Wednesday, 23 November 2011

God is for the Little People, not the arrogant atheist liberal feminist fuckers who want to kick away the moral crutches of the working classes and then blame them for being useless bastards and replace them with immigrants

Little People are not philosophers.  They are therefore not capable of being good for the sake of being good.

There is therefore no harm at all in suggesting to them that they might like to believe in God to keep them happy and safe to prevent them turning this country into a nation of degenerate sluts and bastards.

There are of course many ignorant arrogant atheist liberal feminist fuckers AKA Champagne Socialists who think it is enough to throw taxpayers' money at the problem so that they can avoid seeming uncompassionate, illiberal and uncool in being seen to forbid anything at all, but their time has come and gone.

Just like there are ways of quickly demolishing condemned buildings quickly by making them implode, there are quick and effective ways of destroying unviable, unsustainable and toxic liberal ideas that have already delighted us for far far far too long.

This is for the collective good, and, indeed, even the good of the Champagne Socialists AKA literati AKA chattering classes AKA liberal media, whose daughters and wives will be raped and their homes in front of their very eyes, burgled by the burgeoning breeding masses of rioting and looting criminal bastards their excremental policies have been encouraging for so many decades, at taxpayers' expense to boot.  Indeed, the cesspit is now overflowing, and someone may have just thrown a grenade into it ....

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