Monday, 28 November 2011

Why the white working class is like the man in The Beach who got bitten by a shark

So the white working classes think the government is shutting them up by calling them racist every time they complain about immigration.

This is of course common knowledge in nationalist circles.   Remember how ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown described Mrs Gillian Duffy, a life-long Labour supporter as "that bigoted woman" when she complained about immigration?

Those who complain about immigration are the party poopers of liberalism.  They are rather like the man who got bitten by the shark in The Beach.  The story is about a hippy community on a paradise island led by an Sal, an older woman, whose purpose is to keep the community undiscovered by the outside world.

When the unfortunate Christo got bitten, he did not recover but instead moaned and groaned so demoralisingly and piteously that this community that was supposed to be based on love and mutual respect for each other could not bear his cries of pain any more and took him to the middle of the jungle to die.

And then they partied on.

His life could have been saved by calling for medical assistance but that would have spoiled their fun, so Sal (played by Tilda Swinton) would rather this dispensable man die to avoid inconvenience to herself and her hippy paradise island community.

Sal represents the matriarchy and Christo, the dispensable beta male whom she thinks is not worth curing, certainly not at her expense and inconvenience, is analogous to the white no longer working classes.

White Man! Know thyself and know thine enemy.  

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