Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feltham and Heston By Election 2011,_2011

A photo that breaks all the rules of good presentation

I couldn't believe how boring the UKIP candidate's website was.  Talk about LOCAL ISSUES OVERKILL making UKIP sound like it is only about commuter issues.   Methinks UKIP need a proper Press Officer, ie me.
What to do if you want Claire Khaw to be in UKIP
18 Reasons why UKIP should admit me

In terms of campaign literature alone the one who deserves to do better is clearly the BNP candidate whose slick and professional leaflet can be found at

Dave Furness in a messianic gesture of openness and triumph.  

I have met Dave on a few occasions and find him to be clever and calm.  He certainly deserves to do better than the UKIP candidate with his unbelievably inept campaign.

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