Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Let us abolish Remembrance Sunday and treat soldiers properly while they are still alive

It doesn't damn well stop any more live soldiers getting killed over stupid wars started by dumb politicians, does it? No, I don't wear it. The best way to help soldiers is to not send to die in stupid wars, pay them properly when they're alive, and look after their widows and legitimate children when they are dead. So I don't mind if those pesky Muslims burn the means by which the mawkish, hypocritical, sentimental sheeple too dumb to question British foreign policy wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Instead of looking solemn and sad as we are meant to do with the rest of the sheeple, why don't we ask ourselves whether WW1 and WW2 could have been prevented by a rational British foreign policy?

What was WW1 about? Belgian neutrality.

What was WW2 about? Being so mean and spiteful to the Germans that Hitler couldn't even keep Poland while France and Britain had their world empire to play with.

What was this crap about national self-determination in the Versailles Treaty?

Why did it not apply to the Germans in their backyard in Poland, the way Northern Ireland is the backyard of the British?

Was Poland worth losing the British empire over?

Poor old Hitler, he thought the British would be reasonable about Poland. He should have known that imbeciles who would go to war over Belgian neutrality could not be expected to be reasonable about anything.

When soldiers get sacked by SMS and the army docks a dead soldier' pay because he died, Remembrance Sunday seems to me to be a bit of an empty gesture.   My mother sees this as another example of the British "living in the past".

I suppose the government feels that empty gestures of "respect" are better than not sending them to die in stupid wars.  It is always a very cheap way of showing you care, without increasing government spending.  

But really it is empty gesture politics for the consumption of this gullible monster that is public opinion.  "The crowd is feminine", Hitler said in Mein Kampf, for it "reasons" with its emotions. 

It is actually more likely to stir up racial and religious hatred these days, since a number of Muslims who object to the government's policy of invading Muslim countries "for their own good", robbing them of their oil while killing plenty of Muslims have taken to burning the poppy.  Indeed, even the Chinese said last year that seeing a red poppy on British politicians gives them uncomfortable memories of the time when the British were those international drug-dealers who thought it was a good idea to get the Chinkies hooked on opium.

If Cameron had yielded it would have made the Chinese better disposed towards him and the British, and given him the chance to end the dreariness of Remembrance Sundays that are depressing even for the British themselves since it singularly fails to arouse any martial spirit any government might be hoping to inspire, but that would be expecting too much of a mediocre piece of Etonian shit who is now hopelessly out of his depth.

If it were up to me I would have a proper march and a properly martial show of weaponry rather than "Oh dear, we seem to be getting ourselves killed again but ours is not to question whys and wherefores of this disaster that has been British foreign policy over the last hundred years, ours is to look solemn,  be silent  and play dumb ... "

The nation needs soldiers, obviously, but it needs not to be fighting stupid wars and it needs to be treating its live soldiers properly by paying them and equipping them properly and not making them feel stupid risking life and limb in stupid wars started by the liberal elite to assuage their feelings of inadequacy. Then men will join, then they will serve, then they will be shown respect as they live and die.

Anyway, I want to draw a line under the liberal failures of the past and an iconoclastic break with this tedious tradition would be a good way of starting as I mean to carry on, if I were in charge.

Cameron, by making a fuss over dead soldiers is attempting to curry favour with the female relations of dead soldiers on whom he hopes to flatter and make an impression on the cheap. Being stupid, most of them will fall for this hook line and sinker, for they will already have forgotten that he was the one who voted for the war, under whose government military spending is cut, soldiers are sacked by SMS and a dead soldier's pay would be docked if he is  blown up before the end of the month in the stupid war Cameron voted for.

Too bad for the rest of us then that the country is being run for stupid people, who obviously deserve the crap government they get.

I just hope the more savvy footballers will know not to wear the poppy as a gesture of anti-Cameron, anti-war, anti-Tory defiance while the stupid weak henpecked ones are nagged by their girlfriends and wives into so doing. 

Clearly, the poppy is symbolic of the exploitation of a sentimental and gullible British public.


Anonymous said...

It's true, the British live too much in the past - maybe because they don't believe they have a future?

Let's stop feeling morbid and pitiful about Britain's failures in WW 1 and Britain's defeat in WW 2 - and let's actually start looking forward with joy and longing to WW 3.

Claire Khaw said...

War and revolution is the only way in which men can reclaim their government from slut single mums, probably.

They could do it peacefully, but knowing how the British are, they will probably leave it until things get so bad they have to do it by violence.