Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nick Griffin now supports ANIMAL WELFARE rather than FREE SPEECH, just like a mainstream politician

"Mr. Griffin recently sent a letter to the large number of constituents who contacted him to ask for his help in persuading the government of the Ukraine to step in and prevent the slaughter of stray dogs," I was told.

Really?  I can hardly believe that there are enough BNP supporters who would write to the Chairman and ask him to make representations to the government of Ukraine about its treatment of stray dogs.

The leader of the BNP addresses its members:

I´m writing to you personally in case you haven´t already heard the good news. The Ukrainian Minister of the Environment has announced that the law is to be changed and that the four largest cities in the country are stopping the slaughter of stray dogs immediately. The Prime Minister, Mykola Azarov, has instructed the Ministry of Interior to use all possible legal mechanisms for the prevention of cruelty to animals and punishment of persons involved in such sick crimes.

Also great news is that Ukraine´s Prime Minister has told us that a national construction programme has been ordered to provide major cities with modern shelters for dogs. The whole programme to improve Ukraine´s treatment of animals is to be overseen by Naturewatch, who are to be commended for running such an effective campaign.

I also drew attention to the problem, and the extent of concern about it in Britain, with members of the Ukrainian government during a personal meeting I had with them in Brussels early last month. I did so from both a purely animal welfare point of view and also from the angle that the ill-treatment of animals in Ukraine was a political problem for the government which could be exploited by external forces pushing for a change of regime and international policy direction.
I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Ministers with whom I spoke clearly got the message on both points, not least because I was genuinely able to tell them that I had received more letters and emails on this issue than on any other in my first two and a half years in Parliament. They were amazed by the huge bundle of emails I had! So it was the combined weight of lobbying from people like you that really made the difference.

In closing, then, many thanks for making the effort on behalf of stray dogs in Ukraine - it paid off! Can I now ask you to do something further? I know that fish aren´t anything like as appealing as dogs, but the EU´s fishing policy is a long-standing disaster and an environmental catastrophe as well as having destroyed one of Britain´s most important traditional industries. Fortunately there is a tremendously effective lobbying campaign for effective reform being run by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at 

If you could find the time to take a look and sign the petition you´ll find there, I believe that your help could make all the difference in another important issue in terms of our relationship with the other living things with which we share this wonderful world.

With best wishes and thanks for your activism

Nick Griffin MEP

I wonder if the dumbed-down supporters of the BNP realise that Nick Griffin takes the animal welfare more seriously than the fact that white race is degenerate because of its widespread tolerance of widespread illegitimacy by emasculated and effeminate white men are now too afraid of criticising SLUT SINGLE MUMS who are mostly bad mothers, ie the breeders of the next generation of depraved criminals and unemployable NEETs.

The white race is crap because they were mostly badly brought up.

They were badly brought up because working mothers tend not to bring up their children well.

If the next generation is useless the next one on will be even more useless.

Whoever advises him on policy and PR should be sacked and never given a job in PR again.

What on earth does he think he is doing?   What does his PR person think he is doing?  I can only imagine that he is now so isolated that he no longer knows what he is doing and fondly imagines that supporting animal welfare when he is not complaining about foreigners and Muslims will win him enough extra votes to make the exercise worth while.

Actually, he doesn't even have to win any votes.  All he has to do is get the gullible to give him money or become activists only to be expelled the moment they show any sign of being leadership material or questioning his decisions.  

The BNP's non-policy on fox-hunting is the perfect example of the New English Tradition of Hypocrisy and Cowardice, of trying to get in on a bit of the action but wanting to suffer none of the inconvenience.

Despite backing the CA's demonstration, the BNP claims that it does not have an official position on hunting. However, the far-right party also states that it does not believe that central government should "interfere with centuries-old traditions".

If the BNP cared about English traditions and liberty it would unhesitatingly support fox-hunting.  However, because its members are mostly lower class sluts and bastard toff-hating townies who are sentimental about foxy-loxy, it knows it cannot  bring itself to support this particular English tradition.

I, on the other hand, was once the guest of the Master of Foxhounds one weekend.

If I were leader of the BNP the way would be quite clear.   I would dump the BNP slut and bastard "core supporter" in favour of the BNP Khaw supporter and take the party to previously unimagined heights.  Sadly, it is not to be, because its leadership likes playing safe and nationalists are too cowed, racist and apathetic to support me.

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