Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Judaism is about TRIBALISM, the Koran is about, first, NATIONALISM, then INTERNATIONALISM or a WORLD COMMUNITY of enlightened nations.

Oh, and Christianity is about proclaiming a lie as if it were the truth and then burning heretics who disagree with you when you used to take your religion seriously, or tolerating every single fucking degenerate and destructive idea and practice when you don't.

According to Christians, Christ was more than a prophet of God, he was God Himself.

So, God seduced Mary (in the way that Zeus had a habit of doing to mortal women listed at, gave birth to Himself, and then sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins.

You have to believe all that, or you go to hell or suffer the Inquisition.

Go that?

Do you think the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury or your vicar believes in this CRAP?

That was why the Christians were horrid to Jews and Muslims. They suspected that their beliefs aroused incredulity, and then contempt and mockery.

What do you think the Inquisition was all about? To shut up those who would mock and question, and of course as a means for Catholics to intimidate the Protestants, who did not accept the authority of the Pope.

This is the SHIT that Christianity was built on, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why is the doctrine of the Trinity so necessary for Christians? Because without it they would be no different from - shock horror - the Jews (whom they hate and fear for being cleverer than they) or worse the Muslims, whom they slaughtered by the thousand during the Crusades.  

The people whom you hate most are those whom you have most wronged.

They also needed to put a spin on the fact that Christ ended up being crucified by the Romans, which is pitiful and not befitting of a prophet of God.

Muhammad, who lived to a ripe old age, was a leader of men, a successful revolutionary and had wives and children.

If Western civilisation is failing now, it is because of their religion that encourages cowardice, hypocrisy, prevarication, irrationality, denial and then blind violent rage.

Because Christianity makes you stupid, the Christians always felt that the Jews had one up on them.  Because they were in the majority, the Christians would kick them around and have the occasional pogrom to move them on, just to show them who was boss.

Very hypocritically, Christians and liberals like to pretend that they saved the Jews from Hitler, when, the truth was that if the Allied soldiers believed for one moment that they were risking life and limb for the sake of the Jews, they would have downed tools and mutinied.

After the war, the Christians felt very sorry for the Jews and guilty for being nasty to them for so many centuries, so they decided to give Israel to the Jews.  That was the classic example of robbing Peter (Arab Muslim) to pay Paul (Jew).  Christian Europe also had the greatest contempt for the Muslims they slaughtered during the Crusades and the weakness of the Ottoman Empire, who represent Islam to them.

It is not surprising that the Jews should now wish to exploit the Christians for their hypocrisy and their guilt and it is no surprise that the Christians are reluctant to admit their hypocrisy and their guilt.  That is really the secret of the success of the Israel Lobby in all Western nations.

But all this is being done at the expense of the Muslims both in the West and in their own lands, who are understandably getting a bit restive.

Illiterate "village" Muslims who are heartily despised in the West are not perhaps the best salesmen for Islam, but even the supposedly backward religion of a backward people have helped Asians to quickly colonise Britain, and it is the white British who are now turning into backward sluts and bastards with low standards of education and behaviour, for their religion  - Christianity and/or Liberalism - is not fit for the purpose of making them respect the institutions of Marriage and Family.

The desecration of the institutions of Marriage and Family through Feminism is of course the real cause of the decline and fall of Western civilisation.

Most white people are now hopeless addicted to cheap sex, easy women and their welfare state that makes this possible.   Such is the pathetic degraded state of depraved modern white man that even the BNP - a political party that is supposed to promote the interests of the white race - have admitted that they are afraid of the slut single mums who breed disabled and illegitimate children at taxpayers' expense, who are eating what is good that is left Britain out of house and home.  Indeed, they expelled a member (me) precisely for pointing this out and refusing to shut up about it, even as the prospect of being the 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate was being dangled before her eyes.

The truth is I do not mind not being the soon to be fucked and forgotten unsuccessful BNP London Mayoral Candidate than to be for one moment be intimidated into silence because I wanted some gaudy but ultimately worthless bauble of office, and wish Ken Livingstone the best of British luck next year, for I know he has been, like me, against the last three wars in Afraqbya.  

As an atheist and an analyst of the creation and development of religions, it is quite clear to me that Christianity was an unsuccessful attempt to improve upon Judaism.  The final draft is of course Islam. (Don't let the Bahais tell you otherwise either. These people are TERRIFIED of discussing politics and shut up whenever anything controversial is being discussed, so they are pretty much useless unless all you want to do is pray, feel good about yourself for being a virtuous person and not get into trouble with the authorities for saying what you believe to be the Truth.)

There is nothing wrong with the Koran, only the people who read and interpret it with insufficient understanding and then refuse it to discuss it rationally, who call themselves Muslim - the ignorant, illiterate, backward village Muslims who cannot even read their own Holy Book or do not understand it even if they claim to have done so.

The Koran, by claiming to be the literal Word of God encourages literacy and the development of legal principles.

The New Testament is vagueness and ambiguity.

The Old Testament is undeniably harsh with its long list of infractions that would attract the death penalty.

Sharia law is just law based on Koranic principles. Any country can have its own version of Sharia law.  Sharia law in the UK would be subject to UK legal traditions infused by Koranic principles.

All you have to do to have Sharia law is make it compulsory for UK law students to pass an exam on the Koran.  There is no need to convert anyone at all.


I would be happy to set the exam questions on the subject of Koranic Knowledge.

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