Saturday, 3 December 2011

"Cunt" is losing its sting and we probably need a new swear word

I propose that we use the N word as the next swear word, since these days, even "cunt" doesn't raise eyebrows in our coarsened new world and "fuck" is not even a swear word any more, apparently.

"Fuck me" just means "Dear me".

"Fuck off", said with the right tone of voice, just means "Oh don't be so silly."

I think the next level of swear word should be one that makes even the liberal who claims himself to be unshockable blanch.

"Don't be such a fucking nigger!" 

we could all be saying to annoy and insult each other, whatever our race ....

"Cunt Cameron - what a fucking nigger! And that Ed Mililband, he's even more of a fucking nigger ... As for Nick Griffin, he is the biggest fucking nigger of them all .....Oh, and that Nick Clegg, he's just a bit niggerish, but I don't mind him that much."

"Hey, pig [an IC1
policeman], yeah, I'm calling you a nigger, yeah you there in your fucking niggering jam jar, you!"

"Tee hee!  That's so nigger."  (Meaning "That's so gay!") is a word that has caused a few problems.  It sounded like the word "nigger", which made it alarming and distressing to an over-sensitive black person with a narrow vocabulary.  Also, it was even more offensive and hurtful when he realised that he wasn't being insulted at all and the reason for his offence was because of his narrow vocabulary.  Either way, whether intentional or not, offence had been caused and suffered and some self-abnegating limp-dicked white man had to resign.

Perhaps we should also ban words like "trigger", "jigger", "figure", in case it inadvertently causes offence to a black person who might mishear the word?

Frankly, I wouldn't put it past the demented matriarchy to propose exactly such a measure.    

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