Sunday, 4 December 2011

Proposed YouGov survey on whether UKIP should admit ex-BNP member Claire Khaw

Let me be quite clear about this: if the BNP were to offer to annul my expulsion and make me their Press Officer, I would accept with alacrity and pleasure.

This is probably not that likely, and I must be realistic and have a Plan B.  I therefore now find myself in the position of having to point out to UKIP that their prohibition against accepting anyone who was ever in the BNP is in fact ultra vires and illegal.  (This is explained at

Since I am not in fact prepared to sue them over this, I will just have to gently point out that the only legitimate and political reason they have not to admit me is if they believe that my being a member of UKIP would bring their party into disrepute.

While my admission would be regarded as controversial, it would serve to shake up the fuddy duddy sticks in mud both young and old in UKIP.

Of course, those who want me in the party will say that I would attract more votes, while those whom I have offended and the cowardly custards who fear to be associated with someone who was once a member of a party known to be "racist" will predictably claim that I would bring their party into disrepute.

To settle this question, I propose a YouGov survey asking the following questions.

  1. Before this survey, had you heard of Claire Khaw, the Chinese ex-BNP member who was expelled for things said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show about Riven Vincent?  (Transcript at
  2. If you had heard of her, was your impression of her favourable?
  3. If you had not heard of her until now, do you think you would be more likely to vote UKIP if she became a member of UKIP?

If the majority of answers are YES then it would become obvious that I should be admitted and be made Press Officer.  

I shall of course shave off my beard the moment UKIP admit me and  make me Press Officer, and that's a promise I intend to keep.

All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris

The Old Grain Store
Church Lane
West Sussex
BN17 7 QJ

Those who wish to nominate me for the iPM New Year's Honours will find all the information they require at

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