Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jews denounce British bookseller for promoting a book they dislike by the world's most infamous antisemite

People used to fulminate about The Clever Jew.   

But perhaps these days even the Clever Jew has been dumbed down by the culture of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  

If they were really clever, they would have ignored Waterstone's recommendation of Mein Kampf.

If they were really clever, they would  have realised that antisemitism is not that far off the surface.

If they were really clever, they would have known that by drawing attention to the availability of Mein Kampf in Waterstone's they would send all sorts of people scurrying to buy a copy.   

If they were Clever Jews, they would know that telling gentiles not to read unflattering descriptions of Jews is only likely to encourage them to buy a book from a book shop that stocks unflattering descriptions of Jews.   

And that is why Clever Jews are not so clever after all, and we should not fear them the way some antisemitic people do.  They too are getting stupider and are also contaminated by liberalism and its hysteria and its imbecilities.  

We shouldn't worry about how clever Jews are, but how stupid we all are.   

Why shouldn't Waterstone's sell Mein Kampf?  If they sell it, why shouldn't they promote it?  It is an important and interesting book, and a book which I for my part thoroughly enjoyed as anyone interested in European history would enjoy.  If you read it, you would know that Hitler cared deeply about the poor and a lot of what he says remains chillingly relevant to our times.  

If we think that Hitler really meant liberals when he complains about Jews, it would make it a more interesting read, and we can all fantasise about sending them as slaves to Madagascar (unless they renounce liberalism) when I am in power.   

Everyone who wants to understand antisemitism, liberalism and nationalism should read it, and I would have thought Jews especially should read it, if only to be told how annoying gentiles find them and why.  

If you would like to join the Mein Kampf Book Club, you can find it at

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