Monday, 5 December 2011

No Jewish conspiracy, just gentile dementia

I have just discovered Kevin MacDonald and am really rather dismayed at yet more Jewish conspiracy theories.

Do Jews use feminine stratagems?  Certainly they do if they are living in a country in which they are in the minority, and certainly not if they are Israelis dealing with their pesky Palestinians.

Why won't white people just admit that they are stupid, divided and weak of  will because they have been feminised and liberalised after so many generations of sluttery and bastardy, and be done with it?

They ethno-nationalists go on and on and on about miscegenation but look blank when I talk about the miscegenation of the unmarried.

This is not rocket science at all.  A bastard has half the genes of a stupid slut.   After being born he will probably think it is OK to be a slut if female (or knock up a slut if male).   The cycle of sluttery has started, unless it is stopped through the use of social ostracisation and the withdrawal of state support.  This would work a treat, but liberals hate solutions that would work and prefer to call fascist and authoritarian those who recommend effective solutions.  Discrediting the messenger is a good way of ignoring the message.

If you are a woman it is obviously much harder to get a man to marry you than it is to get him to fuck you.

Stupid women get knocked up, smart women get married.

Now, more than half the babies born in Britain have mothers who are sluts.

Now, even the alpha male of British politicians - the Prime Minister no less - is afraid to criticise Slut Single Mums.  When this is clearly the case, then all sorts of weird mad shit will happen.

But even now the neurotic, dumbed-down bastard and slut gentile is still busily blaming the Jews and the Muslims.

Look at the Jews: they have kept their culture through sanctifying the institutions of marriage and family, and so have the Muslims, while in the West they have no culture to speak of except drug culture, pub culture, extramarital sex and shopping.

Yes, dear Neurotic and Demented Gentile Reader, the subject of with whom we are allowed to have sex will remain forever political because it has implications for the next generation.   Whom the female allows to impregnate her has consequences for the next generation as well as how the children of today are brought up. The reproductive choices of many British women is poor if not actually depraved and degenerate.  (Yes, I am indeed proposing to blame feminism and the matriarchy for the British disease.)  That is why we now have so many disabled (physically and mentally) usually illegitimate children being born as well as nut-allergic, gluten-allergic neurotics suffering from autism who are behaviourally challenged and unteachable, and who will not grow up to become productive citizens.

The Bonobo monkey is about to become extinct for their social and sexual practices, and so are you, Gentile Reader.

The beleaguered gentile (who has desecrated the institutions of the family and marriage) should blame the Church of England that is clearly not fit for the purposes of guarding them from depravity and degeneracy.  This is because their government - consisting of feminists and liberals of the matriarchy - have stuffed it to the rafters full of feminists and liberals of the matriarchy.

The British need to dump feminism, socialism, liberalism and welfarism and reconsecrate the sacred institutions of family and marriage, which can only be practised by having a state religion that is fit for purpose and a one-party state that protects the rights of its members to speak their opinion without being demoted or expelled from their party.

And only I know best how to bring this about with the minimum of inconvenience and fuss while everyone else is running around like headless chickens.

I wait patiently to be asked intelligent questions, but am not particularly hopeful.

The easiest thing to do is to dismiss me as mad and evil, so you don't have to change your habits of thought.  I do actually understand why you are all doing this.  I am not even asking you to agree with me at this stage, only to ask an intelligent question or two.

I know, I know, I am, as ever, the eternal optimist.


Slacker said...

The eternal mentalist more like. You need help.

Claire Khaw said...

So Slacker thinks there *is* a Jewish conspiracy?