Friday, 2 December 2011

My letter to Emma West if I were leader of the BNP

Dear Emma West

I hope you have not been too traumatised by your stay in HMP Bronzefield and that you were aware of the support of many other British citizens who are also concerned and disturbed about immigration.

The BNP are having a Xmas London Social on 9 December and you can imagine how delighted we would all be if you would accept our invitation.

While I understand that you may not wish to provoke the authorities by associating with such a party, may I point out to you that the we in London BNP have had two active non-white members who have come out leafleting with us. Yes, the situation is so bad now that even non-white British citizens are concerned enough about immigration to take the step of joining the BNP and openly associating with us!

This is the message that we at the BNP are anxious to promote - that the situation is now so bad that even our foreign-born members, past and present, wish to join forces with us to challenge the government policy of uncontrolled immigration.

We have had one Italian member, an Indian member and a Chinese member. You may be aware that our London Mayoral Candidate, Carlos Cortiglia, now a British citizen, was born in Uruguay.

Let me list the advantages for all of us if you do come.

1. Our members would be delighted to meet the Internet celebrity you have now become.

2. Claire Khaw, who is Chinese and set up a Facebook Support Group on your behalf twice (because the first one was deleted by Facebook even though the debate was perfectly civil, probably as a result of orchestrated and malicious complaints) called Emma West (Right to Be Mouthy) Support Group will also be there.  She is concerned to defend free speech and thinks it a scandal that a bad-tempered rant in a public place about foreigners could result in a week in prison. Even as she knows you would regard her as being one of the foreigners you were complaining about on the train, she wishes to be mount a principled defence of free speech - the most important of our liberties, without which rational debate about the most important things that affect us will simply die out and disappear, and with that all our liberties.

3. If you are seen being photographed with her and the other foreign-born people who will be at the Xmas Party, it would in some way make you seem less racist.

While I understand that you may not feel up to it after such a traumatic experience, I would like to point out that attending this event will in no way harm your reputation, because everyone will call you a racist now, whatever you say.

But it is just possible being photographed with the BNP and its ethnic members will give you and the BNP the kind of publicity that will be good for both of us.

I hope you will find yourself able to consider accepting our invitation, and making the most and the best of the situation.

Your coming to our Xmas Social would be the nicest possible Xmas present for London BNP and I hope to be in a position of welcoming you as our guest.  

I have been told that Santa's little helpers will be taking the night off just to be with us and there will be an  80s disco.  Ah, the 80s - when we had this precious thing called Free Speech!

Yours sincerely

Mdm Chairman Mao

PS       Please understand that our Xmas Party will have a  Racist Swear Box, and the speech of everyone will be carefully monitored for swearing and the use of any derogatory racial epithets.  Anyone caught swearing or using  derogatory racial epithets will be fined £1.  Proceeds will go to swell  our party coffers!

PPS   Please be assured that this year, there will actually be a buffet, unlike the rip-off of last year when members paid on the basis of being told that there would be a buffet and there was none at all (except a few miserable crisps and nuts), and no one dared to complain!  


Gottfried Feder said...

There is nothing wrong in being a racist. This term was invented by our enemies to silence us. It is natural and necessary to discriminate between the races. A few (not many) Europeans may become Britons but Non-Whites will never! These are different cases.

Go to China, go to Turkey and try to expel the natives there! Go to a non-White country and demand state benefit! No one else is a stupid as we Whites are.

Claire Khaw said...

Civic nationalism can give ethno nationalists enough of what they want.