Saturday, 3 December 2011

Killing women in the name of family honour

I think being in this country tempts these women into behaviour that will alarm their community and for them to think the woman in question will turn into an SSM.

For some reason, I am reminded of EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS.

Anyone who has watched it will remember how the mother always thinks her daughter is going to turn into an SSM the moment she shows even displayed the mildest form of disobedience.

I imagine they don't want their women becoming like the 15 year old girl who was knocked up by the 11 year old boy next door.

Sean Stewart, father at 12

or have their grandchildren suffer the fate of Scarlett Keeling while supposedly in the care of an unfit mother who allowed her sexually-active but under-aged daughter to stay with an Indian man they had met on holiday while she went to visit another part of India, and returned to find her daughter gang-raped and dead.

Fiona McKeown: Should she have been prosecuted for arranging and facilitating a child sex offence?

Perhaps they just want to make a point that they do not want to be a people who have lost control of their women, their men mostly sad, stupid, skint and scared bastards afraid of criticising Slut Single Mums.  

Perhaps they have not really thought that through, but are dimly aware that they must kill their women who dishonour their family before they lose all sense of shame and their women become like the women of the host community and their men become like the men of the host community, who have no honour and feel no shame at submitting to a matriarchy, and who are afraid to criticise the worst of their promiscuous women who lower the quality of the national gene pool and merely breed more parasites like themselves, rather than employable and productive citizens the way they used to in the time when married parents were the norm, schools taught properly and punishments fitted the crime.

Otherwise, their daughters would end up like Farah Damji who has produced two illegitimate children for her parents to look after, who clearly should have been locked up in an institution's+imprisonment+in+the+United+States%3a+a+historical+analysis+of...-a053520078, which was what fathers in the West in the olden days did to their wayward daughters to avoid them dishonouring the family name.

Farah Damji, author of TRY ME

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