Friday, 4 November 2011

On racial superiority

Racial superiority is all about having more money and bigger and better guns than the people whose asses you kick.  It would stand to reason that this is by no means assured for all time and the colour of your skin does not protect you at all from the vicissitudes of bad government.

The reason why politically respectable white people in the liberal establishment refused to express racial pride was because they knew they were already supreme and it would just be demeaning for them to go on about it, the way the white working classes do (because they have nothing else to be proud of but the colour of their skin).

It is a bit like old rich families (ie those who are not nouveau riche) not crowing about how much they earn and own, because they are wise enough to know that ostentatiously displaying their wealth only excites hatred and envy in those who could never hope to have even a fraction of what they earn.

I happened to be born Chinese though no input of my own. I could have been born white, or black or brown, but I was born Chinese. (Those who are familiar with the rules of reincarnation will doubtless conclude that I must have been a very good person indeed in my former life.)

It is not enough to be born Chinese, however, to do what I do. One has to speak the language, know the people, know the country's history, know its political system and know its laws to do what I do, which is to presume to tell the British what is good for them. (I have been privileged by my family and cultural background to have married parents who are still married and with an extended family who filled in the gaps of my parents' parenting and who have always valued education. All this I commend to all people of all races, for I want others to also have what I have enjoyed, believing that this would make the world a better place.) I claim to be able to know better than any white indigenous Briton what is good for their country precisely because I am foreign, for sometimes you are in a better position be objective and effective if you not the person afflicted, for example, when you need a foreign object removed from your eye.

The wiser Chinese politicians who deal with foreigners would be careful not to go on about their racial superiority because that is already assumed. To go on about it would just be crass, and that was why liberal politicians would shut up poor white people who live amongst lots of black people when they do anything to assert their racial pride or show fear of other races in close proximity, eg in the Deep South and South Africa.

We should of course be generous when we can afford to be.  Meanness is to be despised, especially in the wealthy, but it is quite hypocritical to be generous with other people's money and to be hospitable to foreigners on behalf of others who do not wish to be hospitable to be foreigners and whom you inconvenience because you wish to be hospitable, yet do not suffer the inconvenience and alarm that the white urban proletariat suffer when the racial composition of their neighbourhoods is changed very noticeably in a short space of time.

But white liberal politicians would always live in white neighbourhoods and be surrounded by white people and therefore feel none of the fear and hatred that white people surrounded by other races feel. To shut them up they would call them racist, and ignore, vilify and marginalise them, because they are poor and lowly and the poor and lowly are always marginalised, despised and hated, the world over.

It should be noted that these white liberal politicians are so despicably hypocritical, cowardly and callous that they do not tell tell white urban proletariat whose interests they are supposed to represent that their bastard-breeding welfare-scrounging ways are wrong, because that would lose them votes.   Instead, they leave them to rot in their sink school comps, bribe them with more benefits that would make them even more useless, promiscuous and illegitimate, and only hit them on the head when they manifest any behaviour or attitude that identifies them as "racist", to shut them up.

Liberals too despise religion, feeling that they are too clever to believe in God, without for once acknowledging that the proletariat, most of whom are not moral philosophers, operate only through the promptings of their ability to feel pain and pleasure.  Most of them are now promiscuous and illegitimate, but cannot or will not accept that illegitimacy is bad for them.  This is because they have never had the experience of any moral teaching (Christian or otherwise) that told them that Lust is a sin and that illegitimacy is a Bad Thing for their society and their nation.  It will take a great deal of patience and energy to sort them out.  This is what happens when you, as an able bodied person, kick away the crutches of the moral cripple.  You will find yourselves in the end obliged to carry him on your shoulders or leaving him to the wolves when he cannot keep up.    

This is how things in Britain seem to me as a foreigner.  


Chris Saltarello said...

All forms of superiority and inferiority are relative, because every value in this universe has a different value in relation to any one other value. - Also, all values maybe broken down into lesser values and built up into greater values, without any apparent end.

An extreme example of this would be the value of the sun in relation to myself. - Since I live on this planet, depend upon its photosynthetic organic ecology in order to stay alive and value my life (for whatever reason), - Earth's sun is obviously "superior" to me in comparison to say Alpha Centuri for example.

It is superior because it has more value for me - for my interests; in other words it facilitates my orientation or 'purpose', more reliably than Alpha Centuri does.

Therefore for me, the value of Sol (the sun) is superior to the value of Alpha Centuri, for most humans and for most living organisms collectively known as the 'Earth's Biosphere.'

A far closer example however, would be the comparison of someone close to me - say a family relative or spouse and someone I'd never met living in the next town or city and with whom I have no known essential contact or personal dependency upon.

Should I occupy the same orientation or 'purpose' as previously stated in the sun comparison, I would of course value the close relative or spouse as "superior" for me - for my interests, than the person living in the next town or city.

However, that is not to say that the person living in the next town or city has no value or potential value for me. - In the event of a war that person could be one of many thousands whom might provide both me and the people closer to me whom I depend upon a higher degree of survivability through numbers, or in the event of a recession for example that person could turn out to be very economically active and could indirectly assist me finding a source income for myself.

Somewhere in between the sun and a random person from the next town or city however, comes by race - my people.

I consider my ethnic nationality - and in a broader sense my race, to be superior for my interests and for the interests of the people I depend upon, to other races.

So yes, measured in terms of my own personal welfare and security, I do indeed believe that the White Race is subjectively superior for me. – For my orientation – my ‘personal interests.’

That's subjectively, but what about objectively?

What about in abstract or 'adaptational' terms? - That is to say terms which correspond to the demands of our World's natural environment, for living self-preservation?

Well, in social-industrial terms the White Race, although only recently so (like in the last 300 years), clearly is the most supreme human race and indeed the most supreme complex animal grouping on the planet.

In 3 generations alone (1900-1975) the White Race has across a broad spectrum pulled itself out of dire poverty in an age dominated by steam power and coal fired engines, to a race capable of splitting the atom, walking on the moon and sending livefeed ground images from Mars to Earth. Indeed to this day no non-White has ever walked on the moon and more than 90% of all the humans who have ever been in to space, where what we would probably describe as ethnically European in origin.

What the White Race does to its inherited society and civilization over the next 50-100 years however, is another matter altogether and one which we shall just have to wait for and observe, but currently and most likely for the at least the next two decades, in social-industrial capability terms, the White Race is still quite clearly "superior" to all other races, in the sense that that race is still for all its shortcomings, miles ahead of any other - largely due to a minority of its nationalities located within northwestern Europe, the North American continent and to a lesser extent the central western Eurasian stepp.

Chris Saltarello said...


What about in physical terms? - Are Whites biologically "superior" (as in adaptively more capable), as a consequence of genetically driven tissue and organ capacities and genetically driven behaviour?

First it is important to remember that those commonly associated as "White" cover a vast oray of different subethnical groupings and various different cultural, religious and national identities and are in fact probably the most heterogenous racial division within the Caucasian subspecies.

Therefore the question of genetically driven tissue and organ capacities and genetically driven intelligence, will vary according to each individual subdivision within the White Race and in addition to other factors such as diet, the presence of inbreeding and what procreative social selection processes are already dominant within a particular community.

Nevertheless scientific studies, as well as international sports contests have explicitly shown that in terms of physical ability, - that is in terms of actual physical size and overall tissue endurance, the White Race with particular respect to Northern Europe, is in fact the most superior of the species with the one exception of the Negroe Race, which (overall) is the physically most capable of all the races as well as being the most ancient and pre-historic-like.

In terms of IQ data we see a similar pattern. - Now of course IQ scores aren't really a direct indication of innate intelligence in themselves, they're just an indication of people's personal knowledge however, when conducted over a large enough number, range and spread of people they always generally correlate with overall neurological capacity, cranial capacity and other measures of innate intelligence.

Global mass IQ testing has thusly found that the White Race, again with northwestern Europe, Germany and Scandinavia in the lead are in fact superior to every other race on the planet with the one exception of Mongoloids (in particular those Mongoloids from northeast Asian countries like Manchuria, Korea, Japan and northeast China), who are on average of higher IQ's and probably of higher innate intelligence than White Caucasoids.

Nevertheless this is by actually comparing AVERAGES. - If we compare those in the top 5% of all racial groups in terms of IQ, Whites are clearly superior to all Mongoloids:

However, the drawback is that this only applies to a tiny percentage of the White population meaning that the Sinic Race is in fact superior to the White Race in terms of the overall innate intelligence of its general population.

However, with the rigorous application of a public social eugenics program in place I believe that this general average inferiority could be drastically redressed by the White Race in as little as 250 years, if only they put their minds to it and indeed this was already beginning to occur in the United States by the 1920's and in Germany by the 1930's.

So in answer to the question 'is my Race superior?' My answer would be this.

Personally: Yes

Socially-Industrially: Yes

Biologically: No (unless you happen to be particularly gifted…)

I would anticipate that this would be the answer for the average Mongoloid.

Personally: Yes

Socially Industrially: No (with the two exceptions of Japan and South Korea…)

Biologically: Yes (but the gap's a bit thin...)

I would anticipate that this would be the answer for the average Negroid/Congoid:

Personally: Yes

Socially-Industrially: No

Biologically: No (lol)

- And I would anticipate that this would be the answer for the average White Liberal.

Personally: HOW DARE YOU?!

Socially-Industrially: White privilege is evil.

Biologically: >:O