Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why the Jew will continue to triumph over the poor, stupid, cowardly and hypocritical gentile male - Part 2: One Party State

There is no Jewish conspiracy, merely a few fatal vulnerabilities in the Western political system that the gentile is too stupid to notice or too scared to change.

There is an Israel lobby in the US. It is called AIPAC.

In Britain you have Friends of Israel in the major three parties, including the fringe party of UKIP.

A divisive multi-party system means that a policy of divide and rule works very well.  "If you say you support Israel, we will keep your party in funds", say the Friends of Israel to each impoverished political party.   "OK", the party leaders obediently respond, holding out their hand  ...

If Britain had a one-party state then Friends of Israel would quietly go away, and then perhaps quietly return to bribe individual members of the party.

A one-party state makes the most of our agreement and we already know that the British voter has no particular desire to expend British resources, weaponry and lives to either harm or help Israel.    Therefore if there were a free vote in Parliament as well as a referendum about whether Israeli considerations should continue to feature so greatly in British foreign policy, we might even get a sensible answer.

But it is impossible to get a sensible discussion about a one-party state as a matter of constitutional reform because you will find that the average Briton cannot even bear to discuss it.  Even if they accepted the reasoning for this, they would blanch at having to say the same thing to other people because they fear the mockery and derision of the ignorant and know they have not got it in themselves to repeat the message until it is understood, knowing they will wilt like a flower or melt like wax.  In fact, many of them play dumb and say they don't get it. explains the advantages of a one-party state.

And that is why the British are doomed.  And this is how they behave when they are supposed to have free speech.  Imagine an even more egregious and toxic form of cowardice when they are told officially they no longer have free speech.  Then they really would be pissing and shitting themselves all over the floor of the House.  

This idea has in fact already been proposed by Frank Field MP, no less, but our MPs fear to discuss it for fear of incurring the mockery of their colleagues and the displeasure of their leader.

And even when Peter Bone MP helpfully introduced a Bill to give MPs more rights in the form of the House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill very few of them indeed dared to show an open interest in it.

That is how "courageous" these gentile male politicians are .  As for the gentile male politicians who oppose the current political establishment, their calibre of courage is even lower in education, principle and courage, and that is why the Jew will continue to triumph, and deservedly so, for the strong should rule the weak and the clever the stupid, even if they are few in number, for that is the way of the world, which the stupid are too to understand, too apathetic to question and too gutless to fight.      

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