Friday, 4 November 2011

The mystery of the Trinity cannot be solved without ceasing to be a Christian and the time has come to disestablish the Church of England

According to Christians, Christ was more than a prophet of God, he was God Himself.

So, God seduced Mary (in the way that Zeus had a habit of doing to mortal women listed at, gave birth to Himself, and then sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins.

The Holy Spirit is just the agency of God (and Christ) through which miracles are accomplished, and therefore all three are one.   How can this be, you ask?  The cleverer Christian clergy would invite you to imagine a pyramid with three facets ...

The Inquisition was all about forcing people to say they believe in this SHIT.

These days, ignorant Christians don't even know they are supposed to believe in this SHIT.

The truth is that the Pope and the Archibishop of Cant doesn't either, nor does your vicar or "vicaress", who will be instantly uncomfortable the moment you ask him or her about the Trinity.

The Church will be happy if it manages to get an ignorant congregation to uncomprehendingly recite the Nicene creed.

Muslims and Jews of course deny the Trinity because they see through the SHIT that it all is, and that is why Christians hate and fear them with such visceral virulence.  Occasionally, the hatred and fear of Christians of those who do not share their Trinitarian beliefs is manifested in great events of bloodletting and persecution, eg the Crusades and the Inquisition, with a few pogroms here and there over the centuries, the most recent of which was Hitler's Madagascar Plan.

Christianity as a religion should be dumped precisely because it is both TOTALITARIAN and DIVISIVE. Once it got over being totalitarian and divisive and started being ECUMENICAL and INCLUSIVE it proved to be UTTERLY INEFFECTUAL

Charles the future king would go along with this from the sound of things.

If Charles had been Muslim he wouldn't have had such a hard time over Diana and Camilla, nor would Edward have suffered the loss of his throne for his love for Mrs Simpson, who might have been an OK Queen, who knows.

Actually, if Henry Tudor had been Muslim, there would have been none of the problems he had over defying Rome about finding a wife to bear him a son, the fallout of which has  resulted in centuries of religious persecution by Christians of other Christians.

And that is why I say it is time to disestablish the Church of England (which is these days full of Socialists, Commies, Liberals, Feminists and subversives like the Archbishop of Cant who have made it unfit for the purpose of instilling in the British respect for the institutions of Family and Marriage).  British Muslims in particular should not be afraid to say this.

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