Thursday, 17 November 2011

The free speech of Sepp Blatter is YOUR free speech too!

Would it help him in his time of trouble for this man of character to marry me?

Join to show your support for this man of character in his time of trouble!
Join to vote for Free Speech and against this disgusting media-manufactured hysteria!

Enough of this media-manufactured hysteria over a perfectly sensible suggestion that real men should just shake hands after a spat in which insults were hurled in a stressful situation that has echoes of the "fog of war".

The behaviour of British men has been typically and disgracefully womanish.

Have all the real men in Britain died and gone the way of all flesh?

Does no one else care that other nations think of us as a nation of effeminate and neurotic hysterics?

A few Facebook friends (white, male and middle class) have been whingeing about being added to my Sepp Blatter Group because these arsing shitting pissing fuckers think supporting FREE SPEECH - you know, that which raised Western civilisation from the Dark Ages - is CONTROVERSIAL.

I told them to fuck right off and then go fuck themselves some more.   Pissing little SHITS.   What is the matter with educated people these days?  Media tells them piss is champagne and they queue up to drink it!


Sweet FA (pun intended) and it is nearly noon on 18.12.   Nick Griffin must be in Brussels and no one else in the party is up to writing anything publishable, apparently.  I could have done it for them but they expelled me because I had offended their supporters who were slut single mums with illegitimate and disabled offspring.

In case anyone's interested, I am a MILLWALL Supporter.  No one likes me, I don't care.

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