Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ian Burgess an elderly white man whom the BNP is too apathetic to support

"single mothers, alcoholics and homosexuals" treated better than an elderly parishioner Ian Burgess who is a retired teacher in his 70s by liberal Canadian Sikh vicar.

Indeed, this elderly man now has a restraining order slapped on him, while the Vicar said Ian Burgess's letters of complaint to him made him feel "vulnerable" and "upset".

Is this a matter for the BNP? You betcha. Have they done nothing about it? You betcha.

Are they completely useless? You betcha.

Graham Singh complained of a few letters written to him by an irate 74 year old man. Look at him, people. The trendy vicar who grassed up one of his parishioners is a young man in his 30s, as you will see at

I even mentioned this to the BNP but you can bet they will have done precisely NOTHING. They don't like going to church, of course, and they certainly won't look after their own.

In fact, they are so useless they might as well be liberals or even members of the Socialist Workers Party.

‎"Burgess, who is now a member of Kingston Methodist Church in Fairfield South, burst on to the stage during a public meeting and grabbed a microphone from the vicar as he spoke to up to 150 people."

Wow. That must have been so scary. Poor Trendy Vicar, who told Burgess: "I pray you will get well and you will find a better place to move on to in your life."

I think he is trying to tell Ian Burgess to fuck off out of his parish.

No one bats an eyelid that a young man should set the police on an elderly man to shut him up for complaining.

Certainly not the absolutely fucking useless BNP.

There used to be respect for the elderly and a desire to represent certain qualities if one is a man.

Now, you have a stinking cunting trendy vicar from Canada throwing his weight around, upsetting an elderly parishioner and setting the dogs of the law on him for daring to complain that his local churches are full of sluts and drunkards because the trendy vicar from Holy Trinity Brompton (where the vicar wears jeans to preach his sermons and the church has been turned into a nightclub) wants to be trendy.

The trendy vicar also squealed like a woman and snitched on him, saying that he - a man in his 30s from the look of things - is afraid of a man in his 70s.

And the "men" I know don't think this is in some way out of ordinary or insulting or disgusting or in any way remarkable.

When you are old men, there will be no respect for you. Try telling someone YOUNGER off and you will be accused of being a paedophile by that younger person.

These harassments law are for promiscuous WOMEN, of course, when they fuck some maniac who won't leave them alone when these women decide to fuck some other maniac.

Now it is being used by trendy vicars who want to silence criticism, but no one gives a shit. You will all be old men soon, but who gives a fuck about you, eh? Irritating old men will just be accused of paedophilia, no respect will be extended to them, and quite right too, because when they were younger and abler to do things, they were too scummy and scared to do stand up for anything, especially if they were in the BNP, because they are afraid of entering churches even as they claim that Britain is a Christian country. What a fucking joke these activists are.

I have every sympathy for Ian Burgess because I feel I would do exactly the same if I were white, male and Christian. I just have a nasty feeling that even if I were white and male and Christian I would get fuck all support from the BNP or  UKIP. Go on, BNP and UKIP, prove me wrong.

They would probably side with the vicar and call me the crank, because I don't want slut single mums and drug addicts in my church. Time to convert to ISLAM, Ian Burgess, because you won't get this sort of SHIT at your local mosque.

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