Wednesday, 30 November 2011

If Emma West had a good lawyer she could sue the police for FALSE IMPRISONMENT

Anti-racist hysteria against foul-mouthed woman on London train just a little bit over the top?

Fear not, Free Speech in Britain!  Claire Khaw rides to your rescue!



"While I disagree profoundly with what you say, I would defend to the death your right to say it."

I don't think anyone feared any violence from her. She really was only just mouthing off with her son on her lap.

But then there is s 5 of the Public Order Act that could in theory get you done for shouting at your wife in public ....

The offence is created by section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986:

"(1) A person is guilty of an offence if he:
(a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or
(b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby."
This offence has the following statutory defences:
(a) The defendant had no reason to believe that there was any person within hearing or sight who was likely to be alarmed or distressed by his action.
(b) The defendant was in a dwelling and had no reason to believe that his behaviour would be seen or heard by any person outside any dwelling.
(c) The conduct was reasonable.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Section 31[Racially or religiously aggravated] public order offences.

(1)A person is guilty of an offence under this section if he commits—
(a)an offence under section 4 of the M1Public Order Act 1986 (fear or provocation of violence);
(b)an offence under section 4A of that Act (intentional harassment, alarm or distress); or
(c)an offence under section 5 of that Act (harassment, alarm or distress),
which is [F2racially or religiously aggravated] for the purposes of this section.
(2)A constable may arrest without warrant anyone whom he reasonably suspects to be committing an offence falling within subsection (1)(a) or (b) above.
(3)A constable may arrest a person without warrant if—
(a)he engages in conduct which a constable reasonably suspects to constitute an offence falling within subsection (1)(c) above;
(b)he is warned by that constable to stop; and
(c)he engages in further such conduct immediately or shortly after the warning.
The conduct mentioned in paragraph (a) above and the further conduct need not be of the same nature.
(4)A person guilty of an offence falling within subsection (1)(a) or (b) above shall be liable—
(a)on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, or to both;
(b)on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine, or to both.
(5)A person guilty of an offence falling within subsection (1)(c) above shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.
(6)If, on the trial on indictment of a person charged with an offence falling within subsection (1)(a) or (b) above, the jury find him not guilty of the offence charged, they may find him guilty of the basic offence mentioned in that provision.
(7)For the purposes of subsection (1)(c) above, section 28(1)(a) above shall have effect as if the person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress were the victim of the offence.

If found guilty, Emma West would be liable to a maximum fine of £2,500.

I am pretty sure that in the countries of the people she is complaining about,  people can have a xenophobic rant about foreigners on public transport without being thrown in prison for a week without trial.

What is the BNP doing for this woman?  Nothing, it would appear from at the time of posting.

And then they complain when a foreigner does their work for them ...

Is Emma West A Victim Of A Twitter Hunt? Tweeters Want My Tram Experience Woman Raped, Shot And Knifed

‎"Sort out your own countries. Don't come and do mine. Britain is nothing now. Britain is fuck all."

Emma West did not use any racially derogatory terms.  What she said is a indictment of liberal failure, with their shite schools and shite values, who have turned Emma West into what she is now: angry, bitter and marginalised..

She is being punished for being  a party pooper, for reminding liberals that liberalism has failed the white working classes, destroyed their communities and their dignity after so many decades of "progressive" "education" that have made them unemployable and illegitimate, because people like her won't shut up and die the way the liberal political establishment want them to do.  

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why I am the best leader of the BNP that will never be

I know I will be accused of narcissism and egotism, but I really do think that I could lead the BNP better than its incumbent Chairman and articulate its principles with more clarity, appeal , inclusiveness and authority than a white man ever could.

I say this because, fundamentally, I understand racism - the raging, visceral kind of racism - and I am the only one to have ideas about how to deal with it and control it.

I should mention Eddy Butler became an English Democrat on Sunday 27 November and is now lost to BRITISH nationalism and to my plans for forming a civic British nationalist party that would unite the Eurosceptic parties.  He will now be promoting what he imagines to be in the interests of the English, when what he is doing is in fact accelerating the break-up of the United Kingdom, making it weaker and more divided than it already is, while working for the dullest man in the country, whose great ambition is merely to accept the English rejects of the bigger Eurosceptic parties.

Eddy, because he prefers to be safe with the English Democrats, will therefore just do the little bit he is prepared to do in politics, having been chewed up and spat out by British nationalism, rather than embark on anything ambitious or radical.   He just wants a party - any party - to be part of because most activists without parties are nothing.

He will therefore do his quiet little thing for the English Democrats and quietly fade away from radical politics.   Eddy prefers safety  to the liberty of speaking his mind.  He does not wish to be seen to be agreeing with someone who speaks her mind about the egregiously low morals of white women that have brought the white race to its current degraded state.

And we all know that those who prefer safety to liberty deserve neither.

I may prove the exception of not needing to be with a party, just because my views are unashamedly radical - some would say mad - and I have been uncompromising in my policy of propagating my message as often, loudly and memorably as possible.  It may be that I need a party less than people like Eddy who, apart from persuading the BNP to dump its policy of compulsory repatriation of non-white British citizens from its manifesto, is not known for anything else that could be described as ideological and therefore has no political definition and no resonance with the wider British public.

I have asked him often and repeatedly to consider his course of action, but he is adamant and determined to only do what he is prepared to do - even if it is not enough to change things - since he is not prepare to risk rejection and ridicule for ambitious plans - if you consider just asking for admission into UKIP (who are at any rate a bigger party attracting more votes) "ambitious", if all he needs is a ready-made party to join.

I however am still seeking admission to join and if I am admitted, it would make it easier for others in a similar position to be admitted too thus paving the way towards unity in the two Eurosceptic parties.

I am not so naive and ignorant of the thought-processes of white nationalists that I do not see that my race and gender would preclude any nationalist from openly supporting me.  Why, the very idea is heresy and what they will call racial treason, but the fact that I would in fact prove to be a better leader than any of the white men who call themselves nationalists is a truth and a burning shame that they will never ever acknowledge and will never ever test.     

Monday, 28 November 2011

Why I predict the BNP website will not pick up the racist woman ranting on train story

They would be too embarrassed.

They wouldn't dream of defending the free speech of this woman, because they don't understand the principle of free speech in the first place, and her right to say these things without being arrested, however offensive.  Anyway, they are embarrassed to be associated with the likes of her, even if she does speak for them.

"While I disagree profoundly with what you say, I would defend to the death your right to say it," is the principle we are talking about, I probably have to remind people, and I do not think the woman should be arrested for causing embarrassment to herself, the little boy accompanying her and to white people in general by her behaviour on a crowded train.

The more degenerate you are, the harder you find it to understand such abstract concepts as principle, much less follow it,  The white working classes consisting of mostly sluts and bastards are these days so useless and unemployable that successive governments conspire to bring in immigrant labour to replace them, rather than repair their education or their morals, or bother to tell them where they have gone wrong with their lives with sufficient candour or enact laws to induce a change in their behaviour.

The government is liberal, you see, and liberals never tell anyone off, except racists and those whom they identify as fascist and Nazi and extremist.  Why, that would be illiberal and judgemental and uncompassionate and so uncool!

Liberal parenting is all about abdicating responsibility and being the equal of your offspring when they are in need of your moral guidance, and so is liberal government an exercise in the abdication of responsibility.

You see, the white working classes are no longer fit for purpose because the liberal oligarchy is not fit for purpose.  When the people discover that in loud ringing terms very soon, they will become very very angry indeed.

The liberals really have no idea what they are doing or even why they are doing it.  They only do what they do because they know no better and don't want to admit they are wrong and have been wrong for a long long time.

Indeed, these days even the BNP - the party that is supposed to care about the racial health and hygiene of the white race - have been infected by the worst characteristics of liberalism and are now behaving in the cowardly and hypocritical liberal way to seek office, and this means avoiding giving offence to the sluts and bastards that their party is stuffed to the rafters with.

And that is why the British are doomed.   The white man cannot, do not and should not trust each other.  Even a female and a foreigner would treat white people more honourably than the way the men in the BNP treat each other, trapped as it is in a vicious cycle of ever lowering standards of education and morality and ever more dismaying manifestations of degeneracy, disability, illegitimacy and tolerance of female promiscuity.

Why the white working class is like the man in The Beach who got bitten by a shark

So the white working classes think the government is shutting them up by calling them racist every time they complain about immigration.

This is of course common knowledge in nationalist circles.   Remember how ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown described Mrs Gillian Duffy, a life-long Labour supporter as "that bigoted woman" when she complained about immigration?

Those who complain about immigration are the party poopers of liberalism.  They are rather like the man who got bitten by the shark in The Beach.  The story is about a hippy community on a paradise island led by an Sal, an older woman, whose purpose is to keep the community undiscovered by the outside world.

When the unfortunate Christo got bitten, he did not recover but instead moaned and groaned so demoralisingly and piteously that this community that was supposed to be based on love and mutual respect for each other could not bear his cries of pain any more and took him to the middle of the jungle to die.

And then they partied on.

His life could have been saved by calling for medical assistance but that would have spoiled their fun, so Sal (played by Tilda Swinton) would rather this dispensable man die to avoid inconvenience to herself and her hippy paradise island community.

Sal represents the matriarchy and Christo, the dispensable beta male whom she thinks is not worth curing, certainly not at her expense and inconvenience, is analogous to the white no longer working classes.

White Man! Know thyself and know thine enemy.  

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

I wonder how many are familiar with this Latin expression, which means getting the wrong end of the stick.

How terribly sad if the poor nations should look to the West and think,

"Oh, look: they have money and they are mostly sluts and bastards who screw around when they are under-aged, become syphilitic in their teens and have variously-fathered feral bastards who will become the next generations of criminals and looters.  When more bastards are born than legitimate babies, the politicians are too afraid to condemn the sluts of bastards, because there are so many of them.  Let us do like they do and become wealthy and powerful like them."


Why women who cannot take the heat of politics should stay in the kitchen

In politics, even the truths you think are self-evident are regarded  as lunatic nonsense by your enemies, who will mock, abuse and slander you.

Those who want to be chefs and then complain about the heat making their faces shine are not made of the right stuff.

Women will always have their chastity, appearance, sanity as well as their political views derided, so they need to be four times as tough as men and twice as clever before they even deserve to do well.

Once they have shown that they deserve to do well, they will be loved and hated with greater intensity than a mere male politician.

Friday, 25 November 2011


All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris



The Old Grain Store

Church Lane


West Sussex

BN17 7 QJ

and say why, before the end of the year.


  1. I used to be a member of UKIP.
  2. My Eurosceptic credentials are impeccable.
  3. I was one of Bill Cash MP’s volunteers during the passage of the Maastricht Bill through the House of Lords at Committee Stage.
  4. I may have said controversial things but never anything racist, for I believe any apparent differences between the races have their roots in environment and culture rather than race and genetics.
  5. The fact that I am non-white should attract non-white voters to UKIP.
  6. I am known to the Muslims and they are by no means hostile even though they are aware of past association with the BNP.    
  7. My association with the BNP would help to attract more members to the UKIP, which would be a good thing because it would show that UKIP are not the PC cowards they are who bore and frustrate voters by their fear of being accused of racism. 
  8. My legal training would be useful to UKIP.
  9. My communication skills would be useful to UKIP, particularly in my capacity as Press Officer or Director of Communications.
  10. The fact that I am controversial would attract publicity for UKIP.  All publicity is good publicity, if managed skilfully.
  11. I have a coherent and worked-out ideology as well as a political strategy on how the Eurosceptic parties can best collaborate to inflict maximum damage on the LibLabCon.
  12. While I am aware that there will be UKIP members who will object to my admission, they will not be able to prove that I am racist or cite anything racist I may have said.   Their objections are in any case personal (because I have offended them) or personal ambition (how they would hate to see me benefit from having the courage to tell the truth as I see it, instead of cowering and cringing like them with ambiguous non-committal pronouncements designed to avoid giving offence to those who should be criticised) or rooted in an irrational fear of being associated with someone associated with a party known to be “racist”.  
  13. I may be able to persuade other experienced and prominent members of the BNP to join UKIP which would demoralize what is left of the BNP, causing yet more defections.
  14. I have devised a method of cleansing such ex-BNP members of the taint of racism.
  15. I have devised a Code of Conduct for Members which I believe would make relations between members more co-operative and comradely.  
  16. The prohibition against ex-BNP members joining UKIP is in any case ultra vires.
  17. The only reason to NOT admit me is if you really think UKIP would have fewer votes because I am a member, and that is most unlikely, as I am now already known for thinking the unthinkable, saying the unsayable, telling the truth as I see it and having perfect command of all my arguments.   
  18. Foreign-born though I am, non-white though I am, I speak for the British better than the indigenous British politicians can speak for the British, and I am not afraid to say what needs to be said, without fear of favour.  If you listen carefully you will hear, up and down the nation, the liberals quaking in their boots and the Vampire of Feminism hissing with rage, for she fears the light of Truth and the revelation of Reason that will demonstrate her dementia, incompetence and the unwarranted burden she places on this country by condoning and sponsoring widespread illegitimacy, whose talents she wastes and whose wealth she squanders on her useless projects to demonstrate her status - the status of being so privileged she is far removed from reality and can defy common sense - and her endless indiscriminate nauseating stinking toxic discharge of compassion and tolerance of all that is evil and destructive in society.  Let us now drive a stake through her heart, before night falls again .....

Thursday, 24 November 2011

What Confucius meant by Ritual is practised by the Jews

The Jewish Sabbath, or Shabbat, perfectly exemplifies this concept of "li".

In Confucianism, the acts of everyday life are considered rituals. Rituals are not necessarily regimented or arbitrary practices, but the routines that people often engage in, knowingly or unknowingly, during the normal course of their lives. Shaping the rituals in a way that leads to a content and healthy society, and to content and healthy people, is one purpose of Confucian philosophy.

Gentiles who still practice it do it in the form of writing thank you letters, and perhaps passing on this etiquette to their legitimate children. Slut Single Mums and their bastards won't have the faintest idea what I am on about.

Does going to the pub and getting plastered and shagged part of this ritual?  What about the ritual morning after pill and the ritual pregnancy test?  Ritual suicide comes to mind ...

Why the Jew will continue to triumph over the poor, stupid, cowardly and hypocritical gentile male - Part 2: One Party State

There is no Jewish conspiracy, merely a few fatal vulnerabilities in the Western political system that the gentile is too stupid to notice or too scared to change.

There is an Israel lobby in the US. It is called AIPAC.

In Britain you have Friends of Israel in the major three parties, including the fringe party of UKIP.

A divisive multi-party system means that a policy of divide and rule works very well.  "If you say you support Israel, we will keep your party in funds", say the Friends of Israel to each impoverished political party.   "OK", the party leaders obediently respond, holding out their hand  ...

If Britain had a one-party state then Friends of Israel would quietly go away, and then perhaps quietly return to bribe individual members of the party.

A one-party state makes the most of our agreement and we already know that the British voter has no particular desire to expend British resources, weaponry and lives to either harm or help Israel.    Therefore if there were a free vote in Parliament as well as a referendum about whether Israeli considerations should continue to feature so greatly in British foreign policy, we might even get a sensible answer.

But it is impossible to get a sensible discussion about a one-party state as a matter of constitutional reform because you will find that the average Briton cannot even bear to discuss it.  Even if they accepted the reasoning for this, they would blanch at having to say the same thing to other people because they fear the mockery and derision of the ignorant and know they have not got it in themselves to repeat the message until it is understood, knowing they will wilt like a flower or melt like wax.  In fact, many of them play dumb and say they don't get it. explains the advantages of a one-party state.

And that is why the British are doomed.  And this is how they behave when they are supposed to have free speech.  Imagine an even more egregious and toxic form of cowardice when they are told officially they no longer have free speech.  Then they really would be pissing and shitting themselves all over the floor of the House.  

This idea has in fact already been proposed by Frank Field MP, no less, but our MPs fear to discuss it for fear of incurring the mockery of their colleagues and the displeasure of their leader.

And even when Peter Bone MP helpfully introduced a Bill to give MPs more rights in the form of the House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill very few of them indeed dared to show an open interest in it.

That is how "courageous" these gentile male politicians are .  As for the gentile male politicians who oppose the current political establishment, their calibre of courage is even lower in education, principle and courage, and that is why the Jew will continue to triumph, and deservedly so, for the strong should rule the weak and the clever the stupid, even if they are few in number, for that is the way of the world, which the stupid are too to understand, too apathetic to question and too gutless to fight.      

Why the Jew will continue to triumph over the poor, stupid, cowardly and hypocritical gentile male - Part 1: SSMs

Who knows about the truth of these allegations, but there is great anger and suspicion.

I have always preferred the cock-up theory to the conspiracy theory and still do.  People really are that stupid.

Also, because Christians are made stupid, hypocritical and cowardly by their doctrine of the Trinity (which even Christians do not believe), it makes it easy for the Jews to mess around with their heads.

The ultimate Jewish conspiracy is that the Jews created Christianity to fuck with the heads of gentiles.  (Islam, of course, is the antidote.)

Think of the Jew as a violent but gullible husband and the Jew as his wife, and you may begin to understand this relationship.  The wife knows that she can get him to do most things if she keeps on his right side, but he is stronger and holds the purse strings.   Why, once he even got him to buy her a fur coat (analogous to modern State of Israel) after he beat her up (all those pogroms of the past culminating in the most recent one of Germany).   She knows she would get into trouble if she killed him, and so has decided upon the policy of killing him with cream, which is perfectly legal.   She wants him to have a heart attack and die ASAP so she can inherit his fortune.

Think of the cream as liberal policies killing with kindness and indulgence, and you get the idea.

Jews are culturally more protected from sluts and bastards than the gentile and they also have the Jewish mother who keeps her husband and his legitimate children on their toes.

Meanwhile the gentile mother would be at work being a bad employee and a bad mother, who might even tell her daughter to go on the pill before she is of age, just as long as she doesn't get pregnant.   This gentile mother - a liberal - might even share a spliff with her children's friends to show how cool and with it she is, and insist that her children and her friends call her by her first name, so she won't feel so old.

Jews also make a point of preserving their culture because most of them do not live in Israel, while gentiles have let their hair down so much that what is left of their culture is just rock and roll and sex and drugs and shopping.

For this reason, Jews have greater social and cultural cohesion and they are smarter too, while degenerate gentiles have had their braincells fried after so many generations of sluts and bastards doing rock and roll and sex and drugs.

Even now the white working classes in nationalist movements are incapable of understanding why they are hated.  (Some of them think it is some sort of Jewish conspiracy.)   But it is simple really.  All the poor of the world are despised.  However, after so many generations of welfarism and their culture of excuses and entitlement, all they think they can think of doing to get their way is by whingeing more loudly.  Sadly, however, they do not realise how much they are loathed and feared.  They are seen as social failures and low status men with no money and no prospects and, the voter - always an incorrigible snob - wants nothing to do with them or their party.  In fact, many people even pretend they don't know what the BNP are complaining about, so disgusted are they by the lowlife CHAVs who seem to be promoting policies that they are honest to admit that they also support, but who represent the lowest form of life, as far as they are considered.

Sadly, for the BNP, they cannot and will not prosper under the current leadership or with the current intake, tainted by racism as they are.   The only people who join are the people who join the party only when their interests are threatened.  The do not enter politics for noble reasons.  In other words, they do not enter politics for the purpose of righting wrongs that they themselves are not suffering from. (For example, my suggestion at  was not supported in the party because they frankly admitted that they had no wish to help black people with their policies and preferred the safer option of having a numerically greater vote in Bethnal Green & Bow than the gentrified  Hackney North & Stoke Newington.  A great opportunity missed, I thought, because the party preferred a respectable vote to an opportunity to change the image of the party and fretted about what its core supporters might think about saying they want to help prevent more black schoolgirls getting shot dead buying fried chicken at the local takeaway.)  These people do not understand the concept of principle, though some of them might be able to define it if they looked it up in the dictionary.

Talk to them about free speech, rule of law or whether something done by the party is constitutional to even the most educated and intelligent of their number and you will get a puzzled silence and then a blank look, followed by a stock phrase about "preserving party unity".  You might even be told that these concepts are beyond the understanding of the average party member or indeed even the leadership.

And so BNP activists will continue to be abused and exploited by their leader, probably in the same way villeins were once treated by their feudal lord.   For  quite a few of them, the party is not really a political party at all, but a social club.  Their greatest fear is to be expelled from their social club, rather than serving the cause (which I probably need to remind them is the promotion of the racial health and hygiene of the white race as well as the British national interest).  This Cause can only be served by telling the truth as they see it, which of course they have not the courage to do.

It is only through taking responsibility for their own misfortunes and proposing practicable and sensible changes to improve their lot (eg uncompromisingly promoting family values supported by marriage, selective education, lower taxes and fewer laws) that would they attract the interest and sympathy of the educated middle classes, but they are not big enough to do that, preferring to blame their misfortunes only on government, immigrants and Muslims.

The BNP dares not criticise their own promiscuous women, who commit the foul sin that is the miscegenation of the unmarried, who are making the white race weaker, more stupid, more degenerate and more cowardly with every bastard born in Britain each minute of the days, because so many of their members are singly-parenting or were singly-parented.

The rot is already too deep.

But what can you expect from men like that, who are not afraid to admit that they are afraid of their promiscuous women who bear bastards and disgrace their race?

Why, nothing at all, these people who have betrayed their cause by choosing to remain silent about SSMs in the name of expediency and party unity while pretending that the cancer of bastardy is not a cancer but a perfectly normal and respectable British practice.

Thus is feminism is one of those slow-growing cancers that affect organs below the waist.  By the time the symptoms manifest themselves, it will have spread to the other major organs too.   And that is why it is hopeless.

But if we are really dying, it is as well to know of what we are dying and say our last goodbyes while we still have time.

SHIT happens when you don't call things by their proper names

If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.

If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.

When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish.

When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded.

When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot.

Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect."

(Analects XIII, 3, tr. Legge)

To be a racist is the worst thing to be, but what is a racist and what constitutes racism?

Is complaining about immigration racism and bigotry?

Is BASTARDY a good thing?

Slut Single Mums are mothers of bastards. What is wrong with this definition apart from the fact that this will cause offence to sluts and bastards? Why should we consider the feelings of sluts and bastards anyway?  Are they really better than married mothers or the legitimate?

A promiscuous woman is the worst sort of woman to be (and she is also the worst sort of employee), because she breeds bastards.

Why is "bastard" a derogatory term?

Because the stupidity and the low standards of the mother will be passed on to her offspring.  Not only that, the bastard will probably have had a deprived childhood and be deprived of the benign influence of a loving male parental figure and his family connections because of the stupidity and promiscuity of his or her mother.

Excuses and allowances will be made for him if one wishes to be compassionate, lowering standards of morality and education.

It is from Sluts and Bastards that the British developed their Culture of Excuses.

If no excuses and allowances are made then we will feel bad for being harsh and illiberal.

Now, we have got to the stage where even a party that is supposed to be promoting the interests of the white race dare not criticise these sluts, because most of their membership consists of sluts and bastards.

The BNP no longer dares to criticise these promiscuous women, who commit the foul sin that is the miscegenation of the unmarried, who are making the white race weaker, more stupid, more degenerate and more cowardly with every bastard born in Britain each minute of the day.

That is why British employers would rather gouge out their eyes than hire British employees, and that is why the government continues to let immigrant labour enter the country to replace the useless bastards of the sluts.

Damned if you are nice to sluts and bastards, and also damned if you are not.

Let us call a spade a spade, a slut a slut and a bastard a bastard, instead of calling them "one-parent families".  Then we will know exactly what to do with them.  

Woolfson Prize and disorderly withdrawals

Date | Monday, 12th December 2011
Time | 6:00pm for 6:30pm start. 8:00pm finish.
Location | Clifford Chance, 30th Floor, 10 Upper Bank Street, London E14 5JJ
Chair | Neil O’Brien, Director, Policy Exchange
Speakers | Derek Scott, Chair of the Wolfson Economics Prize and Professor Charles Goodhart CBE FBA, Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance at the London School of Economics and a judge of the Wolfson Economics Prize

On behalf of the judges of the Wolfson Economics Prize, I would like to invite you to an event for those considering applying for the Wolfson Economics Prize and other interested individuals. There will be a discussion of the euro-zone crisis and an opportunity to ask questions of the judges. 

The objective of the prize is to find the best answer to the question:
“If member states leave the Economic and Monetary Union, what is the best way for the economic process to be managed to provide the soundest foundation for the future growth and prosperity of the current membership?”

Please R.S.V.P. to Kate Hooper at Westbourne on 020 3397 0100 or I very much hope you can join us.

Yours sincerely
Derek Scott


  1. start printing own currency
  2. withdraw from the euro
  3. default, but guaranteeing savings only, and let the losses fall where they may. 

Then start picking up pieces.

There will be a period of enforced SOCIALISM and rationing, I imagine, with massive tax cuts and deregulation.

The men will have fun organising their citizens' militias to dispose of the criminal elements in their community, in more ways than one.

The Slut Single Mums can all be herded into brothels for gainful employment with flexible hours.

Respectable married women will be congratulating themselves for not divorcing their husbands and taking half their stuff and then depriving them of their children while making them pay for their maintenance, because in these troubled times they will be grateful for the protection of men.

I have a nasty feeling that the euro may not last till 12 December and the Woolfson prize may well be cancelled after its collapse. The deadline for submitting your entry is 31 January, but by that time disorderly withdrawal will have happened in any case.

I wonder if the Germans are now secretly printing deutschmarks...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Message to wealthy Muslim organisation prepared to send me abroad for research purposes with chosen travelling companion(s)

I wonder if it is possible to determine which country in the world that has laws that are closest to all the recommendations in the Koran.

Let me know if you want to come on this junket and I will see what can be done if this idea takes off.

You will have to have read the Koran, however much you hate Muslims.

Legal knowledge would be helpful, as well as the ability to make yourself agreeable and useful to me.  A group of 20 (half Muslim scholars and half non-Muslim) would be a nice round number.  

It would be a gender-balanced group.   

God is for the Little People, not the arrogant atheist liberal feminist fuckers who want to kick away the moral crutches of the working classes and then blame them for being useless bastards and replace them with immigrants

Little People are not philosophers.  They are therefore not capable of being good for the sake of being good.

There is therefore no harm at all in suggesting to them that they might like to believe in God to keep them happy and safe to prevent them turning this country into a nation of degenerate sluts and bastards.

There are of course many ignorant arrogant atheist liberal feminist fuckers AKA Champagne Socialists who think it is enough to throw taxpayers' money at the problem so that they can avoid seeming uncompassionate, illiberal and uncool in being seen to forbid anything at all, but their time has come and gone.

Just like there are ways of quickly demolishing condemned buildings quickly by making them implode, there are quick and effective ways of destroying unviable, unsustainable and toxic liberal ideas that have already delighted us for far far far too long.

This is for the collective good, and, indeed, even the good of the Champagne Socialists AKA literati AKA chattering classes AKA liberal media, whose daughters and wives will be raped and their homes in front of their very eyes, burgled by the burgeoning breeding masses of rioting and looting criminal bastards their excremental policies have been encouraging for so many decades, at taxpayers' expense to boot.  Indeed, the cesspit is now overflowing, and someone may have just thrown a grenade into it ....

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My exposition of the Confucian doctrine of Rectification of Names

I have a simpler exposition of this Confucian doctrine: We all have ROLES, as parent, spouse, or an employer or an employee, amongst other things. To make the world a better place, we fulfil the duty our roles require.

Er, that's it.  

Oh, and the child has a duty to obey its parent, and the parent has a duty to impose this duty on his or her child.    

I think that really is it.   

Louise Mensch using her gender and her children to intimidate her detractors?

So Frank Zimmerman is going to be charged next month, and we have no idea what he said.

Bet he didn't say anything particularly scary.

Bet a man would not have gone to the police, but because she is a WOMAN ....

And this is why most women shouldn't be in politics. They just degrade the level of debate and silence their opponents by claiming they have been offended or frightened or upset by their detractors who must therefore be evil for upsetting them.

We should know now what Frank Zimmerman said that made her shop him to the coppers.  If it turns out that it is not in fact a credible threat, or a threat that any red blooded male in British politics (well, a hypothetical one anyway) would have dismissed and not lost sleep over.

But no, we have to wait a whole bloody month before we discover what an elderly man said that might have caused this female politician to go crying to the coppers.

The questions the court should consider are:

  1. "Would a male politician of reasonable firmness have considered the communication a credible threat justifying the involvement  of the police?"
  2. "Was this female politician using her gender and her children to facilitate the punishment and intimidation of her detractor in a way that would not have been open to a male politician?"
  3. "Should this woman be charged with wasting police time if the answer question 1 is NO and the answer to question 2 is YES?" 

Strangely, she is now describing herself as a "single mother".   

"As a single mother, it's a job I try not to delegate,"  

she tweeted.

Has she already divorced the second husband she married in June?  She seems to be going through husbands at the rate of knots.

Louise Bagshawe used to be my Facebook friend.   

Confucius and the BNP

From The Analects of Confucius

"When all beneath Heaven abides in the Way, common people need not discuss politics."

The common people don't talk about politics unless and until they hurt. That is basically what the BNP are about. They only do it for themselves, which is why the calibre of its members is so low.

A prominent nationalist admitted that he did not see the point of having principles.  Another could define it but appears incapable of acting according to it.

To them, a principle is something you claim to have until it starts to hurt, whereupon you give it up pronto.

"If things far away don't concern you, you'll soon mourn things close at hand."  

An example that comes to mind is the deliberate suppression and marginalisation of white people who complained about immigration because it was thought they deserved it, especially if they lived in the constituencies of the likes of Enoch Powell.  You had to be poor and stupid to live in an area swamped by immigration, therefore you deserved all you were getting.  If you complained you would be called an evil extremist Nazi racist, for this was how the white liberal middle classes would treat the white working classes - whom they despised for being part of the great unwashed - when they complained.  And now, when the middle classes notice to their horror that they now have mosques in Oxford and Sandhurst, it is too late.

"Don't rush things, and don't think about small gains. If you rush around, your efforts will lead you nowhere. If you worry about small gains, your great endeavours will go unrealised."

This must be Confucius referring to the fucking bloody useless Eurosceptic parties of Britain.

"Worthy admonitions cannot fail to inspire us, but what matters is changing ourselves. Reverent advice cannot fail to encourage us, but what matters is acting on it. Encouraged without acting, inspired without changing - there's nothing to be done for such people."

"To be wrong without trying to change, that is called *wrong* indeed."

‎"Wild and yet dishonest, base and yet insincere, simple-hearted and yet untrustworthy - I'll never understand such people."

‎"Showing no deference or respect when young, accomplishing nothing worth handing when grown, and refusing to die when old - such people are nothing but pests."  

This is of course Confucius referring to the treachery, cowardice and intractability of the illegitimate, depraved and degenerate British.

"If you can revive the ancient and use it to understand the modern, then you're worthy to be a teacher."

‎"The noble-minded are all-encompassing, not stuck in doctrines. Little people are stuck in doctrines."

This probably describes me.

"Mistakes of the noble-minded are like eclipses of the sun and moon: they make a mistake, and it's there for everyone to see; they make it right, and everyone looks up in awe."

This is what I hope to be when I am Dictator.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year's Honours

Should I be PM Honoured?

Do you think I have done something extraordinary or just deserve attention over and above what I have already so skilfully managed to generate on my own?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Eugenics being discussed favourably on the Today Programme sign that my ideas are taking root in BBC?

The English academic Francis Galton, often described as the father of eugenics, wrote a novel based on the idea 100 years ago that has only just been published for the first time. Dr Matthew Sweet, who has written an introduction to the book, titled Kantsaywhere, explains why the novel was never published.

The English academic Francis Galton, often described as the father of eugenics, wrote a novel based on the idea 100 years ago that has only just been published for the first time.

Dr Matthew Sweet, who has written an introduction to the book, titled Kantsaywhere, explains that there is a "direct link between Galton's ideas and many of the things that we continue to enjoy today" such as the welfare state, the NHS, the IQ test or even the NHS.

He says that these ideas are "rooted in the Galtonean idea" of measuring the population, looking at its health and subsequently seeing how it can be improved.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Why I am NOT guilty of hate speech

"The reason why blacks is mostly criminals in the US is cos they are mostly sluts and bastards.

I am beginning to think this is white people's fault cos their governments tolerate sluts and bastards and don't discourage the stupidest and most depraved of their women from breeding at taxpayers' expense and then not educating them properly and tolerating SHIT mothers.

Yeah, so black people being mostly shit is cos the white government they live under are mostly shit.

Yeah, so this means white people to blame cos they is in charge.

White people are now sick and dying of feminism but they don't know it, poor sick fuckers.

Every time I tell them they is poor sick fuckers they get mad at me."

Someone reported my Facebook comment at

"Facebook does not tolerate hate speech. Please grant each other mutual respect when you communicate here. While we encourage the discussion of ideas, institutions, events and practices, it is a serious violation of our terms to single out individuals based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease."

I am NOT singling out individuals based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.

I am singling them out on the basis of their BEHAVIOUR and the fact that their government is so craven and cowardly that they refuse to criticise slut single mums, continue to condone female promiscuity and make the taxpayer sponsor the lifestyle choices of these stupid and irresponsible women who breed the next generation of criminals and bastard-breeding sluts and then wonder why their entire civilisation is going down the fucking plughole.

(Hell, even the BNP - the party that opposes the liberal political establishment and is supposed to be promoting the interests of the white race - are too scared to talk about slut single mums and how they are degrading the national gene pool with their sluttiness and bastardy.  They are so frightened of alienating the female vote that they expelled me at the behest of a slut single mum with disabled and illegitimate offspring, who took offence at what I said.  Now, they are so scared of their degenerate, illegitimate and disabled members from the North that London Organisers face expulsion just for allowing me to attend their meetings.)

I am happy to acknowledge that not all women are sluts and not all mothers are slut single mums. I am therefore NOT GUILTY of hate speech.

On being told by a libtard that I should marry a BNP member to advance my political career

It would not fit in with my reputation to make a disadvantageous marriage.

None of them have any money. They are low status men whom the government doesn't even care enough about to tell them to mend their ways and to stop being sluts and having bastards.

In fact, all the government does is leave them to rot on benefits and let in immigrants to replace them, so dispensable and despised are they. If we had an official caste system they would be the untouchables.

Indeed, their own party leader doesn't care enough about them to tell them to mend their ways either, even if all they do and are is an offence against the principles of racial health and hygiene.  (That is because they dare not question feminism.)

I think it is enough that I am associated with them.

I am programmed to regard the idea of marrying a poor man with the same horror and disgust that they would have about miscegenation. Ugh.

I am also programmed to regard the idea of bring up a severely disabled baby who cannot lift its head, is blind and cannot move any of its limbs and wasting my energy and my husband's wealth, and in the process destroying my marriage, with horror and disgust.  (Saying this on the Victoria Derbyshire Show got me expelled though.

I believe I have healthy instincts for survival when most white people just want others to feel sorry for them. They are actually proud of being pitiable, of being stupid, of being poor, it would appear.

In their world, to get more benefits means more status, which means the ostentatious display of pitiable characteristics.

Women want to be pitied and so do the lower classes.

Too many of the voters of Britain - the Slut Single Mums who are a burden on the state - are ruled by the instincts of the professional beggar and all its politicians are afraid of alienating them, because there are now too many of them with the vote.

Even the BNP are in denial about this, and that is why the British are well and truly FUCKED.

Not that there are any wealthy and successful men outside the party for me to marry either.

I have yet to meet a man whose rejection I would find dismaying. (Lord Mandelson would still be perfect for me though, for professional political reasons.)

Lord Mandelson - the only man in Britain whose rejection might dismay me somewhat

The quality of British men is quite simply egregious and I am not the only one to complain about this either. They really are whingeing, useless, drunken, porn-addicted players who are not afraid to show you their wounds and tell you they really want to be mothered, and that you should consider giving them sex anyway, because there is nothing better around, even if they have no money, no job and no prospects.

Shockingly, they still get to have sex with the most stupid of their women who then get knocked up ....

And then they wonder why the Muslims are taking over!

The sensible white working class women in the East End convert to Islam because they at least are honest enough with themselves to know they they want to have LEGITIMATE children, and not variously-fathered feral BASTARDS.

This American man tells American men to boycott American women because they are only good for use-and- throw-away sex.

Soon no one will want to even have sex with white people, let alone marry them, for now it appears that one in every 4 women in the US is a crazy lady.

As David Starkey says, White is the new Black.

So come on, peeps, come on and tell me how evil and mad I am for hurting your feelings, and how wrong and deluded I am.

I welcome your hatred.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The free speech of Sepp Blatter is YOUR free speech too!

Would it help him in his time of trouble for this man of character to marry me?

Join to show your support for this man of character in his time of trouble!
Join to vote for Free Speech and against this disgusting media-manufactured hysteria!

Enough of this media-manufactured hysteria over a perfectly sensible suggestion that real men should just shake hands after a spat in which insults were hurled in a stressful situation that has echoes of the "fog of war".

The behaviour of British men has been typically and disgracefully womanish.

Have all the real men in Britain died and gone the way of all flesh?

Does no one else care that other nations think of us as a nation of effeminate and neurotic hysterics?

A few Facebook friends (white, male and middle class) have been whingeing about being added to my Sepp Blatter Group because these arsing shitting pissing fuckers think supporting FREE SPEECH - you know, that which raised Western civilisation from the Dark Ages - is CONTROVERSIAL.

I told them to fuck right off and then go fuck themselves some more.   Pissing little SHITS.   What is the matter with educated people these days?  Media tells them piss is champagne and they queue up to drink it!


Sweet FA (pun intended) and it is nearly noon on 18.12.   Nick Griffin must be in Brussels and no one else in the party is up to writing anything publishable, apparently.  I could have done it for them but they expelled me because I had offended their supporters who were slut single mums with illegitimate and disabled offspring.

In case anyone's interested, I am a MILLWALL Supporter.  No one likes me, I don't care.

Monday, 14 November 2011

My to do list for drawing a line under the failures of liberalism by the next election

  1. Form a party with the stated intention of merging the Eurosceptic parties and concentrating the Eurosceptic vote so that Muscular Euroscepticism can at last be implemented.
  2. Challenge Feminism.  While this appears a little frightening, my strategy  is based on the very sound one of dividing voters along gender lines.   Once voters are divided between men and women, there can surely be no excuse for even the current lot of effeminate degenerate men to win the argument against the current lot of sluttish and degenerate women.  I tell you it can be done, and should certainly be attempted.      
  3. Propose a one-party state in which the rights of MPs are protected from the leader and his cronies as proposed by Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill.
  4. Propose government by consultation and referenda.
  5. Propose the narrowing of the franchise to only taxpayers who pay a minimum of tax in order  to disenfranchise Slut Single Mums, welfare scroungers and the unproductive.  
  6. Propose a 20% flat rate income tax along the lines set out in
  7. Propose the end of usury and pioneer an Islamic banking system that does not encourage irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals.  (John Tyndall's chapter BEYOND CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM in THE ELEVENTH HOUR has given me a few ideas, which I propose to try out once the current system implodes.)

Why Ethno Nationalism is a Busted Flush

  1. Ethno natonalism is promoted by the BNP who are the most hated party amongst white people in Britain.
  2. The BNP are more hated by white people than by non-whites.
  3. White people hate the BNP because they think the BNP brings their race into disgrace.
  4. The BNP brings the white race into disgrace because the BNP are mostly members of the lower classes, and no one with ambition, a  job and a family wants to be associated with lower class white people who cannot compete with foreigners who are always fighting each other and who hate their leader.
  5. The incumbent leader is hated by nationalist activists because he has not brought success to the movement.
  6. The incumbent leader is hated by nationalist activists because he is widely known to be unprincipled as well as ruthless in suppressing his critics and potential challengers.
  7. The incumbent leader is suspected of keeping the party small and talentless so he can easily dominate and control the party as if it were his own personal fiefdom and treat the activists like vassals and serfs.
  8. There is a perception that anyone who joins the BNP and who then gets expelled should consider himself or herself a failure of failures, because UKIP will not accept ex-BNP members and there is really no point joining a Eurosceptic party even more useless than the BNP.  
  9. Because the BNP now have 2 MEPs, and the 2 MEPs owe their votes to members in the EU region of the North West (represented by Liverpool known for its decline and degeneracy) and the EU region of Yorkshire & Humber (represented by Scunthorpe also known for its decline and degeneracy) who collectively threw a tantrum over my remarks about the disabled, illegitimate and degenerate, I have been suspended, expelled and now proscribed to appease them.  This is of course a complete PR disaster, for it will be said by the party's critics that the unwillingness of the leadership to defend Free Speech and its willingness to appease the wrong-headed, illegitimate, disabled and degenerate members precisely demonstrates that the leadership is devoid of courage, honour and principle and replete with cowardice, hypocrisy and cant as well as illegitimacy, disability and degeneracy.
  10. A party dominated by the illegitimate, disabled and degenerate is not likely to gain the affection, trust and confidence of any electorate however illegitimate, disabled and degenerate it itself already is.  This is because even the illegitimate, disabled and degenerate who wish to improve their lot would instinctively know that they need someone better than themselves to improve their lot, in the same way that a "sane lunatic" would not trust another lunatic to be in charge of his affairs or promote his interests.   
  11. By always expelling any activist who shows signs of independent thought and talent, the party remains poor in talent, low in status as well as despised and feared by the voting public.   
  12. By ditching their previously stated policy of promoting family values supported by marriage and by pandering to and appeasing women who make bad reproductive choices ie their female members with illegitimate and disabled offspring, the BNP has in effect sold its racial soul to the devil.   Even if there were no other races in the country for white people to avoid miscegenation with, the first requirement of racial health and hygiene is to prevent or at least discourage the most promiscuous and unproductive females of your race from having illegitimate and disabled offspring with the most depraved and unproductive men of your race, while the taxpayer picks up the tab.   By refusing to condemn Slut Single Mums, the BNP have shown that white men lack the courage and the intellectual honesty to address the problem of civilisational and racial decline at its root - sexual selection.  The BNP are clearly too afraid of proposing that that Sacred Cow of the Liberals - which goes by the name of Free Love, Sexual Liberation, Feminism  - be slain.  It is well known that females of animal kingdom choose males with attractive qualities to father their offspring as they understandably wish to pass on to their offspring the desirable qualities of size and strength their father had.   Pointing out to white women that it is not a good idea to have a baby with a man you would  never consider marrying only arouses blank incomprehension followed by anger.  (If he does not want to marry you, you are not worthy.  If you do not want to marry him, he is not worthy.)
  13. Because the BNP have now virtually declared that they are afraid of  Slut Single Mums for they fear to alienate the female vote, just like the LibLabCon, it can be seen that they are no longer fit for the purpose of promoting the interests of the White Race.  This means that Civic Nationalism would be the only way of drawing a line under the failures of Ethno-nationalism.   To most convincingly show that you have dumped Ethno-nationalism ie racism, a non-white white nationalist could be given the job - on a one year probation - of leading the nationalist movement under the old BNP constitution mutatis mutandis that would bring back the noble nationalist tradition of annual leadership elections.   Whatever you think of John Tyndall's views on race, he was at least an honourable man.   

Sunday, 13 November 2011

BNP ignores its own constitution

Opinion is rather mixed on whether I have really been proscribed by the BNP or not. Is being banned from meetings a form of proscription? Arguably, all expelled members should not attend meetings, but there is nothing in the party constitution that says this. Instead, it says that "no rigid rules" shall determine whom the Organiser may or may not invite.

There is one school of thought that says I have not in fact been proscribed, merely banned from attending meetings.

Surely there is no need to ban me? All that has to happen for me not to attend meetings is for me not to be told they are taking place. In fact, even if I knew they were taking place I would already be aware that I am not supposed to attend and any organiser would know s/he was not supposed to be inviting me.

I believe the letter written to this effect was meant to appease the Northern members who are hopping mad that I was invited to the September London Social at which the Chairman was present.   I believe the reason why Northern members hate me more is because the Northern members are more disabled, illegitimate and degenerate and because there are more of them to take offence at the views I have expressed on the disability, illegitimacy - in short of the degeneracy that afflicts the white urban proletariat.

Because Nick Griffin MEP of the North West and  Andrew Brons MEP of York & Humber were voted in by BNP members of those regions, the views of these members are given more weight than the rights of hard-working London Organisers who may wish to invite me to their meetings because they enjoy my company or value my contribution to the nationalist cause or want me to take photographs or want me to give a talk.

The constitution therefore is being IGNORED and the right of London Organisers to invite whom they like without getting into trouble with the leadership has therefore been encroached upon.  I think the leadership should at least attempt to make these people understand the nature of a constitution and the idea of what is or is not in the rules - assuming that the leadership believes in acting in a fair and transparent way.

Clearly, the Northerners think there ought to be a rule against my being invited to BNP meetings even though I have been expelled, but there is not.

It seems they have all thrown a tantrum and the leadership has decided that it is more important to keep the Northerners sweet than to acknowledge the right of the London Organisers to invite whom they like to their meetings.

It would appear that the rules count for NOTHING in the BNP, even if the Chairman is a Cambridge law graduate.   Should there ever be a BNP government Nick Griffin would just rule like an autocrat, tear up the constitution and rule according to whim and fancy, mood and weather, ignoring everything that resembles principle or the rule of law.

Perhaps he thinks that the Northern members are not capable of understanding such rarefied concepts as the rule of law or the purposes of a party constitution or why we must play by the rules, because they are too disabled, illegitimate and degenerate.  Even so, there should be some sort of an attempt to do such a thing, and they may even understand, eventually, the reasons why we must abide by the rules of the constitution and the rule of law, and that it is for their own good.  Indeed, I feel that there is a distinct possibility that they are not so illegitimate, disabled and degenerate that they cannot be made to understand these concepts, with a bit of patience and persistence.

I would be delighted to visit Liverpool myself and explain things to them in person, if they promise not to maim and kill me.

The Northerners are being appeased at the expense of the rights of the London Organisers (who are not illegitimate, disabled and degenerate as far as I know and seem quite respectable people with proper jobs).   I was a little concerned to hear that Claudia Dalgleish, the consort of Steve Squire was sworn at by a Dawn Charlton, a Northern member, at the October Liverpool conference because Claudia supported my views on the family.  This is because white people in Africa are brought up to respect the institutions of marriage and family while the white people in West now no longer do so and now behave like black people, as David Starkey says.  Black people are also mostly illegitimate in the US and the UK, it should be noted.   (I have been told by a friend who works in one of the London prisons that the inmates there are about 80% black.)

The British National Party promotes familialism and supports the nuclear family of Western tradition, as well as favouring traditional roles for women and men. The 1992 BNP Manifesto thus asserts their belief that although women and men should be treated equal, women should "regard home-and family-making as the highest vocation for their sex" before their jobs or career. In September 2011, scholar Matthew Goodwin, an expert in electoral behaviour at the University of Nottingham has claimed in an article that: "particular members of the BNP" feel as though there has been a "substantial decline in family values" under the leadership of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. In the United Kingdom local elections, 2004, the BNP stood 80 female candidates promoting the BNP's "family values" policy.

The BNP 2010 Manifesto also declares their wish to promote traditional concepts of civility and courteousness in schools.

It would appear that the BNP are only paying lip service to these ideals, and kowtow to the Slut Single Mum just as much as the liberal establishment do.   Yes, dear reader, the BNP too have betrayed their own ideals for the sake of expediency and a few miserable votes from the worst of women and the worst of employees ie sluts and bastards that make up what in America is called White Trash and what in the UK are called CHAVs.

Can one trust a party or a leader that does not consult or follow its own rules?

Can one trust a party that says one thing and does the opposite of what it says?

Who does Nick Griffin think he is?  A politician of the LibLabCon in the mould of Ted Heath and David Cameron, terrified of controversy?  

How strange and ironic that I, a non-white female and foreigner, is taking more of an interest and feel more genuine concern about the racial health of white people than the very party that claims to promote the interests of white people.  Instead, the BNP are falling over backwards to appease the worst specimens of their race rather than follow the principles of racial health and hygiene, and at least see to it that the stupidest of their women do not breed with the poorest and most depraved of their men.   I am merely proposing that we should, to discourage them, criticise women who make bad reproductive choices, women who badly singly parent their usually illegitimate offspring (bad mothers), and women who have offspring that are both disabled and illegitimate (slut single mums) who become a charge on the state and then keep rattling their begging bowls at the taxpayer as Riven Vincent has been known to do on Mumsnet at David Cameron and her own MP Jack Lopresti.  Some of you may know that she went on to have a severely disabled baby who is now 7 when she knew 13 years ago that she had MS.   Now, not only is her daughter severely disabled, the mother herself is too, and we are to dig deeper and harder into our rapidly diminishing stores of compassion to bankroll the lifestyle choices of women like her who mess up their lives and expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab, as usual.  

I had expected some support from the party, but really, I was shot in the back, because, unbeknownst to me, it seems that the BNP are now as thick as thieves with the disabled rights lobby to whom they have sold their racial soul.

It is quite clear that the cancer of slut single mummery, now in epidemic proportions, has now reached the brains, balls and guts of the British body politic.  The condition of the liberal political establishment is now terminal, and there is no possibility of remission.

The only thing left would be to wait for it to die, clean up the whole stinking putrid mess and start anew.

I am afraid to say that I do not think that a party as morally confused as the BNP can ever prosper if it carries on in this way, lurching along drunkenly in the blind alley of expediency without a hint of principled moral guidance, selling its soul to the devil and its body to the night.

If only I could help the tragic white people who have been marginalised by the liberal political establishment who are now being exploited and then abused by their white people's party.  However, having been expelled for daring to say on radio that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby and thus destroying my marriage and for pointing out that in pre-NHS days the midwife would discreetly be practising eugenics, I can now only advise and warn from the sidelines, even as my prophecies are ignored, like Cassandra of Troy ...

UKIP, BNP and the EU

What is the collective noun for a bunch of middle class Eurosceptics in the pay of the institution they say they wish to withdraw from? 


What is the collective noun for a bunch of working class Eurosceptics in the pay of the institution they say they wish to withdraw from? 


Saturday, 12 November 2011

More in sorrow than in anger, I find I may have been proscribed by the BNP


From the BNP constitution


5 The Chairman may proscribe individuals, organisations or publications which are so hostile to our Party, or whose views and/or behaviour are so likely to bring discredit upon our Party, that Members should have no contact with them.

6 Such a hostile individual, publications or group is thenceforth regarded as a rotten apple and proscription is the means by which they are prevented from contaminating others. Not only are the proscribed barred from attending party functions and activities, but Members are barred from attending events organised by them and barred from sharing platforms with them, distributing or advertising literature and electronic media produced by or in support of them, and promoting events at which they are known or – in the opinion of our Party leadership – likely to be attending.

7 Proscriptions shall come into effect on publication in the National
members' bulletin and remain in force until further notice. A full list appears on our Party's website."

I do not know if I really have been PROSCRIBED by the BNP or not. Eddy Butler the ex-National Organiser and ex-member of the BNP is proscribed, so perhaps he will be able to offer me some guidance.


  1. Is the proscribed individual formally made aware of his or her proscription?
  2. What is the procedure for proscribing someone?

It is thankfully rather different from the kind of proscription the Romans had to suffer.

Proscription (Latin: proscriptio) is a term used for the public identification and official condemnation of enemies of the state. It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a "decree of condemnation to death or banishment" and is a heavily politically charged word, frequently used to refer to state-approved murder or persecution. Proscription implies the elimination en masse of political rivals or personal enemies, and the term is frequently used in connection with violent revolutions, most especially with the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. 

Sulla proceeded to have the Senate draw up a list of those he considered enemies of the state and published the list in the Roman Forum. Any man whose name appeared on the list was ipso facto stripped of his citizenship and excluded from all protection under law; reward money was given to any informer who gave information leading to the death of a proscribed man, and any person who killed a proscribed man was entitled to keep part of his estate (the remainder went to the state). No person could inherit money or property from proscribed men, nor could any woman married to a proscribed man remarry after his death. Many victims of proscription were decapitated and their heads were displayed on spears in the Forum.

Jeffrey Marshall mentioned yesterday rather tentatively he had heard that there was a letter going round a couple of weeks ago to the effect that I am banned from BNP meetings.

This letter was for some reason not circulated to him.

He didn't suppose he was divulging any party secret to me, since if I really was to be banned from meetings then clearly I needed to know about it.

I found this rather puzzling since I already knew that Steve Squire, who invited me to the London Social in September at which the Chairman was present (as you can see at was subsequently reprimanded for inviting me, though he broke no rules as far as I could see.  The rules say nothing about not allowing expelled members to come to meetings.

Rules Governing Official Meetings of a Branch or Group

19 No rigid rules shall govern the holding or conduct of Official Meetings or Executive Meetings of a British Homeland Branch or Group save as are set out in this Annex 4 or otherwise provided for in the constitution of such Branch or Group.

23 Any Official Meeting of a Branch or Group may be open or closed to guests as the Branch Organiser or Group Organiser shall determine on the occasion each such Official Meeting shall be called.

Anyway, whether or not this reprimand was deserved, he would have told the others, I imagine, and none of them would want to invite me and risk getting a similar reprimand.

If I am not told about meetings and don't know when or where to go, I can hardly attend them, can I?

The letter said that anyone who invites me to any meetings will be expelled.

But I don't think it is really about me.

I think this is the beginning of a campaign to expel Jeffrey Marshall who is in my opinion the only credible leadership challenger that has any hope of keeping the party together and connecting with the public.

While Jeffrey would not dream of inviting me to a BNP meeting now that he knows the position, it is probably intended that our known association would be looked at askance by the leadership.  First marginalise and damn with faint praise, discredit, and then eventually, expel.   If the leadership wants the party to do well, it would give him more responsibility and show him off to the public to see if he shines or wilts.

How sad to discover that it is really true that Nick Griffin will expel anyone who presents himself as an alternative leader, which was a rumour I heard years ago before I was even a member of the party.

Jeffrey Marshall could have been the 2012 London Mayoral Candidate, but I have heard that the Chairman did not even look at it his CV.

In fact, so infuriated by this was one of the members of the LMC selection panel Tess Culnane (who thought that Jeffrey was the best candidate) that she has left the BNP to join the NF.  I know Tess did not want me to be LMC on grounds of race, but as far as I am concerned that is fair enough as I am aware of her  ideological roots.  Our relations have always been perfectly cordial and I find her to be a lady of poise, charm and integrity.

Carlos Cortiglia, who is now the LMC, interestingly, was on the LMC selection panel, which seems highly irregular to me.

The ostensible reason for my proscription was because I said what I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show found at

Apparently, what I said was so terrible that I am to be regarded as a bad apple and to be proscribed to prevent my "contaminating others".

Apparently, the Chairman fears that the London Organisers will suddenly start asserting their right to free speech and expressing controversial views on politics that not everyone will agree with(Oo er!), perhaps even venturing to say that they would not be exactly over the moon if they were faced with the prospect of bringing up a severely disabled offspring as severely disabled as Riven Vincent's, out of taxed income, thereby "bringing the party into disrepute".

Some of us enter politics to advance ourselves, others to serve a Cause.

Those who enter politics to advance themselves will be known for disposing of their rivals by all means possible, irrespective of whether the disposal of their rivals would serve the Cause, as long as they themselves remain Top Dog. This is of course how gangsters behave.

Those who enter politics to serve a Cause would be happy to step aside for someone else better able to do the job.

I like to think I am of the latter persuasion.  What is my cause?  The expression of what I feel to be the Truth that is defensible on rational grounds in serve of what I feel is in the British National Interest.   Since my Cause is entirely dependent on the exercise of  Free Speech: use it or lose it. Alarmingly, many educated people these days are not aware of the principle of free speech or cannot articulate or apply it.   Here is an easy to remember definition: THE FREE SPEECH OF THE PEOPLE WHOSE VIEWS YOU DISLIKE IS YOUR FREE SPEECH TOO.

But I digress.   As I was saying, I have been looking around for someone to do what I am doing for years and years and years. Sadly, rather like the Dutch boy who found that he had to stick his finger in the dyke to prevent his village from being flooded, there really was no one to do the job, and that was why he did it, and stayed out all night with his finger in the dyke - tired, cold, hungry and longing for his bed.

What I find even more alarming is that even now no one has emerged to replace me, who can do the job better, in my opinion.

What is the job?

The job in question is that of articulating a set of policies loudly, frequently and consistently enough for them to be understood in terms of a viable and coherent political ideology that is to replace and draw a line under the failures of the past.   No one in nationalism seems interested in talking about anything other than immigration, hatred of Muslims and the EU or addressing (or even discussing) any of the social, economic and political problems that beset this country at root.

This may be because they have no particular opinion and think it is enough to whinge weekly and weakly about these things, or because they are afraid to discuss their ideas in case someone takes offence and gives them a hard time.

For the BNP to advance and prosper, it needs to dump the worst of white people who bring the party into disrepute who make nationalism repugnant to other white people.   I apologise for any offence given to anyone reading this who may live in the EU Regions of Yorkshire & Humber and the North West which the Chairman and Andrew Brons represent as MEP, but it does appear to me that it is in these regions where disability and illegitimacy are most prevalent. and suggests that English people do not think well of Scousers, for one reason or another.  I believe this may be related to their perceived or actual illegitimacy and disability, but I will leave this for others to decide.  The point I wish to make is that for the BNP to be dependent on its MEP support from this section of society has been and remains a walking PR nightmare and disaster.

I for my part met a lovely Catholic Liverpudlian couple and their children at a christening not so long ago and they really could not have been nicer.  It is of course the rotten apples that contaminate the reputation of this once fair city that I have yet to visit.  They will probably shoot me on sight now, I suppose.  

The BNP to be successful would need to be non-racist, educated, courageous and cultured with just the right balance of inclusivity and exclusivity (perhaps I am subconsciously describing myself, I do not know), and not associated with people without the education and the inclination to compete with foreigners, associated with Scunthorpe and Scousers.  We already know what an incorrigible snob the English voter is, who voted for David Cameron because he is a toff and rejected David Davies because he is not, even though he had all the policies.

The BNP should be the party for the put-upon lower middle classes - not welfare scroungers, but the independent trader and small businessman (and this would include the Asian shopkeeper who works so hard). These are the people with the initiative and the enterprise who know they want

  • selective education
  • lower taxes (20% flat rate income tax
  • fewer laws
  • the repeal of all totalitarian "liberal" thoughtcrime anti-discrimination legislation
  • their children to be taught properly
  • criminals to be punished properly
  • family values supported by marriage ie child benefit to be abolished and slut single mums to be stigmatised
  • the end of usury (which would prevent governments and individuals from borrowing and lending irresponsibly and make the pound in your pocket keep its value).

In other words, the BNP should seek the vote of the likes of Derek Trotter of Fools and Horses rather than the characters in Shameless.  The BNP really started in the East End of London where, Jeffrey Marshall, the cockney son of a publican whose clientele included the Krays, was born.  Let us hope he has the energy and inclination to reclaim the party from the Northern cities that get such a bad press for all sorts of social and historical reasons.

The BNP could reclaim its London roots and make London claim it as a party, but only if it had a new constitution that would be the version here more or less based on the old BNP constitution mutatis mutandis, embraced civic nationalism and courted the non-white vote.  (What I liked most about the old constitution was its annual leadership elections, which would have the effect of keeping the Chairman/Mdm Chairman on his/ her toes.  This was what John Tyndall whom I believe to be an honourable man whatever you think of his views believed was right and just.)   We all know how right-wing most non-whites are.  My belief is that they could be got onside the moment they could be made not to feel turkeys voting for Christmas if they voted BNP.  (Once this happens, the scaredy cat white people will start voting BNP too.)

The BNP should be the party of the aspirational and the enterprising, not the already failed but who never tried class who have been on the dole after generations of illegitimacy and who are now apparently also disabled to a significant extent and who have become, it pains me to say this, degenerate.

The BNP should raise its game and aspire to a better class of voter instead of clinging desperately to its "core supporters" that continue to bring the party into disrepute.

Of course I would be saying that it is the Khaw supporters (pun intended) who are the Great White Hope of Civic British Nationalism, which I maintain will be enough to give the Ethno nationalists enough of what they want through eventually achieving a merger with UKIP and getting on with the business of  effective and Muscular Euroscepticism.

It is not I who brings the party into disrepute, otherwise the liberal media would not be ignoring me.  If I were bringing the party into disrepute I would be hounded by the press just as Chris Hurst was during the "Hand of Hate" incident, but the liberal media give me a wide berth, because they know that any reporting of me would in fact put the party in a good light.  In any case, they know they are forbidden by the totalitarian NUJ from reporting any story that would make the BNP look good. evidences this clear statement of bias against impartial reporting. contains my proposal on how to have a leadership contest even amongst ex-BNP members.   I have every intention of throwing  my hat in the ring in the event of this idea having enough support in the Nationalist movement.