Monday, 5 December 2011

Paul Flynn MP - a politician of some integrity?

Paul Flynn

Nobody seems to think it extraordinary that a gentile British politician cannot comment on the suitability of a certain ambassadorial appointment to Israel of a British Jew - Matthew Gould - that he might have divided loyalties, without putting his career at risk amidst hysterical accusations of antisemitism so hysterical as to make one wonder whether there is indeed a Jewish conspiracy and whether Ed Miliband has any idea what he is doing at all.  He must be so terribly horribly out of touch that I actually feel rather sorry for him doing and saying all the wrong things and listening to exactly the wrong people.

I always knew Diane Abbot should have been made leader.  At the very least she would have kept us all entertained for Labour's first term out of office.

I see that Mr Flynn, born in 1935, is of an age when integrity and courage was not the rare thing it now is in British politics.

He is also concerned about  Britain marching blindly and inexorably into war with Iran.

Paul Flynn is a heartening late night discovery, and I hope he will not suffer himself to be driven into retirement by the Jews, rats and harridans of his party.

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