Friday, 23 December 2011

The Perfect Present this Xmas for anyone who wants to read Mein Kampf

Waterstone’s issued an apology after several people spotted the anti-Semitic tome at a store in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire with a sales sticker saying the book is “the perfect present” and “essential gift for anyone seeking to understand one of history’s most despicable figures. A shocking read and vital warning for future generations.”

AVOID reading the disgusting translation by Ralph Mannheim with an introduction by Donald Cameron Watt.  It is virtually unreadable and hysterically biased.

I like to think the sales of Mein Kampf at Waterstones will have received a rocket up its bottom since that customer complaint has been reported in the national media.

I think Waterstones should have swastika flags on all their UK shops 

with actors up and down the nation hired to play Hitler who will sign copies of Mein Kampf encouraging British schoolchildren in the children's section every hour to read more and study hard so that British schoolchildren of all races in Britain will excel over the peoples of other nations.  He will pat the Jewish, Christian and Muslim children on the head and as well as black, Hindu, Sikh and Oriental ones, and be photographed with a rainbow race of British schoolchildren, smiling benignly at one and all ....

That would be my Xmas thought-present to all my Jewish, Christian and Muslim friends in aid of world peace and mutual forgiveness, for all atrocities past and present, real and imagined, denied and acknowledged .... 

Hitler's ideas make perfect sense if we as a nation were treated as one people and behaved as if we were one people, irrespective of our race. He was already acknowledging that the Germans themselves were a terribly mongrelised people with brunette Germans and blonde Germans.  If we treated the liberals as if they were Jews until they recanted, then I think things would be sorted out pdq with not many people being too much upset or inconvenienced or shipped off to Madagascar or wars started, or any more wars than those started by the liberals in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya ...

Ein Volk, ein Reich, eine Partei!

How lucky the Germans must have felt at the time - however briefly - to genuinely love their leader, unlike the rest of Europe!  It was a passionate an intense love affair that ended in disaster, which knocked the socks off the participants and those around them .... The Germans were like a wife of a dull, hypocritical, cowardly and effeminate man who suddenly found herself being wooed by a practised seducer with thrilling noble ideas.   The outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Happy Xmas to all my friends and enemies, and especially to Tom of Waterstone's in Huddersfield.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you Claire. I am a regular reader.

You might find this interesting.

Claire Khaw said...

And a happy Xmas to you too, 1C1MALE.

Thank you for the link.

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