Friday, 18 November 2011

On being told by a libtard that I should marry a BNP member to advance my political career

It would not fit in with my reputation to make a disadvantageous marriage.

None of them have any money. They are low status men whom the government doesn't even care enough about to tell them to mend their ways and to stop being sluts and having bastards.

In fact, all the government does is leave them to rot on benefits and let in immigrants to replace them, so dispensable and despised are they. If we had an official caste system they would be the untouchables.

Indeed, their own party leader doesn't care enough about them to tell them to mend their ways either, even if all they do and are is an offence against the principles of racial health and hygiene.  (That is because they dare not question feminism.)

I think it is enough that I am associated with them.

I am programmed to regard the idea of marrying a poor man with the same horror and disgust that they would have about miscegenation. Ugh.

I am also programmed to regard the idea of bring up a severely disabled baby who cannot lift its head, is blind and cannot move any of its limbs and wasting my energy and my husband's wealth, and in the process destroying my marriage, with horror and disgust.  (Saying this on the Victoria Derbyshire Show got me expelled though.

I believe I have healthy instincts for survival when most white people just want others to feel sorry for them. They are actually proud of being pitiable, of being stupid, of being poor, it would appear.

In their world, to get more benefits means more status, which means the ostentatious display of pitiable characteristics.

Women want to be pitied and so do the lower classes.

Too many of the voters of Britain - the Slut Single Mums who are a burden on the state - are ruled by the instincts of the professional beggar and all its politicians are afraid of alienating them, because there are now too many of them with the vote.

Even the BNP are in denial about this, and that is why the British are well and truly FUCKED.

Not that there are any wealthy and successful men outside the party for me to marry either.

I have yet to meet a man whose rejection I would find dismaying. (Lord Mandelson would still be perfect for me though, for professional political reasons.)

Lord Mandelson - the only man in Britain whose rejection might dismay me somewhat

The quality of British men is quite simply egregious and I am not the only one to complain about this either. They really are whingeing, useless, drunken, porn-addicted players who are not afraid to show you their wounds and tell you they really want to be mothered, and that you should consider giving them sex anyway, because there is nothing better around, even if they have no money, no job and no prospects.

Shockingly, they still get to have sex with the most stupid of their women who then get knocked up ....

And then they wonder why the Muslims are taking over!

The sensible white working class women in the East End convert to Islam because they at least are honest enough with themselves to know they they want to have LEGITIMATE children, and not variously-fathered feral BASTARDS.

This American man tells American men to boycott American women because they are only good for use-and- throw-away sex.

Soon no one will want to even have sex with white people, let alone marry them, for now it appears that one in every 4 women in the US is a crazy lady.

As David Starkey says, White is the new Black.

So come on, peeps, come on and tell me how evil and mad I am for hurting your feelings, and how wrong and deluded I am.

I welcome your hatred.

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