Friday, 2 December 2011

Does Emma West have a good lawyer in David Ewings?

David Ewings defending Emma West  Emma West (Right to be Mouthy) Support Group

A woman on a train has been thrown into jail for a week without trial for having a xenophobic rant.   Is this our so-called "free speech" that we are so proud of?

Not a single MP has protested against this scurvy treatment of a British citizen.  Even the so-called Freedom Association declines to mention this incident because, clearly, they do not think that free speech applies to people they no doubt regard as "white trash" or CHAVs, especially if they complain about immigration.

How curiously totalitarian that we are not allowed to think xenophobic thoughts or express xenophobic feelings because that is "racist".

Emma West was complaining about white and coloured foreigners (ie Africans, Poles and Nicaraguans) so arguably she was not being racist, merely xenophobic because all they were all foreigners, whatever their race.

A good lawyer should be able to get her off, and then claim damages for false imprisonment.   Let us hope David Ewings is that good lawyer.

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