Thursday, 27 October 2011

The death of Gaddafi

Perhaps Cameron will one day die just as Gaddafi did. Unlike Gaddafi however, no one will mourn for that piece of Etonian shit.

Perhaps one day the Green Book will prevail in the UK. That would be a sweet irony.

If I had my way I would erect a statue of Gaddafi Triumphant holding in his palm the bloodied head of a dead Cameron ...

It is the only way to purge the wrong done in our name. What happened to Gaddafi - the brutality of how he died is shocking and disgusting, but I know the British will turn the page with shrug their shoulders and an apathetic droop.  After all, what can they do?  It is all out of their understanding and out of their power.   They will vote Conservative again, unless the parties that oppose them pull up their socks and clean up their acts.

Doubtless UKIP will think me too controversial.

Doubtless UKIP will want to continue plodding along in the wrong direction and whinge weakly from time to time about the EU when the entire nation is so degraded in its morals that it does not mind sitting in its own filth, gorging themselves on it until they too eventually merge into shit.

How interesting that both UKIP and BNP say precisely nothing about Gaddafi's death.  I wonder what it is that inhibits them.  Perhaps it is their very understandable fear of saying anything controversial that might appear to suggest it is moral guidance to the benighted buffoons currently in charge, or their benighted voters who are too busy gorging themselves with the filth of their moral degradation, to care about what is being done in their name.

Britain is no longer great, let us not forget, and it is no longer great because it is no longer good, for it is now peopled mostly by sluts, bastards, paedos and effeminate men with the morals and understanding of a bitch on heat.  We have no right to expect anything noble, honourable or principled from ignorant welfare scum only fit for the Jeremy Kyle Show, or the people who presume to come down to their level in the hoping of getting enough of their votes to govern yet another five destructive years.
Robert Mugabe, Hated by Europeans and Americans, Speaks at UN for Libyan People, 2 of 2 


Anonymous said...

Here, here. King Ghadaffi of the Libyan Freedon Party is dead, long live the King.

Never mind Yvonne Fletcher, Lockerbie, IRA weapons, murder and torture of his politcal opponents, Blair and Brown were happy to shake his hand.

Should we mourn his passing? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Editing out of comments you don't like is a sign of weakness.

Claire Khaw said...

Fearing to give your name and remaining anonymous is a sign of weakness.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to fear from you Miss and you nothing from me. Publish and be damned.

My name would make no difference to the article or the comments.

I am not your enemy but there are always other viewpoints to consider. I was hoping you would reply to the comment not the author.

Claire Khaw said...

I believe Yvonne Fletcher's family were compensated by Gaddafi who also picked up the tab for Lockerbie.

The government did not take issue with him about his support for the IRA.

Are you the sort of person to shake somebody's hand and then kill them and whinge on about past wrongs that you have already been compensated for?

It is not his passing I mourn so much as the way the British now have blood and faeces on their hands, faces and all over their clothes, because of the gruesome way Gaddafi died.

I do not expect someone who says "here here" when they mean "hear hear", and who remains anonymous while calling me weak, to have any sense of honour at all. To be British these days is synonymous with moral degradation, mental dementia and intellectual dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

ear, ear. "Yvonne Fletcher's family were compensated"

You are sick if you think money can compensate for the murder of your child.

As for our Government, I hate them as much as you do.

I didn't say you were weak, but that your argument is weak by not publishing commewnts you don't agree with.

I haven't killed anyone and wasn't planning to, neither am I a hypocrite, don't assume British means like Blair, Brown or Cameron, they are all scum.

Typos prove nothing either.