Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why the Jew will continue to triumph over the poor, stupid, cowardly and hypocritical gentile male - Part 1: SSMs

Who knows about the truth of these allegations, but there is great anger and suspicion.

I have always preferred the cock-up theory to the conspiracy theory and still do.  People really are that stupid.

Also, because Christians are made stupid, hypocritical and cowardly by their doctrine of the Trinity (which even Christians do not believe), it makes it easy for the Jews to mess around with their heads.

The ultimate Jewish conspiracy is that the Jews created Christianity to fuck with the heads of gentiles.  (Islam, of course, is the antidote.)

Think of the Jew as a violent but gullible husband and the Jew as his wife, and you may begin to understand this relationship.  The wife knows that she can get him to do most things if she keeps on his right side, but he is stronger and holds the purse strings.   Why, once he even got him to buy her a fur coat (analogous to modern State of Israel) after he beat her up (all those pogroms of the past culminating in the most recent one of Germany).   She knows she would get into trouble if she killed him, and so has decided upon the policy of killing him with cream, which is perfectly legal.   She wants him to have a heart attack and die ASAP so she can inherit his fortune.

Think of the cream as liberal policies killing with kindness and indulgence, and you get the idea.

Jews are culturally more protected from sluts and bastards than the gentile and they also have the Jewish mother who keeps her husband and his legitimate children on their toes.

Meanwhile the gentile mother would be at work being a bad employee and a bad mother, who might even tell her daughter to go on the pill before she is of age, just as long as she doesn't get pregnant.   This gentile mother - a liberal - might even share a spliff with her children's friends to show how cool and with it she is, and insist that her children and her friends call her by her first name, so she won't feel so old.

Jews also make a point of preserving their culture because most of them do not live in Israel, while gentiles have let their hair down so much that what is left of their culture is just rock and roll and sex and drugs and shopping.

For this reason, Jews have greater social and cultural cohesion and they are smarter too, while degenerate gentiles have had their braincells fried after so many generations of sluts and bastards doing rock and roll and sex and drugs.

Even now the white working classes in nationalist movements are incapable of understanding why they are hated.  (Some of them think it is some sort of Jewish conspiracy.)   But it is simple really.  All the poor of the world are despised.  However, after so many generations of welfarism and their culture of excuses and entitlement, all they think they can think of doing to get their way is by whingeing more loudly.  Sadly, however, they do not realise how much they are loathed and feared.  They are seen as social failures and low status men with no money and no prospects and, the voter - always an incorrigible snob - wants nothing to do with them or their party.  In fact, many people even pretend they don't know what the BNP are complaining about, so disgusted are they by the lowlife CHAVs who seem to be promoting policies that they are honest to admit that they also support, but who represent the lowest form of life, as far as they are considered.

Sadly, for the BNP, they cannot and will not prosper under the current leadership or with the current intake, tainted by racism as they are.   The only people who join are the people who join the party only when their interests are threatened.  The do not enter politics for noble reasons.  In other words, they do not enter politics for the purpose of righting wrongs that they themselves are not suffering from. (For example, my suggestion at  was not supported in the party because they frankly admitted that they had no wish to help black people with their policies and preferred the safer option of having a numerically greater vote in Bethnal Green & Bow than the gentrified  Hackney North & Stoke Newington.  A great opportunity missed, I thought, because the party preferred a respectable vote to an opportunity to change the image of the party and fretted about what its core supporters might think about saying they want to help prevent more black schoolgirls getting shot dead buying fried chicken at the local takeaway.)  These people do not understand the concept of principle, though some of them might be able to define it if they looked it up in the dictionary.

Talk to them about free speech, rule of law or whether something done by the party is constitutional to even the most educated and intelligent of their number and you will get a puzzled silence and then a blank look, followed by a stock phrase about "preserving party unity".  You might even be told that these concepts are beyond the understanding of the average party member or indeed even the leadership.

And so BNP activists will continue to be abused and exploited by their leader, probably in the same way villeins were once treated by their feudal lord.   For  quite a few of them, the party is not really a political party at all, but a social club.  Their greatest fear is to be expelled from their social club, rather than serving the cause (which I probably need to remind them is the promotion of the racial health and hygiene of the white race as well as the British national interest).  This Cause can only be served by telling the truth as they see it, which of course they have not the courage to do.

It is only through taking responsibility for their own misfortunes and proposing practicable and sensible changes to improve their lot (eg uncompromisingly promoting family values supported by marriage, selective education, lower taxes and fewer laws) that would they attract the interest and sympathy of the educated middle classes, but they are not big enough to do that, preferring to blame their misfortunes only on government, immigrants and Muslims.

The BNP dares not criticise their own promiscuous women, who commit the foul sin that is the miscegenation of the unmarried, who are making the white race weaker, more stupid, more degenerate and more cowardly with every bastard born in Britain each minute of the days, because so many of their members are singly-parenting or were singly-parented.

The rot is already too deep.

But what can you expect from men like that, who are not afraid to admit that they are afraid of their promiscuous women who bear bastards and disgrace their race?

Why, nothing at all, these people who have betrayed their cause by choosing to remain silent about SSMs in the name of expediency and party unity while pretending that the cancer of bastardy is not a cancer but a perfectly normal and respectable British practice.

Thus is feminism is one of those slow-growing cancers that affect organs below the waist.  By the time the symptoms manifest themselves, it will have spread to the other major organs too.   And that is why it is hopeless.

But if we are really dying, it is as well to know of what we are dying and say our last goodbyes while we still have time.

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