Thursday, 22 December 2011

On racial superiority 14/88

The essence of racial supremacy is not going on about it. It is already ASSUMED. If you have to go on about it, you are already fucked.

A man who is always telling others what a gentleman he is can't possibly be one.

A lady can be a woman who appears ladylike or has high standars of chastity.  The moment she refers to her high standards of chastity she will immediately make her listener imagine her in a compromising position.

Aristocrats find it painfully embarrassing to be with vulgar people. It is vulgar to clamorously claim superiority over other races. When you really are the race who is currently master of the universe, no one questions you. When you have to assert it, you have already lost it.

It is probably the difference between a multi-millionaire who never discusses money and a social climber who is always trying to find out how much everyone earns and telling everyone how much he earns.

Or a celebrity being outraged at being treated badly in a restaurant.

To say to the rude and incompetent waiter "Don't you know who I am?" would be quite counter- productive, because the answer is already NO, which would leave one open to further humiliation.

I think it is time to shut up about racial superiority and think about how to be gentleman and ladies.  It is when other races believe your race to be mostly gentlemen and ladies that you can claim and assert racial superiority.  When other races already know you are mostly sluts and bastards they will assuredly treat you like niggers when you are skint.

Sadly, the white people who wish to assert racial supremacy tend to be the less educated and from the lower classes - precisely the sort who are not ladies and gentlemen.

A decent civic nationalist movement should therefore attract the support of people with a bit of money, but the small-minded and the insecure nationalist leadership that clings to its core supporters for dear life like a timid child to its mother's apron strings could never reach the critical mass required for any change to happen. After all, who would want to vote for an insecure child who clings to its lower class supporters for dear electoral life and wishes to be identified with those people ad infinitum? Sadly, such a leadership reinforces a sense of racial inferiority and despair, too scared to even tell its own members that the reason why white working class people are mostly scared, skint and stupid and rejected in employment by employers seeking unskilled labour these days is because they are mostly low paid sluts and bastards with low standards of education and behaviour who are abused and exploited by their leadership, and who have nowhere to go but the English Democrats if they are expelled for criticising the leader.

How can a race of skint, scared and stupid sluts and bastards possibly assert racial superiority?

They can't and they won't.

I feel deeply sorry for them and want to help them, but know they will not let go of their racial pride by supporting me.  If I were white and male they would go for me all right, but I am female and foreign, so that's me out.

"God does not change the lot of those who do not change what is in their hearts."

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