are probably not that happy with uncontrolled immigration either, but they hate the BNP because the BNP are undeniably an English party and the Scots and Welsh hate the English.

It would be the easiest thing to corner the market in Civic National Socialism (whose defining feature is "ein Volk (all British citizens of all races and religions and certainly Jews and Muslims as equal citizens), ein Reich, eine Partei") and Euroscepticism by forming a party called, say, the Civic National Socialist Party with English, Scots and Welsh branches.

In Wales the Party will be known as "Y party dinesyg cenedlaethol a sosialaidd".

In Scotland the Party will be known as "Am pàrtaidh cathaireach nàiseanta sòisealach".


  1. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (English Branch)
  2. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (Scottish Branch)
  3. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (Welsh Branch)

The Prime Minister will rotate amongst the leaders of the respective branches of Britain and by this means will the unity of the United Kingdom of Britain continue to be upheld.

Representative democracy under indiscriminate universal suffrage would be abolished and the franchise narrowed to taxpayers only under the principle of NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION, neatly disenfranchising parasitical Slut Single Mothers and their NEETs.

Brothels in England, Scotland and Wales will be legal so these people will have the chance of earning an honest living, keeping the price of sex in the UK reasonably affordable until the current generation of prostitutes die out. Sensible women will not wish to become prostitutes, I imagine, and wish to marry sensible men and have sensible legitimate offspring who will be a credit to them.

I also propose that the low-waged be relieved of the burden of paying taxes and also of the burden of voting.

The economy is to be run on the basis of medium income working married man paying no more than a flat rate tax of 20% being capable of supporting his wife and legitimate offspring on one income alone.

As for government funds and how they are to be shared, everything is to be worked out on the basis of England, Wales and Scotland paying for themselves and the extent to which they are individually bailed out by England, Scottish oil, sales of Welsh rarebit or whatever. The lawyers and accountants will have fun working this out, I bet.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

How to refill BNP coffers and bring gaeity and colour to the nation - a politics game show

If only we could have a show called BRITAIN'S GOT POLITICAL TALENT. The contestants would compete to be leader of the BNP .... and it would be open to all races. Voting would be done by SMS.

I propose a rule whereby you can only vote for the leader if you are a member of the party BUT you cannot vote for yourself.

Anyone can join the party regardless of race and religion as long as they promise to act in the national interest and for the greater good in the long term.

Also, the vote for the leader only takes place AFTER the nation has voted on BRITAIN'S GOT POLITICAL TALENT.

So who will promote this idea?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The pernicious nonsense that is the liberal concept of HUMAN RIGHTS

‎"Human Rights", eh? Is there any other kind of right on this earth??  Animal rights?  Vegetable rights?  Mineral rights?

I would have thought that the most FUNDAMENTAL human right would be to have freedom of expression.

But liberals no longer believe in this FUNDAMENTAL LIBERAL PRINCIPLE.

What are fundamental liberal principles?

Bet you don't know, because you are all fucking stupid. So here they are then:

1. The right to property

2. Freedom of expression

3. Freedom of association

4. Freedom of contract

5. Freedom of belief

Because you are all stupid, I bet you haven't noticed that:

Holocaust Denial is THOUGHTCRIME.

Incitement to racial hatred is THOUGHTCRIME.

Incitement to religious hatred is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you think she is the wrong sex is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you don't like homosexuals is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone disabled because you would rather not is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you think he or she is too young or too old for the job is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you don't like his or her religion is THOUGHTCRIME.

Hating is THOUGHTCRIME, folks. These fucking liberals are presuming to tell us whom we can and cannot HATE.

And you stupid fuckers put up with this sort of shit like the stupid fucking sheeple you are.

And these liberals who started the crap at the European Convention of Human Rights insist on the rightness and necessity of their thoughtcrimes while fining your government for not giving prisoners the right to vote.

And nobody notices how fucking stupid this is.

By the way, did you know that the Koran states that "There is no compulsion in belief"?

Bet you ignorant idiots didn't know that the Koran is more liberal than liberalism.


The reason why it doesn't seem that way is because most Muslims are too lazy and stupid to read the Koran, and too scared to question and discuss it with their fellow Muslims.

But are Muslims more stupid and lazy than Americans who don't know and don't care that their constitution has been flouted by successive governments?

The answer is NO.  Muslims are not more lazy and stupid than Americans who don't know and don't care that the US constitution is being flouted by successive US governments.   In fact, the US constitution is a damn sight shorter than the Koran.

I think being pussywhipped by Slut Single Mums makes you stupid, scared, skint, weak and despised, and white men are undeniably pussywhipped by Slut Single Mums.  The anti-immigration political parties are actually the most pussywhipped because they are so pathetically grateful that any woman should turn up to their meetings that they have decided that they want to court the female vote with a girly heart logo,

forgetting that it was courting the female vote was what brought the nation and Western civilisation to its current degraded and dumbed-down state.

This is what happens when men abdicate power to the weaker sex.

Sought by aspiring dictator

  1. a good firm of libel lawyers
  2. psychometric testers
  3. businesses who want lower corporation taxes and lighter regulation
  4. T-shirt designers
  5. clothes designers
  6. merchandising companies
  7. PR person
  8. production company
  9. fund manager
  10. libertarians and economists who have read the Koran

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Prophets of God could have been atheists like me

God is a creation of Man for the purpose of serving as an instrument of government to assist him in his politics, morality and spirituality.

It is quite possible to argue that none of the Prophets of God in fact believed in the actual existence of a living God, and only had the same motivation as parents who make their children believe in Santa.  That motivation is to incentivize better behaviour than might otherwise be shown without a belief in Santa or God.

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion." George Washington  

The purpose of Judaism is to demonstrate the superiority of a people who created God and who do what their God commands, even if that God does not promise a heaven or threaten a hell in the afterlife.   (If that is the case then I am at heart a Jew.)

It was the purpose of Christianity to spread the benefits of a unique and omnipotent God to those who are not born Jews and would not wish to convert.  Unfortunately, they did this by means of insisting on their totalitarian doctrine that one must believe in the divinity of Christ to be a Christian, or else go to hell.  (If that is the case then I am at heart a Christian who wishes non-Jews to enjoy the benefits of believing in an omnipotent perfect God that the Jews created for the benefit of Jews.)

The purpose of Islam is to synthesise the previous two religions by making it easier to practice and easier to understand through the means of one book said to be the direct revealed Word of God, which its adherents are meant to consult as often as they can.  To be a Muslim, all one need do is to declare that one submits to  God and affirm that Muhammad was His prophet.

If you understand the concept of a unique and omnipotent God, then you would have to accept the inexorable logic that there cannot be other gods but God, because, being omnipotent, He would not suffer them to exist to be His rivals.

God, if He exists, would embody Truth, Reason and Reality, all of which I am perfectly happy to submit to.

I have no difficulty agreeing with Muslims that Muhammad is a Prophet of Islam either.

There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

My prospectus for Dictatorship of a one-party theocracy to regenerate degenerate Britain

"Oooh! One party state! Isn't that Nazi-Fascist-Commie totalitarianism??!!!" 

Please note that I am saying NO - properly managed it will confer on MPs the rights of a Senator in Republican Rome.  All MPs would vote on policies on the basis that Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill had been passed.

All MPs would have the following rights as enunciated in Article 4 in Chapter 1 of the Chinese Communist Party constitution.  (Currently, they do not even enjoy the right of free speech.. Ask Enoch Powell, Patrick Mercer, Allan Duncan etc.)

I propose a one-party state because the Koran warns us against dividing ourselves into sects (ie competing amoral tribal political parties) and rejoicing in our own doctrines.  30:32

I know Roman civilisation died out, and we also know why it died out, do we not?  (It died of being overwhelmed by Slut Single Mums and their bastards, of Roman citizens being on welfare (bread and circuses), and died of the failure of Christianity (the religion for ignoble slaves and cowardly and hypocritical women.)

So we just avoid its mistakes.

We avoid them by using the warning and reminder that is Koran.


Advantages for Men:

1. You can have 4 wives if you really can afford them and really want to. (White nationalists should note how quickly they can replenish their numbers if they are each allowed to have 4 wives who in turn have 4 children ... )

2. You can also have legal brothels if you just want no-strings sex with no Child Support Agency chasing after you if you knocked up some woman you wouldn't dream of marrying so stupid she let you have sex with her  for free.

3. You will have a 20% flat rate income tax.

4. You will be respected as men and considered a degree above women if you maintain them.  4:34

5. You will have the right to chastise a recalcitrant wife short of divorce.

6. If you are in favour of the death penalty, you will be pleased that the Koran permits the death penalty where it is just.  6:151

7. You can have slaves (but the corollary of that is that you may yourself be enslaved).

8.  If you are a Libertarian you would relish repealing all liberal totalitarian THOUGHTCRIME anti-discrimination legislation.  According to the Koran, "There is no compulsion in belief."  2:256  10:99 18:29

9. You will have a right to vote in referenda on controversial issues that affect you, eg whether to withdraw from the EU, whether to bail out more banks etc.

Advantages for Women:

1. Ladies, you can share the burden of a husband if he is rich enough to have more than one wife. Many hands make light work!

2. Lesbians, you will have access to women (especially if they are your husband's wives), provided no more than 4 people witness your lewd acts with each other.

3. Prostitutes will be able to work in brothels legally. 24:33

4. Prostitution can always be the trade for slut single mums and their daughters if they do not wish to better themselves. Their bastard sons can be their bouncers, accountants, lawyers etc, if they better themselves in my proposed New Model Comprehensive.

5. You will find it easier to find decent husbands to keep you staying at home as housewife and mother.  This will appeal to you because, let's face it, you're not stupid and don't really want to go to work after you have sprogged, do you, unless you and your husband can both afford to hire a nanny?

Advantages for All:

The Islamic prohibition against Usury, intended to discourage irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals, will herald a new age in which the pound in your pocket keeps its value from generation to generation.  Imagine!  All you have to do is put your savings in the bank without having to worry about government-caused inflation to erode its value or turning yourself into a property speculator or a gambler.

Also, I would return the British currency to Pounds Shillings and Pence in order to make British children learn their time tables and to confuse the foreigner.

In this one-party theocracy, Charles will be the king of the Khavian Caliphate, and much will remain the same as before, but better governed and regulated, with a light delicate touch of a dictatrix who only nudges and gently cajoles, unlike the liberal oligarchs who bludgeon, tax, fine and imprison those who commit thoughtcrime and speech crime.

There will no thoughtcrime legislation in the Khavian Cailphate, for there is no compulsion in belief.

Only I am capable of interpreting the Koran to the satisfaction of most people, because only I understand the British better than they themselves do.  I also have a working knowledge of the English legal system.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Politics of Happiness by Julian Baggini

‎"Governments around the world are increasingly interested in increasing "gross domestic happiness" rather than simply wealth. Is this an entirely welcome development or is there something wrong about governments trying to affect the states of minds of their citizens? asks Julian Baggini. Is happiness the right objective to pursue, and can it be measured?"

The very idea of using subjective criteria to judge our happiness is idiotic anyway.  What are we to do?  Give ourselves marks out of 10 every day and then average it out over a lifetime?   But we lie to others and ourselves about how happy we are, Julian Baggini conceded.

I can imagine that even being confronted with the question may found enraging and depressing by some.  We might find ourselves wanting to award minus points on a very bad day.  Would this be allowed?

It is not too hard to imagine a law being passed whereby our happiness scores must be submitted to the government every day to be measured and averaged out over a lifetime so it can congratulate itself on how well it is doing and how caring it is about the happiness of those it governs.

What if the government decides it only wants to govern happy people?  It could exterminate anyone who gives a happiness score of less than 5, because they would be deemed too unhappy to want to carry on living.

There is no reason to even think for one moment that Cameron would not do this if he thought it expedient.  The philosophers of Britain so dumbed down now as to be actually incapable of seeing through an empty exercise when they see one, and are clearly foolish enough to burble excitedly over this latest wheeze in anticipation of being paid to do ever more nonsensical exercises of wasteful "research", ie giving silly answers to silly questions.

The best way to measure happiness is of course to measure unhappiness, and the way to measure  unhappiness is to measure the crime rate, the divorce rate, the suicide rate, the unemployment rate, the death rate for road traffic accidents, as well as the percentage of population who are now illegitimate and will become the criminals and under-achievers of tomorrow.

If the bastards are not rioting, looting and overthrowing the government you are probably doing OK as a government.

The government is either taking this damn fool project seriously or just remembering to pretend that it cares about us.  In reality, of course, governments are just interested in keeping quiescent turkeys voting for Xmas.

There is nothing inherently wrong in saying things to make people feel they are well governed, though it may very well be what is called PROPAGANDA.

One is reminded of Marx, who said "Religion is the opium of the masses."

Now, Sex and Shopping are the preferred intoxicants of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Now that we have run out of money, perhaps it is time to give the opiate of religion another go, so we can go back to being a society where most of the populace are not the illegitimate offspring of promiscuous women, before we became a matriarchal totalitarian communist nanny state suffering from advanced stages of dementia.

The Development and Death of Human Civilisations

Peace and Prosperity feminises a people, making them profligate, reckless, frivolous, hedonistic and foolish.  This disposes them to try new silly and mad ideas such as feminism and the welfare state, and paying Slut Single Mums to have bastards at the expense of the taxpayer, making the national gene pool deteriorate and causing a vicious race to the bottom of ever-lowering educational, intellectual and moral standards.

When men are emasculated and behave like women, and women acquire the rights of men but still behave like women, you have a matriarchy.

A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.

A matriarchy is a society that condones  and rewards female promiscuity.

When confronted with two evils, we should always choose the lesser one.

The policies of the matriarchy makes the working classes unfit for purpose necessitating the import of cheap foreign labour, upsetting the balance of that society.

When that society is upset, distressed and unbalanced enough, a situation of war or revolution will prevail.

War and revolution will of course allow the patriarchy to seize back the power it abdicated to the weaker sex when it succumbed to the charms of feminism, cheap sex and easy women.

And so the Tytler Cycle starts again.

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

  • From bondage to spiritual faith;
  • From spiritual faith to great courage;
  • From courage to liberty;
  • From liberty to abundance;
  • From abundance to selfishness;
  • From selfishness to complacency;
  • From complacency to apathy;
  • From apathy to dependence;
  • From dependence back into bondage. concerns nations cursed by God, which would include all nations affected and infected by feminism.   The West is clearly more accursed and more infested by feminists.  The Credit Crunch, the banking crisis and the sovereign debt crises has its origins in feminism - promoted by liberalism - which is fed by the practice of all the seven deadly sins, as well as your current inability to list all of them without looking them up.

Yes, you, too are one of the accursed, if you cannot remember what they are, without looking it up.


National Socialism = One-Party State = National Government

It is possible to argue that National Socialism just means a one-party state which is a ruder way of saying National Governmnt (which Britain had during WW2). Frank Field proposed this as recently as 2008 in The Guardian.

In my view Nazism can be clearly distinguished from National Socialism.

National Socialism, an ideology of nationalism with a stated concern of the working classes, is generic.

Nazism - the failed anti-semitic German version - is nation-specific.

Libya was National Socialist, and so was the Soviet Union. China remains National Socialist.

Singapore however is only a de facto one-party state because although in practice a one-party state, it actually allows other parties to exist, a bit like the UK, which is a bunch of parties with different names but with policies indistinguishable from each other.  (De facto means in practice though not in law.)

I am arguing that a de jure one-party state would be better. (De jure means in law.)

This does not mean no more elections, it just means NO MORE WHIPPING. It means that Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill would in effect have come into force, because every vote would be a FREE VOTE.
This means that MPs can vote according to their consciences, convictions and principles, where found.

The rights of members of this Only Party would be fiercely and rigorously protected. This means their right to free speech would actually exist, unlike now, when to criticise the leader of their party would mean demotion or expulsion.

Is anyone still with me so far?

I am saying that National Socialism does not have to be racist, anti-semitic or xenophobic or aggressive to its neighbours. It is basically whatever you have successfully argued is in the National Interest and get to the majority of the members of this only party to vote for.

Remember, it was through this mechanism that allowed China to dump Communism and embrace Capitalism, without a counter-revolution. It can be done and has been done.

I propose that we dump Nanny Statism and embrace Libertarianism by means of National Socialism, because fewer laws and lower taxes, ie a Smaller State, would be in the National Interest.  

I also propose that only those who pay a minimum of tax get to vote, to immediately disenfranchise the Slut Single Mums and their useless welfare scrounging probably criminal bastards.

This has already been proposed by Ian Cowie of the Telegraph.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The stress which killed former BNP Treasurer David Hannam

Posted on my Facebook wall on 4 October 2011


The stress which killed former BNP Treasurer David Hannam

Hello everybody:

I have just been sent a link to a posting on Simon Darby’s blog Darby is in fact, if not in name, deputy to Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party. I run out the item below.

Darby effectively accuses the BBC’s Panorama of being responsible for the death a couple of days ago of David Hannam, a former Treasurer of the BNP, as a result of the rigour of its investigation into the party’s financial affairs and the activities of Griffin and his wife Jackie in connection with those matters.

Darby’s effusion is a last desperate effort to distract attention from the evidence of the criminal misappropriation of BNP funds which will emerge in an edition of BBC1 TV’s Panorama programme scheduled for transmission next Monday evening, 10th October.

Griffin, Darby & Co are aware that BNP financial documents, such as bank statements, have fallen into Panorama’s possession. Panorama says it will hand the documents over to the Police after the programme has been shown.

These documents were supplied by a former leading official of the BNP who at one point assisted the kleptocratic Griffin regime, who was sacked by Griffin in one of his regular purges, but who kept copies of key incriminating documents as insurance, and has used them to inflict revenge on Griffin.

Hannam was appointed by Griffin to be party Treasurer despite — no, because — he was an ill-educated ignoramus in his twenties whose previous job was as a supermarket shelf-filler. If ever there was an obvious and cynical appointment of a ‘patsy’ by financial spivs, that was it.


Early in April 2010, in the run-up to the general election, Hannam received a phone call from the party’s graphic designer and printing supplies manager, Mark Collett. Collett raged about Griffin terminating the “nice little earner” they had been operating for a few years. Griffin had decided to obtain all the party’s future printing supplies — including the huge general election requirement — from the Belfast-based businessman Jim Dowson.

Prior to this switch, Collett operated an ‘independent’ company which ordered the BNP’s printing needs from authentic printing firms. Those firms submitted their invoices to Collett who in turn invoiced the BNP, adding a hefty mark-up. Griffin ensured the party paid Collett’s bills promptly because the mark-up was shared between them. Such parasitic operations are known in the print trade as “print farming”.

Collett was unaware that Hannam was taping their conversation. Hannam gave the tape to Griffin. A copy was made to edit-out references by either Collett or Hannam to financial shenanigans. The ‘edited’ version was then presented to the Humberside Police by Hannam in support of an allegation that Collett had threatened to murder Griffin and Dowson.

Collett was arrested and, on the back of the uproar this generated, Griffin was able to purge a variety of other senior ‘colleagues’ who he felt were a current or potential threat to his position.

In due course the Police subjected the tape to forensic examination determined it to be an edited copy. They requested Hannam to provide the original. For obvious reasons he was unable to oblige, so Collett was released from custody without charge. Soon after, Griffin and Collett had a private meeting at which they came to a financial settlement and agreed, for mutual protection, never to discuss their previous business (and other) relationships.


In these circumstances it seems likely that at some point after Collett’s discharge the Police will have suggested to Hannam that he was now in the frame for a charge of, at the least, “wasting Police time” and perhaps also of “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”. That kind of issue hanging over someone’s head can impose considerable stress.

The stress was compounded even after the post of party Treasurer had been taken from him and awarded to Clive Jefferson, (a man “known to the Police”, though not in connection with politics). Hannam became aware that financial transactions engaged in whilst he had been Treasurer, and signed-off by him, and statutory duties required of a party treasurer whilst he held that office, continued to be his legal responsibility.

For example, he was liable for at least two sets of party accounts which the law requires be presented annually to the Electoral Commission. A long series of un-presented and/or inadequate accounts are now backing up. The BNP is the only nationwide party to be in this position. It is a situation which brings disgrace on the nationalist cause. If the BNP cannot produce in due time its own properly-audited accounts, how can it be expected to run a parish council, let alone the country?

The fact that Collett should telephone Hannam about the ‘skimming’ operation on BNP printing bills indicates that Hannam was fully aware of that and many another scam. He was doubtless made a beneficiary of some of them to ensure he would keep his mouth shut. Eventually he would have become aware that various kinds of investigators — and not just the Panorama crew — were closing in and that he was a prime focus of their interest.


Would YOU wish to live with that kind of accumulating stress? It’s the kind of situation which prompts suicide or heart-attacks, especially among naïve people who find themselves completely out of their depth; when those they looked to for a helping hand turn their backs; and when it dawns on them that they are mugs of who been used by crooks.

If Darby is right that it was stress that killed the former BNP Treasurer and former supermarket shelf-filler David Hannam, then it was not mainly the stress imposed by the Panorama investigation, but the stress imposed by Griffin, Darby and numerous other senior BNP officials when they lured him into taking a job which he did not know how to perform and had no idea of the legal liabilities attached to it.

Some of the blame also attaches to members of the ludicrous Leadership Advisory Council and local and regional officials of the BNP who realised than Hannam was not up to the job; who were made aware for many years past that the most squalid predations on BNP members’ funds were being perpetrated by the Griffin clique, but who tried to close their ears and their eyes and who, if any of the warnings did penetrate their defences, reacted with anger, not against Griffin but against those who issued the warnings, disturbing their comfort zone.

It is because of those kind of people that Griffin has been able to get away with it for so long. They must be made to confront the consequences of their moral cowardice.

If a nationalist party is to be created with a hope of stability and success, it must be provided with a constitution which takes account of human nature and is not an Enabling Act for a shoddy dictatorship of embezzlers.

It is in this respect that the late John Tyndall can be held to have been the ultimate author of the current BNP catastrophe for it was he who, having failed to impose a Führerprinzip constitution on the membership of the National Front in 1979, broke away from that party in 1980, eventually to form the BNP 1982 which he saddled with the ‘constitution’ of his — and Nick Griffin’s — dreams.

I make no apologies for ending this item with a theme I have rehearsed in previous bulletins:

QUESTION: If Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords could have been scooped up by career-destroying media publicity — and in some cases court appearances and imprisonment — with a few months of the Parliamentary Expenses scandal breaking, how is it that the Establishment’s law enforcement agencies and mass media allowed Nick Griffin and his gang to swindle the BNP and its individual members of very much greater sums of money over a period of more than a decade?

ANSWER: Because the Establishment is only too happy to see the damage to the nationalist movement Griffin was doing. The longer the Establishment could turn a ‘blind eye’ to Griffin’s criminality, the more of a wrecking job he could do. He has a long history of involvement in wrecking jobs in a variety of movement and parties — always in pursuit of money — from his early twenties. His lust for cash and his amoral sociopathic disposition were soon spotted and a policy of malign neglect was established so that he was free to do his thing.

Martin Webster.

Why the White Race is Declining in Numbers and Quality

" ... every illegitimate child that is born represents at least one grievous sin against the sixth commandment, and forebodes many harmful consequences for itself, its parents, and the community. The child is frequently deserted by its parents, or by the father, and is deprived of many of the social, economic, educational, and religious advantages which he would have obtained if he had been born in wedlock. Infant mortality among illegitimate children is at least twenty-five per cent higher than among those that are legitimate, while the proportion of criminals among them is also considerably larger. The parents, particularly the mother, suffer a greater or less degree of social ostracism, which, in the case of the woman, often includes inability to find a spouse. In addition she bears by far the greater portion of the burden of rearing the child. On the other hand, where the parents fall but slightly in social esteem the public regard for chastity is deplorably lax. In any case, the presence of illegitimacy in a community always tends to weaken the popular appreciation of chastity, and the popular disapproval of its violation."

The BNP, a party that is supposed to care about the quality if the British National Gene Pool, expelled a member because she uncompromisingly supported the institutions of Marriage and Family.  Her uncompromising support for Marriage and Family offended another BNP member, a mother of illegitimate and disabled offspring, who succeeded in her campaign to have the offending member expelled.

It probably has to be pointed out these days that, to uncompromisingly support Marriage and Family, one must criticise women who have illegitimate children.  This means proposing the passing of laws that will disadvantage these mothers and also proposing laws that would advantage the married and legitimate, or the promiscuous women will carry on as before having their illegitimate children at the expense of the British taxpayers.

The fact that so many members in the BNP are illegitimate may be a reason why most British employers prefer to hire foreigners in preference to them, because foreign labour coming from cultures where illegitimacy is not tolerated and supported by the welfare state are cheaper and better than the indigenous illegitimate.  These days most Britons are illegitimate and singly-parented, which impedes their education, makes them what is called "behaviourally challenged" and suggests that they are "mad bad and sad" or even "fatso dipso bingo Tesco ASBO" .  Indeed, the hysteria about paedophiles and the imposition of the "paedophile tax" (in the form of the compulsory CRB check for certain forms of employment) does give foreigners the impression that British children are every day and everywhere in danger of being sexually assaulted by British men who are apparently mostly paedophiles.

This surely cannot be in the long-term British National Interest or give a good impression of this country and its people.

This would explain why immigrant labour keeps flooding these shores and the immigrants - in particular Muslims whose religion exercises a restraint against intoxication and illegitimacy - will do better than the white indigenous illegitimate, whom the BNP fear will eventually take over and Islamify Britain.

From the look of things, this is on course to happen precisely because the BNP will not uncompromisingly condemn widespread illegitimacy because the Chairman fears to offend his core supporters.

But it is their own fault for not changing their ways and expelling a member just for pointing this out.

"God does not change the lot of a people unless they change what is in their hearts."  13:11

Oh, and a nation of fornicators would be cursed by God.  "Cursed are the unmerciful, fornicators [think Slut Single Mums], and adulterers, covetous persons [people who buy what they don't need with money they don't have - The Soon To Be Credit Crunched], idolaters [those who make a god of their appetites], slanderers, drunkards, and extortioners [think Libya]."

What are the signs of being cursed?

"43 The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. 44 They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail."       Deuteronomy 28

Deuteronomy 28 finishes with the curse:

68 The LORD will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

Worse then being a slave, is a slave whom no one wants to buy!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Progressive Degeneration (pun intended) and the Miscegenation of the Unmarried

This is how sexual reproduction amongst mammals works.

The male of the species is always always up for it.

The female of the species is not, because she needs to be careful to choose the strongest male with  access to the best resources to provide and protect for her and the offspring she has with him.  

The most efficient way of doing this is for the male to have a harem.   This is probably where the "Women and Children First" rule came into being.  If, say, the passengers of a sinking passenger ship were the only people left in the world, then it would make sense if only reproductively vigorous and high-ranking males were allowed to join the women and children in the only lifeboat, leaving the males that are too old, too physically weak or weak in character to assert themselves, to go down with the sinking ship.   

In no time at all would the race replenish itself under such a system were these passengers to find a suitably hospitable tropical island.   

Lions also have a simple system.  The lion king has his harem with exclusive breeding rights.  These rights will be covered by would-be usurpers who would challenge the incumbent for access to his harem from time to time.  The lionesses make no attempt to assist their lord and master even as they know that his death or defeat would mean their cubs would be killed by the usurping lion, who will then impregnate each and every member of the harem.   

The lionesses never run away because if they did they would die without offspring.

Having your cubs killed may be upsetting and disconcerting but they will soon have new cubs, with better genes than the defeated lion, their former lord and master.   

Female whales too have a tried and trusted system of choosing mates.  If looking for a mate she would simply attract the attention of a number of male whales gathered together, and then swim off as fast as she can.  The fittest male who can capture her gets to mate with her.   

But what is the mating behaviour of the Slut Single Mum?

Such a woman does not realise that she is supposed to be married before she has babies, so she is stupid and ignorant.

It is very easy for a woman to have sex with men because most men are incapable of saying no to no-strings sex and think it would be rude to refuse.   

It is not so easy to get a man to marry you.

If you have a baby without getting married, you will be impoverishing both yourself and your child socially, economically, culturally and intellectually, because it will not have the benefit of half the cultural, economic, social  and intellectual input of its other parent.

That illegitimate child will grow into an adult who thinks that there is nothing wrong in illegitimacy and will in turn have illegitimate offspring who will then go on to have illegitimate offspring etc, starting a chain of bastardy that will degrade and impoverish the entire race.  

Of course the more illegitimacy is tolerated the more of it there will be.

The more of it there is, the harder it will become to criticise the illegitimate and their sluttish mother, until more than half the babies born in Britain are illegitimate, which is now already the case.

What is wrong with illegitimacy?  It just means your society will suffer from ever lowering moral and educational standards.  For example, British employers do not want to hire British workers and actually prefer foreign labour because they are not mostly illegitimate, are motivated and trained,  and therefore get the job done more cheaply and better.

It just means that the white working classes will be neglected and marginalised because they are not fit for purpose.  You would have thought someone would care enough about them to discourage them from having illegitimate children who are a burden on the sate, but not a bit of it.  Liberals want to be everyone's friend and friends do not give each other unwanted advice or be a party pooper.   Indeed, liberal parents make their children call them by their first names so they can be their "friend" because it makes them feel old to be called "mum" or "dad".  Just like liberal parents, successive liberal governments have abdicated their responsibilities to the detriment of the people who would have appreciated the moral guidance.  

The Conservative Party in 2002 had Theresa May saying they are no longer the nasty party and would no longer criticise never married mothers AKA Slut Single Mums

The Conservative Party turned liberal and abandoned all its principles in a bid for popularity under Cameron, because it did not want to be seen as a party of party poopers.   That is why the Tories are now stuffed with fornicators, adulterers and homosexuals saying it is OK to be Slut Single Mums.  

Even the recent riots did not shock them into saying anything about Slut Single Mums, as politicians begged "parents" to at least call up their children to find out where they were at the height of the riots of the summer of 2011.  Even then the criticisms were directed at "absent fathers" and this abstraction called "bad parenting" when really they meant the Slut Single Mum and their feral bastards.   

So now we have this alarming situation of the all political parties in the UK being afraid to criticise the Slut Single Mum because there are now too many of them with the vote.   

But if we do not criticise them, they will carry on breeding their bastards at taxpayers' expense, to their heart's content and their bastards will behave in a way that will bring disgrace and ignominy on all the white race, but no, even the BNP, who are supposed to care about the future and the quality of the British national gene pool, refuse to speak against the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy.   This is probably because so many of their members are illegitimate and singly parenting, probably more so than any other party in the UK, for the BNP are really genuinely the party of the white working class, while the Labour Party is full of the chattering classes, champagne socialists and people who like to think of themselves as the intelligentsia. 

So there we have it, the typical Slut Single Mum who is breeding her bastards at the expense of the British taxpayer, does not even have the sense to behave like a rational lioness or a rational female whale, but instead thinks it very clever to have stranger sex with men in toilets and use men as inadvertent sperm donors.   The men are of course very silly and weak to allow themselves to be used in this way by their treacherous women who use their sperm to acquire a status.  The more welfare you claim, the higher up you become in the pecking order of welfare scroungers, and of course having as many children as you can on child benefit is an excellent way of acquiring status amongst the feral underclasses.

How deeply disappointing then that the BNP refuses to speak out against these women.  So many times have I heard that the BNP are a party of family values who cares deeply about the welfare and future of the white race, who are now sadly and slowly turning into white trash, for such behaviour is now seeping upwards to the middle classes who are contaminated by feminism, whose women either do not have children because they are too busy working or have too few of them because they have to climb the career ladder first before breeding and then going back to work again.  Working middle classes mothers also disadvantage their children socially and morally but women these days are now beyond criticism.  

The BNP are certainly not going to challenge feminism, for they are very anxious to attract women into their ranks, because having women in their party suggests that the men are civilised and desirable.  

And so the BNP continue to the practice of Omerta to the detriment of the very people whose interests they claim to be serving.  

Indeed, even Eddy Butler, formerly of the BNP, and who now loathes the incumbent leader, cannot bring himself to break this vow of silence, for he too is afraid of the Slut Single Mum.   

How ironic then that it is that someone who is NOT of the white race should find herself have to tell white people about the basics of keeping your race healthy and well by promoting the institutions of marriage and family.  Indeed, it is worrying that only a foreigner and a female will say these things in Britain now.

If the British do not attempt to reconsecrete the desecrated institutions of Marriage and Family, then, soon, nobody will want to have anything to do with them, or give them jobs or marry them or even have sex with them for free.   

It is however disconcerting to be confronted by blank incomprehension, howls of rage, threats of violence and murder and then by suspension and expulsion from a party that I had fondly imagined would be promoting family values supported by marriage.   

At least I care enough about the white race to brave their wrath by pointing out the error of their ways, unlike their own people who do not care enough even to tell them they should find someone to marry before having babies, and patiently explain, again and again and again, why things would be better for them if they were to do so.   

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Anyone know a good libel lawyer?

"Claire Khaw, a Chinese BNP supporter was initially mooted to be the BNP's "shock/surprise" choice for their candidate. But Khaw had too much of a habit of publicly promoting the policy of murdering disabled people. So extreme was Khaw that some BNP members even threatened to murder her!"

I think Hope Not Hate will find itself in some difficulties proving that I had "a habit of publicly promoting the policy of murdering disabled people", since I never did any such thing.  

What I did in fact say (for which I was expelled) can be found at

As far as I know, only Cheryl Dunn threatened to maim and kill me.