Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The rottenness at the core of British Nationalism

If you regard the BNP as a microcosm of British society, you will see that its strategy consists of:

  1. blaming the government
  2. blaming foreigners
  3. blaming Jews
  4. blaming Muslims
  5. chasing the female vote
  6. being tolerant of Slut Single Mums
  7. not taking the bull by the horns for fear of offending their core supporters ie the offspring of Slut Single Mums and the fathers of bastards

While the British are getting progressively stupider (pun intended) because they are fucking themselves to the racial death that is sluttery and bastardy and degeneracy, most voters are still not stupid enough to vote for a party whose supporters are made up largely of marginalised sluts and bastards.   

Since the leadership dare not offend its core supporters, it will never ever progress beyond being a party of lowlife marginalised white trash and welfare scum the rest of the country thinks it is.    

"Oh, I agree with most BNP policies, but I could never associate myself with such people or vote for their party!"

"God does not change the lot of those who do not change what is in their hearts" and what is in the heart of the BNP activist is his sense of entitlement.  

"I was here before the foreigners arrived and I am therefore entitled to be treated better than they are."  

But no one wants to hire you because British businesses think British employees are crap employees.  

So the next thing for the BNP supporter to say is "Let us be better employees," but they do not.   Notice, dear reader, how they do not.   

However, they might say, "I couldn't work for those shit wages because it is not worth my while to do so.  I would rather sit at home on benefits watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV."  

At this point we could put it to them that benefits are too high and see what they are going to say in response.  

They would probably say "Nah, we would like benefits to stay as high as they are and just spend the rest of our lives whingeing about the immigrants who come here to take the bread out of their mouths."

You would suppose that they would have a leader to tell them it is time to change their lazy slutty white trash ways, but then you would suppose wrong.  

Indeed, you would be expelled for telling the truth (as I was) that most of the BNP membership are bastards or the parents of them, and that is obviously a bad thing for the white race and that is why white people are getting stupider and weaker and more depraved and degenerate with every passing slut and bastard generation.

It seems strange to me that the BNP are deeply ignorant of all the rules of the racial health and hygiene, even though they claim to represent the interests of the white race.   

So now in Britain you have liberals who don't believe in free speech and political parties that are supposedly promoting the interests of the white race but who do not care about the increasing degeneracy of the white race and would expel anyone who points this out.

Curiouser and curiouser.   

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